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Pinball Classics {Prt 2}

Updated on April 11, 2013

Pinball Classics [Prt 2]

I have always loved pinball, and this love for the genre became an addiction which never left me. So, with that being said, this 'lens' [article] is prt 2 of my tribute to pinball through the years. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I focus on two pins' which did not make it in my previous article on pinball but which, nevertheless, I enjoyed playing very much indeed, They both contain those things that I look for when playing pinball machines, and the two I mention here, contain excitement, sounds, plenty of missions to accomplish and they make me think.

Pinball Classics


This is my second article - in reference to pinball classics. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing the first. In this article I shall be concentrating on two 'pins' that I really enjoyed playing on: 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' and 'Dr Who'. Again, they both had what I always look for, plenty of missions to complete, lights, sounds and action - as well as great depth to them.


I begin with 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day'. This is one table - alongside 'Twilight Zone' - that collectors simply drool over. It is simply a 'classic', and is one of those tables that is a joy to play on, and an even bigger joy to own. Brand new Terminator 2, tables can cost from $3,000 upwards. And I have even seen re-conditioned tables sell for over $1,000, such is their value.

Terminator 2, by Williams Electronic Games, came out in 1991. I well remember the secrecy that surrounded this 'pin' back then. And this was due to one of the main characters- who was played by Robert Patrick - as the liquid metal T-1000 Terminator.

This was because, due to its pre-release, [before the film came out] all references to the liquid metal T-1000 character [such as artwork on the cabinet, and also the backglass and playfield, were not shown.

I also remember the huge excitement that surrounded this table, and the anticipation of fans everywhere when it arrived in the arcades. And to tell the truth, we were not disappointed. You have to remember that T2 was the very first pin to introduce a dot-matrix video and scoreboard display. It was also the first pin to be released [and designed] to be brought out at the same time as the film - this was unique in 1991.

Again, T2 was the very first pin to incorporate a 'cannon' which the player fired. I well remember feeling very excited, every time I played this pin. These things were all innovative at that particular time. This meant that T2 quickly became very very popular indeed among pinball players everywhere.

I found the multiball fantastic. This was activated by having to shoot the drop target, then shooting the ball popper. The ball popper loaded the ball into the cannon, which then swung away, pointing to the left-hand side of the playfield. As the cannon passed the lit target, the player had to shoot it. Hitting this target successively would then trigger the multiball.

Terminator 2 is right up there with the best that pinball can offer, as far as I'm concerned. The action is not stop, from the moment you release the plunger. And you have to have very quick reactions indeed to keep the ball in play. What I loved about this table, was the vast amount of missions that the player had to complete.

The other thing I found, and again, what I look for in a pin, is that each shot would lead to a reaction of some sort. So a kind of chain-reaction. The player was not merely shooting for shooting sake with balls flying around everywhere. Every shot had a meaning and would lead to a 'cause and event'. I loved the hand trigger that fired the balls too, as this, to me was very imaginative and innovative for that time period.

This table is very fast indeed -- one of the fastest I have played on to date. Finding a Terminator 2 pinball table, in any arcade in England now, is a huge bonus, for pinball lovers, like myself. T2's theme and artwork is drawn a lot, I feel, from the first Terminator film. and you can see the influence of that throughout this table.

Overall, 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' is challenging, loud, fast, and bright. The rules are simple to understand and the playfield is clearly marked out. It does not over-complicate what the player has to do to complete the missions and this is what I love about this table. Overall, T2 is a table that any pinball lover would love to own - if they didn't already.

And, as I have stated, new tables can be purchased for $3,000 or over. Re-conditioned tables can be picked up for just on $2,000. But whether you purchase new or re-conditioned - or whether you simply play one in an arcades, the fact remains that it is a 'classic'.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day' is one of those tables that you will simply keep coming back too, time and again.


First of all, Dr Who - produced by Bally in 1992 - is definitely a 'thinking man's' table. This was one table I loved playing on back then. What I loved about this pin was the intensity of it and the way I had to think about each mission in order to accomplish it.

This intensity never waned throughout the gameplay and it really was a machine that kept you coming back for more. This machine was very underrated, and the theme was not to everyone's taste.

However, with patience and time what you had was a pinball table that contained depth, quality and gameplay - as well as entertainment. If you were a fan of Dr Who, then that was an added bonus too.

Another thing about this pin was the fact that it made me 'think' a hell of a lot. It wasn't just a table in which balls were fired randomly, with no meaning as to why you were firing the balls. A really good pinball table should always contain and retain 'Cause' 'Event' and 'Effect' - which is what I like to call it. You shoot that chrome ball, and the effect triggers of an event that is relevant to what you have to do.

Dr Who contains all of this, and I would have to say that it is one of my favorite pins. Although it does not quite make my top three, it did enough to keep me coming back again and again. Seven Doctors, and each Doctor is numbered as such 1 through to 7.

The rules of certain parts of the playfield are changed by each Doctor. However, this can be confusing to some players of this pin and annoying as well. As for myself, I really enjoyed it trying to work out the rules of certain parts of the playfield.

When you come to the table you begin with the current Doctor at hand. His face will be lit up on the backglass. This choice can also be done by locking the ball. The 'TRANSMAT TARGET' and 'VIDEO MODE' are two of the ways in which 'Doctors' can be spotted. By shooting the 'JACKPOT' - which means shooting the Emperor Dalek - you can then spot all seven Doctors.

The other way to spot all seven of them is to go through them one by one. Whichever way you do it, all will be lit from then on in, for the rest of the game. 20 million bonus points is the reward, and a small animation is triggered on the dot-matrix video display.

With this pin there are plenty of missions to accomplish, which I love. And again, I stress on the intensity of this table as it never lets up. The first Doctor awards an extra letter to escape. This is done by shooting the 'ESCAPE' on the lower right of the playfield. An extra letter is awarded each and every time you shoot into the 'POLICE BOX ENTRYWAY', If there is a direct hit on the target, then the lowest letter is spotted.

The highest possible award is given, every single time the 'ESCAPE' is hit and accomplished. This is normally around the 1 million points mark. This advances the value to the next level. Get to 3 million points on 'ESCAPE' and the 'SPECIAL' will light up on the targets. Shooting the 'ESCAPE' once more, and the player claims the credit.

I am a big fan of Dr Who, and have been for years, so when they did a pinball version of the television series, I was in my element. What I loved about this machine is that there are plenty of other missions to complete - other than escape. This is because completing the 'ESCAPE', lights the 'VIDEO MODE' which leads to extra points.

I will not go through all of what each Doctor does, as it is simply is too long to go through them all. But suffice to say that each Doctor does different things within the playfield. This can be confusing to some players because the instructions can seem complicated -even to seasoned players like myself.

So, for example, the 'REPAIR TARGETS' - which 'Doctor number 4' affects - was always for me anyway, the most confusing part of the table. And this was the case for many other players too. However, having played this table numerous times over the years. I figured out just what the targets were actually worth.

So, it doesn't really matter whether 'Doctor 4' is lit or not, the first five targets lit are 100K, 250K, 500K, 750K, up too 1 million points. 'REPAIR TARGETS' that are hit. will become solid and all the others will begin to flash.

They will begin to flash faster still, if the player then does not hit another 'REPAIR TARGET' again. They will continue to flash faster until they stop and everything then resets. If the player completes 'REPAIR', then the points awarded are higher - around 1 million. However, an added 50K is awarded with each hit from there on in.

You control whatever Doctor you happen to have at that particular time. You do this by jumping obstacles as you flee from a Dalek. Both flippers for a long jump [ or to clear two obstacles - or one large obstacle in your way], and one flipper for a small jump. Sometimes I could never get the hang of this mode and would forever trip on obstacles, thereby ruining the 'VIDEO MODE' and ruining my points build-up too.

What you have to remember here is that the Dr Who Pinball Table portrays only those 'Doctors' who were in the series from 1963 to 1989. Of course, there have been many more since then, but the table portrays the actors who played him during those years. Not only that, but also the 'Doctor's' nemesis were portrayed too.

There is a hell of a lot more to Dr Who then I can go into here. Suffice to say that this table truly was - and still is - one of my favorite pins to play on. The bonus being that it represented one of my favorite television shows, so I already had an emotional attachment to it. Dr Who tables are rare now, and it is a joy to find one in working order. The estimated value of these tables is around $12,000.

Pro Pinball, Pinball Arcade

The two items I am featuring here are the closest you will get to owning a real life pinball table. Both are lovingly created to produce stunning quality and features that would make you swear you were playing on real tables. .Both items are MUST BUYS for those who are lovers of the pinball genre.

Terminator 2: - Judgement Day

Wonderful pinball table. You can see why 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' is desired and wanted by so many lovers of pinball. New tables can cost from $3,000 and over.

Dr Who

This is a review of the beautiful, Dr Who pinball machine. One of my all-time favorites - which I call, the 'thinking man's 'pinball'.


Keep pinball alive. it is a genre that defines an age. A genre that many people have clung onto. Lovers of pinball machines can appreciate the work that went into them.

They represented a period in time when maybe life was a bit more innocent then it is now. Pinball, for me, will always be a big part of who I am. I play the 'Silver Ball' because I love it. Simple as that. And there are many who feel the same way.

So to all those who believe that the genre is dead and buried, think again

Pinball Passion

Pinball is one of those hobbies that, once it has bitten you, it does not let go. It has been a passion of mine for years and continues to be so. Pinball defines the 'age' that it was produced in.

Reflecting on the television themes that where showing at that particular time. Lovers of pinball have a passion to keep the genre alive, and this we do through articles, purchases and word of mouth. So, if you love pinball, and you love playing pinball....then


Pin Gallery

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Twilight Zone Pinball Table [CLASSIC}
Twilight Zone Pinball Table [CLASSIC}
Iron Man Pinball.
Iron Man Pinball.
Terminator 2: Judgement Day [MUCH WANTED}
Terminator 2: Judgement Day [MUCH WANTED}
Batman Pinball Table. Another fantastic pin.
Batman Pinball Table. Another fantastic pin.
Pro Pinball: Timeshock. One of the greatest simulations of pinball in the world. Has to be seen to be believed. Available for PC and consoles.
Pro Pinball: Timeshock. One of the greatest simulations of pinball in the world. Has to be seen to be believed. Available for PC and consoles.

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