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Pinball Classics [Prt 6]

Updated on July 28, 2013

Pinball Classics [Prt 6] Pro Pinball: Big Race USA

This is the final part of my Pro Pinball series of lenses. And this time I focus on the last title in this series of Pro Pinball simulations, Pro Pinball: Big Race USA ['BRUSA' for short.] This simulation is simply outstanding and the player really does get the 'feel' and the impression that they are playing on a real table, shooting real balls.

The depth to Pro Pinball: Big Race USA, is not as in-depth as Pro Pinball: Timeshock, or indeed, Pro Pinball: The Web. However, there is enough about this simulation to suggest that the player really does not have to worry too much about that. The fact remains that this - by all intents and purposes - is a REAL TABLE, with missions to complete.

The sound is in full stereo and the table is displayed in 16 million colors and is in full 3D. Pro Pinball: Big Race USA is an outstanding simulation that any lover of pinball - real or otherwise - would be proud to have in their collection. I only hope that you enjoy the lens as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Pinball Classics

Pro Pinball: Big Race USA

What you get with Pro Pinball: Big Race USA [BRUSA] - which is the last title in the series of Pro Pinball - is basically, a real pinball table for your PC or games console. Of course, the table is 'simulated' and this is the difference between a game which merely copies a pinball table on your PC, and an actual SIMULATION. This is so real, that you would be forgiven into believing that you are playing on a real table. Such is the authenticity, realism, sounds and graphics.

As with all Pro Pinball titles, there are plenty of missions to complete in this simulation. What you are is a taxi driver, who has to reach and drive through the various 'States' of America, picking up passengers on the way. What you have to realize is that, like all Pro Pinball titles, this is ONE TABLE, not multi-tables. But to me, that just makes it more realistic.


The maximum resolution on this simulation is 1600x1200, so the graphics are crystal clear. The maximum colors displayed are around the 16 million mark. What many players may love about this table - and about the other titles in the Pro Pinball Series [apart from The Web] is that all of the options you, the player, can customize.


So, in other words, you can make the table as easy or as hard as you like. You can have as much motion blur as you want, and you can also fix it so that you are either playing on a brand-new table [ as if it has come straight from the factory.] Or you can have it so that it is used and worn - and playing it on this setting it actually feels like it is used too.

The last setting, for the condition of the table - is 'neglected', and this really does show the player that they are playing on a machine that has been neglected too. The example for this would be the power of the flippers.

If you have set the table to 'new' then the power of the flippers would be at full strength. However if you set the table to 'worn' or 'neglected', then the power of the flippers would be less. Also, the overall look and feel of the table will look and feel just like a 'worn' or neglected table in real life. It is just little touches like this that make Pro Pinball simulations, for me, stand out from the rest in a big way.


As to the slope of the table? The player can fix it so that they can have as much slope, or as little slope as they wish. Obviously with a steeper slope, the ball comes at you at a much quicker pace.

The angles you can play at are again up to you.


So you can play with a top-down view, or with a level view, or with a table view. So, you can choose up too three views in all. The dot-matrix, in which the player competes in races and missions, is good and clear and the sounds are just superb, all in full stereo.

This table consists mainly of ramps, in which shooting up ramps will give you 'combos' if you do it more than once. There are no drop targets or anything like that to be had on this table. There is also no mushroom bumpers like you would get on Pro Pinball: Timeshock, The Web, or Fantastic Journey. What the player gets with Pro Pinball: Big Race USA, is sink holes and ramps only.

But this, for me, takes nothing away from this simulation at all. I have played this table countless times and it is just stunning. For the true pinball fan it may not have all what they are looking for, but this still gives the player more than enough to do.

And believe me, I have played on many real life pinball tables over the years, and this one [even though it is a simulation[ is near the top in terms of 'realism' and 'feel'. If you love pinball tables you will really appreciate the love, care and attention to detail that has gone into the design of this simulation.

What I would say, however, that Pro Pinball: Big Race USA, still does not contain quite the depth that Pro Pinball: Timeshock has. or even Pro Pinball: The Web. But again, this does not take anything away from the simulation at all. And, to my mind, this is one of the greatest examples of a simulated pinball machine for your PC or games console, that you can play anywhere in the world..

Pinball Classics [Prt 6]

Pinball items for you to check out.

Pro Pinball - Fantastic Journey [Download]
Pro Pinball - Fantastic Journey [Download]

Pro Pinball; Fantastic Journey. All what I have said about Pro Pinball simulations refers to this title too.

This is a real pinball table for your PC or games console. This is not game but a SIMULATION of the real thing.

I have the whole series of Pro Pinball simulations and I can vouch for just how brilliant they are.

When you play one you really do feel you are playing on a real table.

The movement of the ball, its reflections and the way it reacts, just like a real pinball - and also, the reflections of the simulated backglass are just superb.

You also get stereo sounds a 3D table layout and dot matrix display. Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey will give you all you are looking for.

Pinball Arcade
Pinball Arcade

Pinball Arcade, for Iphone and Android devices - as well as for 'Pads' - rivals that of Pro Pinball for authenticity and realism. What you get with Pinball Arcade is reproductions of pinball tables from the past.

Tables such as Pinbot, Theatre of Magic, Funhouse, Scared Stiff, Twilight Zone and many more. The tables are all pocket sized but they replicate, perfectly their full-size counterparts.

Absolutely superb item, which I have bought myself for my Android phone. The download to your device is quick and simple - Google Playstore, if you have Android, and the 'App Store' if you have an Iphone or Pad. The tables can all be downloaded and played for free. But once a certain number of points is reached, you have the choice then of continuing on with the same table - in which case you have to pay for the full table, which is normally between 2-4 dollars. Or, you can play for free again. until you reach a certain number of points.

However, once you purchase the tables, then obviously play is unlimited. From time to time you will also receive updates too, to your tables, making them even better.

Classic tables from the past are offered every month too, for you to try out and eventually buy. Wonderful product.

New Potato Technologies Pinball Magic for iPhone and iPod Touch - Software - Retail Packaging - White
New Potato Technologies Pinball Magic for iPhone and iPod Touch - Software - Retail Packaging - White

This is a great little device for your Iphone. if you have downloaded Pinball Arcade, then you can slip your Iphone into this device - a portable white pinball table.

This comes complete with its own plunger plus side buttons for flipper control.

Great little device that really sets the scene for a spot of pinball bashing.

Pro Pinball - Timeshock [Download]
Pro Pinball - Timeshock [Download]

BUY BUY BUY! That is what I will say about this title.

If you love pinball then Pro Pinball: Timeshock is absolutely breathtaking. The best pinball simulation for your PC or games console, in the world.

Again, I own this title, and I can vouch for just how magnificent it is. This title came out during the 1990s, yet you would not think it. its longevity, the graphics, sounds and overall display and playability are second to none.

That is unbelievable for a product that really should feel 'dated' by now, but it doesn't. If you are a pinball lover, and you cannot as yet, afford a real machine in your home, then you cannot go far wrong with Pro Pinball: Timeshock.


Pinball Classics [Prt 6] - Pro Pinball: Big Race USA

A clip of Pro Pinball Big Race USA, for PC. Stunning graphics.

Pinball Classics

Pinball is not only about playing on real tables, but also, the love of pinball comes from playing on simulated tables too. Because this is the whole aspect of what it means to be a 'pinhead', or a 'silver ball' player.

Simulations, re-create the tables of the past, the tables that you do not really see now, in arcades around the world. Gone is the heyday that pinball once had. The glorious decades of the '80s and '90s, when pinball ruled the arcades

KEEP PINBALL ALIVE and it will never die.

Stern Pinball

A video clip of Stern's 'Iron Man' pinball table.

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    • wleon63 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @Ben Reed: It certainly is a 'timeless classic' my friend. Thank you for reading and commenting. Truly appreciated.

    • Ben Reed profile image

      Ben Reed 

      5 years ago from Redcar

      Pinball - a timeless classic

    • wleon63 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you for reading and commenting my friend. I truly appreciate it. Also, thank you for 'liking' my lens. Again, I appreciate it.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Pinball is cool! Thanks for the lens!


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