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Pinball Classics [Prt 5]

Updated on April 13, 2013

Pinball Classics [Prt 5]

This is the fourth title in the 'Pro Pinball' series of simulated pinball tables for PC and games consoles.. And I concentrate now on 'Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey'. This table is, basically, a full-scale pinball table within your own home. Yes, this is a simulation - NOT A GAME.

However, what you get here, is something that, I feel, has not been 'bettered' by any other attempt at simulating pinball for computer or games consoles. The only title that comes even remotely close to this is 'Pinball Arcade' [of which I shall be doing a review soon.].

By purchasing 'Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey' you are purchasing the best of the best in pinball simulations. Although you only get one table [and NOT multi-tables] that does not matter, and it does not take away anything from the table. This is because the sheer beauty, complexity and realism of this title has to be seen to be believed.

Pro Pinball [Prt 5]

Fantastic Journey

Pro Pinball Big Race USA and Fantastic Journey for PC and games consoles are the final two Pro Pinball titles in the series. And, having purchased the whole series back in the '90s, I can absolutely vouch for their authenticity, and realism. Because what you get are two pinball tables that are -by all intents and purposes - REAL TABLES.

Everything, from the way the ball looks and reacts, to the crystal clear graphics of the tables is simply magnificent. And no matter which table you play, whether it is 'Big Race USA', or 'Fantastic Journey', you can be sure that you are playing on two of the best simulated pinball tables in the world.


'Fantastic Journey' is based a lot on Jules Verne's '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'. And for those who have not seen the film, or read the book, then I suggest you do either one, to understand what I mean.

The music is in stereo sound and really does sound fantastic when pumped up through external speakers or headphones. Also, there are different resolutions you can use on this table. However, at the highest resolution that your PC or laptop has, you would swear you are playing on a real table as the graphics really are outstanding. The simulation really would put to shame many attempts of digital pinball today.

The story is set back in Victorian England, in which 'General Yagov' [ the evil character of the piece] is trying to conquer and rule the world. You, the player, has to complete seven journeys. These are journeys in which you have to manipulate steam-powered vehicles traveling around the world in order to defeat the 'General'.


There is a lot of 'steampunk' involved in this table. And for those who do not know what 'steampunk' is, it is the fusion of 19th century Victorian technology, with 20th - or 21st century technology [hence, 'steampunk'.]

The tables consists of all the usual out-lanes, jets, drop targets, multiballs, ball locks and ramps - as well as flashing lights everywhere. The vocalizations are magnificent - as they all are in every 'Pro Pinball' title you play.


The journeys consist of air-drill, submarine and boat - they are classed as the different modes you have to accomplish. It is by the manipulation of steam, that fires up the vehicles, by use of the chrome ball hitting various parts of the table, that will help you complete your mission. The point being that the player is trying to get to the final mission and the meeting with General Yagov on his island, for the final face off.


The table itself - although not quite as in-depth as Pro Pinball: Timeshock' - is simply superb. And I cannot stress enough how realistic this is. I still have this title now, and still play it constantly - as I do all my 'Pro Pinball' titles. 'Pro Pinball' still feels as fresh now as when they were first designed and put on the market back in the 1990s - which is really quite incredible, considering how good computer graphics have become.


With this table you also get a choice of different views - top down, eye level, or high up. All 'Pro Pinball' tables offer this choice, by the way. I always play eye level, as the table then fills the whole screen. Another great feature is the fact that you can also set the table to the condition you want it in.

This means that you can play on a brand new table - with new bumpers, flippers and so on. Or, you can play on a table that is 'worn' and one that feels it has been played with quite a bit. Whatever 'simulated' condition you choose to play in, it will actually feel just like a worn table that has been played many times in the arcades, or a brand new table that has come straight out of the factory.

The missions are not only done on the table itself, by use of the ball, but on the dot matrix video screen too. You can have the video screen semi-transparent if you wish, or in the black and orange display you would get if you were in the arcades. It is up to you how you set up your table on the screen.

How steep do you want the slope of the table? This can be set up too, and in fact, the player can even go into the 'Operator's Mode' to change the difficulty setting of the table itself. In fact, what you get here when you purchase 'Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey' is the complete package. You get, basically, a full scale pinball table - albeit a simulation - but you are getting the best simulation of pinball in the world.

If you love pinball, then I cannot , I STRESS, I CANNOT tell you just how good 'Pro Pinball; Fantastic Journey' is. It will really make your mouth water, and you will cry with absolute pleasure. Because this title, is a full-scale pinball machine in your own home, for next to nothing, in terms of price.

Pinball Classics [Prt 5]

Various pinball tables for sale, both vintage and classic.

Pinball Classics [Prt 5]

Featured in this lens is the superb Stern Pinball Avatar table.. However, if you do not want to spend that much on a table for your home, then check out the video pinball games for your PC or mobile devices.

Stern Pinball Avatar Arcade Pinball Machine
Stern Pinball Avatar Arcade Pinball Machine

This full-sized table has 3D backglass which makes it absolutely stunning. All of the speech and sound effects are taken straight from the film itself. 'Stern' are the ONLY makers of quality pinball machines still in existence. So you know you are getting the best when you purchase one of their machines. They have been designing pinball machines since the early '40s, so they know their business. For the price, what you are basically getting is the film itself, within the table. Because everything pertaining to the film, 'Avatar' is found within this magnificent table.

Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection - Xbox 360
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection - Xbox 360

'Williams'. There's another name to add too, alongside, 'Pro Pinball' and 'Pinball Arcade' to feature some of the most realistic simulations of pinball ever.

With this package you will get all of the 'William's' collection of tables that they designed over the years.

This also includes the absolutely fantastic 'FUNHOUSE', which I have played constantly, on and off, for years.

The package also includes, 'Gorgor' 'Pinbot' 'Black Knight' 'Funhouse' ,'Space Shuttle', 'Whirlwind'. 'Taxi' 'Jive Time' and 'Sorceror',

For Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Sony PSP, and Playstation 3. You cannot go wrong with this and it will give you hours of enjoyment.

Pinball Passion
Pinball Passion

This is a documentary detailing the history of pinball and the people, like myself, and probably you too, who are passionate about it. A very interesting look-back on the history of pinball, from its very beginnings - in the '30s to the present day.


Pinball Classics [Prt 5] - Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey

A clip from Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey'. Stunning table.

Pinball Classics

Various pinball items for sale.

Pinball Classics [Prt 5]

Featuring Pro Pinball tables for you to purchase. Grab them while you can. They are very hard to come by now as they were made in the 1990s. But they are still the benchmark for how all simulated video pinball should be. The best in the world, as far as I am concerned.

Pro Pinball - Fantastic Journey [Download]
Pro Pinball - Fantastic Journey [Download]

Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey. available to download to your PC.

If you want the next best thing to owning a full scale pinball machine in your home, then look no further.

Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey will give you all what you are looking for, and more.

I have all of the Pro Pinball titles and I can assure you that they are simply the best in the world, in terms of authenticity and realism. 'Fantastic Journey is no exception.

Pro Pinball - Timeshock [Download]
Pro Pinball - Timeshock [Download]

Simply the best pinball simulation in the world, as far as i am concerned. Out of all of the Pro Pinball titles, 'Timeshock' is the one that has the most depth to it. This title is available to download for your PC.

Absolutely stunning table, and the graphics are to die for. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

Again, I own a copy of 'Timeshock' that I purchased back in the '90s, and I am still playing it now. That is how good it is.

Pro-Pinball: The Web - PC
Pro-Pinball: The Web - PC

Ah, the one that began it all. The graphics on the web are not as good as those on the other Pro Pinball tables, but they are good enough. And, what you get with 'The Web' is a table that rivals 'Timeshock' in terms of depth. Gameplay is quite simply stunning.


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