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Photofunia Style Photo Editors

Updated on December 16, 2017

30 Fun Photo Editors

Photofunia is one of the web's leading fun photo editing sites and we take a look at both Photofunia and more than 30 free photo editing services.

These sites offer high-quality editing for free with no download required. With each service you upload a picture and the picture can be retouched, modified using many effects, and inserted into different settings where it looks like part of the original image. You can export the modified picture, save it to your local hard drive, or download it as an avatar. Each service copies from the other services - but each one also has some unique features and effects.

1. Photofunia

PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool that gives you a fun filled experience. You upload any photo and just wait to see the magic. The proprietary technology automatically identifies the face in the photo and let's you add cool photo effects and create funny face photo montages.

For the effects that rely on facial recognition, make sure that the face on the photo is front facing, well lit, not blurred and not covered by anything (a good example - your passport photo). Preferably, the photo's background should be neutral. If there is more than one face on the photo then the first in the row will be chosen.


2 - Deefunia Photo Options

Deefunia is extremely similar to Photofunia. Similarly easy to use, but with its own images and different categories. Search to find the images that meet your need and sense of humor!

Photofunia - See How Two Images Are Combined to One


3 - JPGfun Photo Effects

Jpgfun has a wide variety of images to edit, with options ranging from G-rated, to PG-rated, to all the way down the rest of the alphabet.

4 - Pixiz - Face-In-Hole, Photomontages, Magazine Covers and More!

Pixiz offers high quality photo editing for free. You can create face-in-hole photos and collages, apply filters and edit photos. Just upload a picture and you can retouch or modify it using a number of effects, or insert your image into different famous images so that they look like part of the original.


5 - PhotoMontager - Disney effects


PhotoMontager is similar to the many of the services we have discussed, but it has a wide range of effects including Disney images. Now, I am not sure if they are legally licensed, so proceed at your own risk. Also, PhotoMontager leaves their watermark in the lower right of all images

6 - Photo505


Photo 505 is yet one more site where you can have fun inserting your photo into one of their many images.

7 - Fotor Photo Editor


Fotor is a photo editing web application that's easy to use and affordable. It is especially valuable if you do photo editing on different platforms/devices. Fotor sports a Windows 8 interface (but also has a Windows version for 7 and earlier) and allows you to give your photos a wide range of looks, add fancy borders, create a collage, or simply fix some imperfections, Fotor is free to use so long as your browser runs Flash. Fotor's clean interface sports a dual pane toolbar on the left with thumbnails of all the photos (you can upload many at once) for your session on the right and your editing workspace in the middle of the screen. From this basic interface you have access to a full range of free photo editing tools. With Picmonkey starting to charge for certain services, editors like Fotor will probably see more traffic.

For when you are working offline, Fotor also has companion apps for the iPhone/iPad, the Android, Macintosh, Windows and Windows 8 so you can and use Fotor across many devices. By far it is the best cross-platform photo editing tool.

8 - Fun Photo Box

Fun Photo Box
Fun Photo Box

FunPhotoBox allows you to create funny pictures from your photos and add special effects to as easy as 1-2-3. You can pick from a wide variety of effects, and they are adding more each week

9 - Imagechef

Imagechef Photo Editing
Imagechef Photo Editing

ImageChef has it all: tattoos, tree carvings, team jerseys, word mosaics, ID cards, photo frames, sketchpads, animations, license plates and much much more. However, all the free versions have either limited resolution or watermarks on the images. You have to pay for the best versions. Prices are good, but as this site shows you can find many similar tools for free.

9 - Tucia Photo Animation

I love editing with a variety of online tools, but when you have the pictures say from a wedding, a reunion or a graduation you sometimes need a professional touch. Tucia can add a person into a family portrait or remove an unwanted stranger who is ruining your photo. They can even digitally open up closed eyes or fix hair. The prices are quite reasonable. I have used them to touch up graduation photos, to turn friends into comic book characters, and even to touch up photos for my employer.

Photo Fun or Serious Business?

Would You Edit Your Photos Like This?

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10 - Pixlr Photo Editor

Pixlr is a fun web service that combines image design and paint tools with photo editing. So whether you want to create a free-form image, layer one image over another, or use a variety of filters, effects and level adjustments , Pixlr is equally capable of meeting your needs. Even with all these features, the site remains easy to use - certainly much easier and cheaper than Photoshop.

To the right you will see a before and after shot - created in just 2-3 minutes by cloning 6 copies of the mouth; cloning some hair to cover the nipples, putting in a background color and selecting the water swirl filter.

11 - PhotoShop Express

Photoshop Express is a free, web-based version of Photoshop. Photoshop is the name of a brand though some people think it is a generic term for photo editing.

Sure it has fewer features than the paid software. That said, you won't miss many of the exotic features as this tool is targeted at mainstream consumers, not professionals. And it's all free. All you need to do is register.


12 - Photocat

Photocat was launched in late 2012 and is another entrant in the crowded field of on online photo editors. Obviously photos and animals are the popular theme! In the examples below you will see that Photocat offers the standard array of basic photo editing features, with the addition of an excellent collage option. Between the collage, some nice holiday features and some advanced handling of large images, this site is a great option.


13 - PicJoke


With Picjoke, you can upload your photo and add a lot of amazing effects in less then one minute. You'll have 100 to choose from. Not everyone has digital skills to do good editing. Picjoke makes it easy to add some really cool effects.

14 - Fun

Want to change facial expressions with just one click, or create funny animations? Cartoon! makes this possible! This online service works automatically: you just upload a photo from your computer or from the internet by entering its URL, choose an emotion from the list (joy, sadness, surprise, etc.) and get a funny gif animation or a still caricature. The service automatically detects the face in your photo and also lets you adjust animation speed and picture size.

15 - Ribbet Photo Editor


Ribbet is built on the same platform that made Google's Picnik great, making it both a powerful and easy-to-use editor. It can do collages, touch-ups, and advanced effects like curves and clone tools. You can have lots of fonts, frames, stickers, vampire effects, beards, and an entire pond full (yes, get ready to deal with some froggy puns) of effects to choose from. Like Picnik, there will be a free and a premium version.

16 - PicMonkey Photo Editor


PicMonkey offers a simple and easy-to-use tool for editing and altering your images. The entirely web-based editor is fast and effective, with one of the cleanest interfaces (PicMonkey and Ribbet will be fighting for that title) that I've come across. In the left-hand column you see all of your options. And that includes everything from basics, likes cropping and rotating, to a full array of air-brushing edits. As with Picnik, you can add icons, text and frames. Basic edits consist of crop, resize, rotate, as well as color tweaking and sharpening. There is a free version, but more and more features are being moved to the paid version. Even so, the low price makes PicMonkey a top option.

iPhone Photo Apps
iPhone Photo Apps

iPhone Photo Applications

There are hundreds of iPhone applications available for photo editing and sharing. Check out OldBooth, Photogene, Best Camera App, Comicify, TiltShift, Night Camera and many more! Apple has also finally released the iPhoto application for the iPhone - on the Macintosh this has been a perennial hit! There are also great utility applications like Wi-Fi PhotoTransfer and Treehouse to help move your photos to other devices and services.

What's New For You?

Had you heard about these sites before?

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Facebook Photo Tools - Photo Editors, Timeline Creation and Much More!

Facebook Photo Tools
Facebook Photo Tools

Facebook allows third parties to write applications for photo management and editing. These apps let you create timelines; upload and download images, enhance, add effects, edit and possibly do anything with your photos. These apps gives your otherwise boring Facebook photos the boost they need to make them exciting and enticing for your friends to look at. Some of the best applications are listed on this site.

17 - Citrify

Citrify Photo Editor
Citrify Photo Editor

It's not like the world needs one more photo editor, but if one is going to be built at least make it a good one. Citrify is a great addition. The best feature is the ease of touching up photos. I took the above photo on the left (a Citrify default photo) and, with just a few enhancements, got the photo on the right. No training. No research. I just uploaded the photo and used the out-of-the-box touch-up tools. Citrify does not have all the features of other photo editors - but for facial touchups with almost no training, it is awesome!


18 - Pictures4Fun

You don't need to be an expert to play with your photos, so it's time for some good fun. Pictures4fun provides new original effects every day. Choose from one of their categories (Photo Fun, Magazine Covers or Picture Frames) and upload your own photo. After resizing your photo you can download the fun photo to your hard disk or use it as an avatar.


19 - Imikimi

Imikimi (pronounced: immy-kimmy) is an online creative community where millions of people throughout the world gather to create, re-mix and collaborate on their digital self-expressions in a fun and easy way.

20 - Blingee Photo Fun and Creations


Either you are a Blingee person or your not. You will love this site - or never visit again! Add glitter, graphics, and comments to personalize your images, then share with your friends!

Traditional photos are boring, and we thought you deserved much better than the same graphics and content with no personality used over and over again across the net. So we decided to put the power back in your hands and give you simple-to-use tools to create your own masterpieces that express your own ideas, feelings, and emotions!

Top Photo Gifts for the Holidays

Photo Shades
Photo Shades

With digital photography, it is now possible to create an amazing range of photo gifts. You can put photos on shirts, window shades, metal, coasters, magnets, wood - the sky's the limit. This site will explore some of the best services for making photo gifts. If you find a style you like - like wood or metal - there are even more sites if you want to explore further. Also, many of these photo services are featured on Living Social, Groupon and other coupon sites so be sure to check for deals!


21 - Juxtaposer Photo Effects

With Juxtaposer you can take one part from one photograph and add that part into a second photo. So you could, for example, put your dog's head on a friend's body (as shown in the photo), remix your pets into a mythical creature, or magically join the cast of your favorite TV show.

Juxtaposer is simple to use. First, take or load in any two pictures - perhaps one of your friend and one of your pet. Then use your finger to erase around your friend's head. Next zoom in and out using two finger gestures. Then, to remove your dog's head, you first zoom out and make a rough outline, then you zoom in and erase with pixel-accuracy. Then switch to move mode and use your fingers to move, re-size and rotate your dog's head into place over friend's. Voila! You have a friend-dog or a dog-friend or whatever you want to name it!


22 - FACEinHOLE - Your photo, some other body

With FACEinHOLE, you can easily and in a matter of seconds create a totally "new look" for you and your friends. You just have to select a scenario, upload and adjust a photo (or use your webcam) and there you have it; a great FACEinHOLE that you can send to your friends, post on your blog or make available to the world.


23 - Photomica Photo Fun

Photomica provides an innovative assortment of photo effects. They also offer e-cards, faces and magazine covers as well.

This site can help you give your image a hip-hop look, transform a photo into a sexy avatar, have your photo of a friend don a superhero suit, or simply help enhance a classic picture. Best of all, you don't need to become a photo expert in order to make a few fun photos.


24 - PiZap Photo Editor

Pizap is a fun free photo editor that lets people easily create wacky images with their digital pictures. PiZap was created as a tool primarily for social networking users who want to post their images to their favorite sites like MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Orkut, Friendster, Bebo, miGente, Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, Tagged, and many more. PiZap provides a very easy-to-use photo editor that lets you add effects, custom text or speech bubbles, hundreds of original colorful stickers, and much more.

25 - Fotoflexer

Fotoflexer is a solid photo editor with a great track record. Great for newbies, but some unique features too.

  • Enhance image color and lighting. Add different color effects.
  • Re-color hair or skin with only three clicks.
  • Fix red eye, fix blemishes, smooth wrinkles
  • Animate: add text, speech bubbles, bug-eyes, pointy ears, devil horns, and more.
  • Twirl, bulge, pinch, stretch, squish: bulge muscles, trim waist-size, turn a frown into a smile, and more.
  • Easily cut people/objects out without having to trace their outline.
  • Export/import your pictures from Flickr, MySpace, Picasa, and Facebook accounts.

Pick Your Favorite Fun Photo Editors - Vote Early and Vote Often

What's your favorite Fun Photo Editor?

See results

26 - Picadilo


Picadilo is a free online editor that's easy to use and powerful. You can transform your photos using eyecatching effects, versatile editing tools, and a nice range of textures. Some of the best features are the photo mosaic and the ability to use multiple windows, commonly available in only much more expensive photo editors. You can let your creativity run free by loading more than one photo and working on them side by side. You can even select and copy regions from one photograph to another.


27 - Tuxpi

Tuxpi is a easy way to apply photo effects or picture frame effects to directly from a webpage. you only need to upload a photo, apply an effect or frame and then re-download the result. Every effect is one step! So it's a not a full service editor, but it does what it does with ease! It has several effects not easily found on other sites, such as filmstrips and newscast.


28 - Dumpr Photo Editor - Photo Rubik's Cube offers a tool set for turning your existing photos into works of art. Dumpr offers some unique online photo manipulations options for your photo uploads, links to photos and photos directly from your Flickr account.

Unique Ways to Print Photos - Cling, Bump and Eat Your Photos!

Once upon a time all you could get was 3 by 5 or 4 by photos. But today you can put photos on posters, blankets, mugs and who knows what else. Well, actually, we know what else and this is a growing collection of unique ways to print your photos.


29 - LoonaPix is a free photo editing service. You can easily decorate your photo with a frame, trim it, or just make it funny using LoonaPic's effects. In other words, we can help you to make your photo funny and unique. And, notice, it is easy and free!

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      Super! Good list! Thanks! Other site photo effects or collages online

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      jennysantana lm 4 years ago

      Great Lens I've used some of these on my phone but I didn't know there were so many thank you I will try to let you know how they came out!

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      susan369 4 years ago

      These are great fun! For serious photo editing you need something like Photoshop, though.

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      CindyADH 4 years ago

      So many fun options! Love this lens!

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      PhotographySuccess 4 years ago

      Photoshop and other image editing software isn't free but it will give you professional results. But if you just want experiment with images and effects these kind of editors look like fun!

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      chrisilouwho 4 years ago

      Thanks for spending the time on this lens, it's great. I find the comparison chart especially helpful.

    • ThreeQuarters2Day profile image

      Dawn Romine 4 years ago from Nebraska

      Great list of resources. Fun to play around with photos, not all of these will give you great printable images, but hey, most are just shear fun. Wouldn't trust my wedding photos for the quality, you get what you pay for.

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      pjsart 4 years ago

      I love this lens, I could spend the day here with so much creative juice...will be back to go through more links> Congrats on your purple star. Just put up a new lens: Please stop by

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      Ooh, I haven't really heard of any of these, and many of them sound amazing. I generally try to muddle my way through PhotoShop Elements.

    • annayjo profile image

      annayjo 5 years ago

      Photo art is a great way to make affordable gifts! People love personalized things and when you make fun pictures, they get a kick out that as well with almost no cost to you, just your time. My friends and family always love my gifts that way.

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      ArnyMcCleary 5 years ago

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      @agnieszkaagnieszka: This site has improved. I've had it in the "other" section on this page for awhile and it has much improved since my last visit - much wider collection than I remember.

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      Thanks for sharing =)

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      I love stopping by here from time to time to see what's new. Very Cool! - Blessed! :)

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      smoothielover lm 5 years ago

      This kind of software can be such fun - my son had an ap on his phone where you can take a photo of 2 people and it swaps there features over - oh and of course he had fat face too! ROFL type fun! :)

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      I never saw so many software to play with images, and remember, also playing with images is a thing for photo editors!

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