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Pin-up Girl Playing Cards

Updated on July 16, 2014

Cool, Elegant, Classy and Hip Pinup Girl Playing cards perfect for your next home game

Maybe it is just a guy thing, but i can think of few things better than playing a game of cards with my pals with a set of cool novelty pinup girl playing cards and drinking a cold beer.

Just thinking about it now makes me want to call up the guys and schedule a game as soon as possible.

Ace of Diamonds

Pinup Card STICKER

These novelty pinup girl playing cards bring an extra dimension to the your home games, or perhaps look great as simply display items.

Pinups are a connection to the past. They are a vintage novelty item that is just a little bit risque. But compared to what you see on regular TV, these cards are still very tame by today's standards.

They may not be for everyone, but if you know someone who enjoys cards and likes classic pinup girl pictures, whether they are classic Elvgren 1940s art pinups or 1950s pictures of pinup girls like Bettie Page, then you might want to think about one of these cool novelty sets as a fun and inexpensive gift idea.

If you are looking for playing cards that you can actually play with this may be the set for you. Bettie Page was one of the most popular Pin Up girls in history and she also graces one of the best sets of pin up girl playing cards.

Why are these cards so good? The pictures on them are great, but they are not made for quality paper and display, like many other playing cards, that would be ruined by actually playing a game with them. Instead these cards are laminated and seem very similar to a "bicycle" deck of cards in feel...except that they have the beautiful Betty Page front and center.

The other reason why these cards are so good is the price. Although it fluctuates depending on if there is a "deal" it is less than $10, which means it is not much more expensive than a deck of bicycle cards. This means that if they get worn out on card can just buy more

Classic PIn Up Girls of World War II - Army Fighter Pinup Art of World War Two Book

For the Boys: The Racy Pin-Ups of World War II
For the Boys: The Racy Pin-Ups of World War II

If you are a fan, collector, or just interested some great world war II Pinup pictures and information, you will enjoy this collection. It is one of the very best books on the subject in my opinion

This book focuses on the pin-up girl art that graced the planes our boys took into battle. Besides showcasing some of masters of pinup art, like Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren, this book shows many pictures of the process of making these detailed pinup paintings, some unfinished and being worked on, with many paintings of the completed pinup girl art, the planes ad the men who flew them into battle.

There are some truly wonderful pin up girl pictures that fans are sure to love, lots of great information and facts about the 1940s pinups...and of course a fair deal of sexy pinup art.


Gil Elvgren Art Pin Up Playing cards

Art by THE premiere Pin Up Girl artist of the 1940s-1970s on fancy playing cards

Gil Elvgren is widely renowned as being one the premiere pinup girl artists of America history. He made his art from his first job in 1937 until his death in 1980. His art is renowned not only for having beautiful, sexy and gorgeous women, but also with catching them in a wholesome and fun manner. Elvgren has never been one to go for cheap titillation, but simply for well rendered art of sexy pinup beauties.

These playing cards are really gorgeous little works of art. I do give a word of warning. If you are looking for a set to play poker with the guys, this is probably not the right one for you. It does not have the feel of good "playing" cards like a bicycle deck. These cards are better suited to displaying he incredible art of Elvgren. If you are looking for playing card sets to use in your home game...there are quite a few other options on this page that would work wonderfully (and may be cheaper). But if you ant something for display....this may be the perfect set for you.

Cool Pinup Playing Cards - Check out some more of the cool Pinup girl playing cards available

There are quite a few options available for cute pinup girl playing cards. There are some fantastic pics from veteran master of the pin up art, Gil Elvgren, to Harley Davidson pinup pics...and even a few that are a bit more risque...

More cool playing cards - If you do not want pin-up girl playing are a few other options that you may enjoy.

Maybe you want some "special" playing cards...but you just are not that into the "pinup" idea. Well...just for you here are a few more unique playing cards that you might enjoy.

Pinup Girl Playing Cards Poll #1

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Another cool card playing Accessory - A nice idea to go along with your cool playing cards

If you are looking for something else to go along with your cool cards for your next home game you could get some of these cool Challenge Coin/Card Protect coins. These are "lucky" charm coins that also act to protect and "cover" your cards so that are not accidentally scooped up.

Pinup Girl Playing Cards Poll #2

Would you ever buy pinup girl playing cards

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Pin-up Cards GUESTBOOK - Let me know what YOU think about Cards, Poker and Pinups

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