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Pinball Classics [Prt 4]

Updated on April 18, 2013

Pinball Memorabilia

For all lovers of pinball who want to keep the genre alive, then this lens is for you. There are many people who do not know that there is a thriving market - and has been for some time - for pinball memorabilia. Whether this is in the shape of re-conditioned pinball machines you want to purchase for your home, mugs, cups, t-shirts, key rings or whatever else, pinball memorabilia is a niche that collectors around the world have known about for years.

And for those who maybe did not know that there was such a thriving market, then feel free to peruse this lens at your leisure. You may be surprised at just what is available to purchase in connection to pinball and their offshoots.

Pinball Classics [Prt 4}

Pinball Memorabilia

For many years now there have been people who collect pinball memorabilia. This can range from keyrings, and mugs, to clothing referring to pinball, and trinkets. It is not just the 'pins' [tables] they purchase, but anything and everything that is connected to pinball.

This lens is dedicated to all things connected to the silver ball in one way or another. And it is also for people who love pinball, who maybe want to show their love by purchasing what is available.

Pinball memorabilia is, in fact, something that a lot of people do not know about. But there is a thriving market for fans of pinball, for all things 'silver ball' - of course, the offshoots of pinball itself.

For pinball lovers who are looking to maybe add to their collection of pinball memorabilia. Then feel free to peruse this lens at your leisure. For you do not even have to be a true connoisseurs of pinball, or someone who know their 'pins' or how each table performs. But just someone who loves the game, and wants to keep the genre alive.

Nowadays, with many computer games that feature death, violence and blood, and nothing but death, violence and blood, pinball represents those innocent days in which it was just you, the table, and the ball. It was innocent, and free from all of the violence that one sees now within computer games.

This is why I love, and have always been addicted to pinball. And I am not ashamed to say so. it is a love that has always been with me, and probably always will. This is why I feature the memorabilia on this lens now, to show that pinball is not dead, but a thriving, vibrant hobby. And, the offshoot is that people, who love pinball too, can show their passion by purchasing what is available right now.

Whether it is a pinball table for the home you are looking for. Or simply a mug, a trinket, a keyring or t-shirt. Whatever it is, if it is on this lens, it is connected to the 'silver ball' in some way, shape or form. So, I hope you enjoy this lens, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. And I hope it gives you at least some understanding about the thriving market there is out there, for pinball memorabilia.

Pinball Memorabilia

The items I feature on this lens are all items I have either purchased myself, or would like to purchase

The Pinball Price Guide: Eighth Edition
The Pinball Price Guide: Eighth Edition

First things first. This book, by 'PinballEric', focuses on the US Market, for pinballs, NOT the UK.

When I was reading through this book, what I loved about it was the way the prices were broken down.

This was done in 'grades'. So, for example, 'BEST', 'GOOD' and 'OK' would determine who each table fared.

This would depend on a number of things, such as the condition of the table overall, and also the condition of the playfield, the cabinet, and the backglass.

Depending upon how well preserved they are, it would then determine what grade they received.

The book dates pinballs from 1931 onwards, in the U.S. So, be aware of that.

The book looks at flipperglass through to the woodrail games right up to the present day with electronic pinball.

I found the book in-depth, thorough, and very informative, as to the pricing of the 'pins'.

There was over 2,000 pinball tables that were produced within the U.S, and the book prices all of those games from 1931 onwards.

So, I feel that it really gives the reader some idea - and foundation - as to what he or she should be paying for a top-quality reconditioned 'pin'.

It even has a section on what to do if you want to sell pinball tables too. This is because it gives the reader detailed instructions on how to go about selling the 'pins'.

This, I found, to be very informative and enlightening.

If you want to begin to collect pinballs - or selling them - then this is the book, I feel, that will help you along the way.

Using this book as a reference guide - [to pricing] I really feel you cannot go wrong. Great for anyone who loves pinball, or collects pinball memorabilia.


This item is a VINTAGE COLLECTIBLE, so it is rare and very hard to find. Super Mario 64 Pinball is very highly sought after, so on finding a collectible like this, it would be classed as a 'find'. It is in great condition and should only be bought if you love pinball, and/or you are a collector of antiques and/or vintage collectibles.

The Pinball Book: A Guide to Classic Pinball Machines from the 80's and 90's
The Pinball Book: A Guide to Classic Pinball Machines from the 80's and 90's

The classic era that was the '80s and '90s for pinball has not died.

No, it has been revived and revamped within this fantastic book. The '80s and '90s, were the decades in which pinball really came to the fore within every arcade in the U.S and the U.K.

But because of cost-cutting, and newer video games coming in - plus, pinballs were gradually looked upon as 'old fashioned', they lost favor and were discontinued.

Now, they are 'collectors items' treasured 'pins' from the past are being lovingly-restored to their former glory.

This book, I feel, has it all. Informing you on what to avoid, in terms of purchasing a table, and which tables to go for.

All of the classics are mentioned, such as 'Twilight Zone', 'Theatre of Magic', 'Circus Voltaire' and more.

This book also has a guide - a buyer's guide, informing you on what prices you should be paying, if you wish to purchase a 'pin'.

It also shows you what to look for when you inspect a pinball table for wear and tear, before you decide to purchase.

Overall, I found this book to be very informative for those who maybe are just starting out in pinball and are looking to purchase a machine for their home.

The Complete Pinball Book: Collecting the Game & Its History
The Complete Pinball Book: Collecting the Game & Its History

Written by Rob Roy, I cannot praise this book enough. I must have read this book at least five times already and still cannot get over the depth to it.

It is quite simply, one of the best books I have read, in reference to pinball machines and the collecting of them.

Illustrations run throughout the book and the pinball fan would be bowled over by the passion that it took to create this volume.

Every page is informative, from the different features and scoring within each table, to the way some playfields were laid out - as well as many different flipper designs too.

Pinballs from years ago are featured, right up to the present day.with electronic and digital pinball now.

The reader is taken through the evolution of pinball through the years. From a wooden board [bagatelle to the modern-day powerhouses we have now.] Just a fantastic read from beginning to end.

I would even go as far to say as this volume, which has been lovingly written with passion, has to be the definitive BIBLE for all pinball connoisseurs and collectors of this great hobby.


Pinball Classics [Prt 4] - Reviving an Old Pinball Machine

The reviving of an old pinball machine.

Pinball Classics


in fact, there are many who feel that the genre IS dead. But they could not be so wrong. There are countless 'pinheads' [myself included] out there, who, through articles, collections and word of mouth, keep the genre alive and thriving.

Pinball may be dead within many arcades now, and looked upon as 'old fashioned', but that could not be more farther from the truth. The purchasing of classic pinball tables has now out-sourced the production. And some cans cost thousands.

Pinball Classics [Prt 4}

Keeping Pinball Alive

Playing the 'silver ball' gives a rush of adrenalin, for me, that no other game has been able to do. This is why I am so passionate about pinball, and only wish to keep it alive and thriving again, the way it was back during the 1990s and '80s.

They were the two decades in which pinball RULED the arcades. They were innocent and free from the blood, guts and violence that we find now within many video games. The playing of pinballs and the collecting of them helps the genre to continue on.

Passing on the message to the new generation who, maybe may not have even touched a pinball table before. I will say to such people, go ahead, give it a may well catch the bug.

Pinball Classics [Prt 4}

Purchasing a Pinball Table

Ok, so you want to purchase a pinball table for your home. But you are not quite sure which one to go for. The first thing to understand is that when you are about to purchase your machine, you must look on it like a piece of furniture.

Find out whether or not it will go with the decor of the room. In other words, will it suit the room you want the table in? Once you have decided that it will. your next choice to make is what kind of table do you want?

Do you want a 'pin' with the traditional scoring displays [numbers that are on a kind of ree]. Or do you want a table that is fully electronic and digital, with your score shown in the dot-matrix video display?

And what about sound? Do you want the traditional bells whistles and chimes? Or do you want the full stereo sound that comes with a state-of-the-art machine? Once you have made your choice then you have to decide two other things, that your machine will fit into the room when the men come to deliver it, and whether or not you are happy with your choice.

The only way to find out both, is to visit your local arcade, and play on as many 'pins' as you can to get a feel of which one you like. Or better still, if you can, go to visit your supplier who should have machines up and running for you to try out. Then that will give you some kind of an idea as to which machine you would like to purchase.

Measure the width of the space between the frame and the door. Will the machine fit through? This is one of the most important aspects to purchasing a pinball table. You must find out if the table will fit. If it will, then you are on your way.

Buy from reputable dealers. Dealers who are well-known within the world of pinball. The only manufacture I can think of that is still up and running - and still producing pinball tables, is 'STERN'. The others - such as 'Bally', 'Data East' 'Williams', and 'Sega' have now become obsolete.

However, if you purchase a machine, the reason I am telling you to buy from the manufactorers I have mentioned is that spare parts are easier to source from them, then from an unknown manufacturer. So, in other words, you can still get spare parts - if you ever need them - for your pin, if you have one of the tables from the manufacturers I have mentioned.

At the end of the day, purchase the pinball table that you will enjoy playing on. Purchase one that the whole family can enjoy too. If you want to purchase a reconditioned 'pin' then you have to remember that there will be signs of wear and tear. Probably names, carved into the sides of the cabinet, or the playfield looking a bit worn.

Of course, all of these things can add some kind of character to your machine. But if you do not want all of this, but still want a re-conditioned machine, then you can ask for the cabinet to be 'touched up' with fresh paintwork and drawings.

This is only to cover the scratchmarks and signs of wear and tear. When purchasing a re-conditioned 'pin' watch out too for broken or cracked backglass panels. these can be replaced.

Also, if you want new chrome balls, then that will not be a problem either.

Of course, if you are purchasing a new machine. then it will be brand new, with no signs at all of wear and tear. Nearly all parts that are within known pinball tables can be 'sourced' if needed, so that is not a problem.

Pinball tables can range in price from the hundreds of dollars/pounds, to the thousands for the rare and highly sought-after ones. It really does depend on what you are looking for. All payments can be made with your card, online or within the store itself. And the store will give you a delivery date for when they can arrive with your machine.

The one thing to remember is that there are different prices for different services of delivery. The standard price includes the driver delivering your machine on the given day and date. Taking it from the back of the truck, and maybe wheeling it into your home.

All unpacking is done by you, from then on. Or, there is the top price, in which two men deliver your machine, take it from the back of the truck, wheel it in unwrap it, set it up, and test it [configure it].

They will also connect the legs to your table. Each store has their own set price for whatever type of delivery you desire. Make sure, too, that the truck can be driven down your road, as most trucks that deliver pinball tables are big.

And, finally, I will repeat what i mentioned earlier. Always purchase pinball tables that were manufactured by KNOWN COMPANIES, such as 'Bally', 'Williams' 'Data East' and 'Stern'. This is because if you ever need a spare part for your table, then it is easier to 'source' that part from known manufacturers. Even though, those companies [apart from 'Stern'] do not exist anymore, their parts still do.

Pinball Machines

If you fancy purchasing a pinball machine for your home, then check these out.

Pinball Machines for Sale

Want to stand out from the neighbors? A pinball table within your own home could be just the thing. For all pinball lovers out there.

Pinball Classics List

In reference to the 'silver ball' and everything to do with it.

Pinball Classics

6 Steel 1-1/16Th" Pinball Balls
6 Steel 1-1/16Th" Pinball Balls

6 spare pinballs for use within your machine. Obviously, these are needed for extra ball modes, to get six is a good bargain here, I feel.

1 Bling Golden Pinball Goldenball Gold
1 Bling Golden Pinball Goldenball Gold

This item is normally used when you reach a certain score in your pinball game. This is normally a very high score indeed, before you see the appearance of the golden pinball. This item contains one golden pinball for use. It can be used within tables with magnets and is made from carbon steel.


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    • wleon63 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @WriterJanis2: You are right, Janis. There is so much action to them. That is why I have always loved them. Thank you for reading, commenting and 'liking' my lens. It is much appreciated.

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      5 years ago

      I'm an adult and I still love pinball machines. There's so much action to them.

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      @stanger66: Thank you for reading my friend. I truly appreciate it. I have to say that if you do manage to get a pinball machine, you will not be disappointed. I am hoping to purchase a pinball table at some point in the future.

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      5 years ago

      My wife brought me a fruit machine for my 40th. Hope to one day buy a pinball machine


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