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Pink Pedal Cars Kids Love

Updated on June 28, 2015

Pink Push Car

put your foot to the metal!
put your foot to the metal!

Pretty in Pink

Pedal Car for Girls
Pedal Car for Girls

InStep Metal Pedal Cars

back of pink pedal car
back of pink pedal car

Ride on Toys

With Pedals

Is there anything better that the feeling of having "your own wheels". Usually its a boys thing but once your little girl sees her first pink car she is destined to fall in love forever. A toddler riding toy is something all little ones love no matter if they are a boy or a girl. But here we showcase the best pedal cars in pink. Whether she is the princess in your life who loves everything pink or your more sporty little girl. There is the perfect model for each of them to love and adore.

These stylish, nostalgic pedal cars are for toddlers who will cherish this gift for years to come. It is truly the one gift for your little girl that will carry a lifetime of memories. The minute she gets into this dream car for kids watch your drivers eyes light up. This gift for her is vintage at its best and something you can share all your favorite memories of when you were a little girl when you had one just like it. Just think of the pictures you can snap of her as she cruises by with their friends in one of these pedal roadsters. With classic lines and a glossy bodywork finish, she is sure to turn heads up and down your block.

The Classic Convertible

Pink Pedal Car
Pink Pedal Car

Pedal Car

For Toddlers

Remember that 'off the charts' feeling when you first got your pedal car and off you went driving all around the neighborhood showing off. Just like years ago when times were easier and quality was the standard, you will find that any one of these ride on pedal cars are as safe to drive as they were back then. Forget those electric battery run toys and give your toddler something that really puts some action in playtime. Constructed with style and steel made from heavy gauge steel, parents can rest assure that your little princess will be safe and sound while having the blast of her life. Hours of fun are in store for both of you as she straps in and takes off.

All of the pink Pedal Cars you will find here are made of all-steel, lead free paint and are perfect for little toddlers from the ages 3 to little girls age 6. You can even get one of these cars for a baby as they will grow into the car in no time. Certain models like the Airflow Pedal Car are perfect for younger kids as there is a rocker you can easily snap on making it perfect for babies. Honestly this is one kids toy that makes a great addition to any nursery or a toddler bedroom. Read on as I am sure you will agree!

A Gorgeous Gift For the Little Princess In Your Life!

Petal cars are one of the most unique little girls gifts. It is certainly one present that she will never forget. Reminiscent of the 1920’s when times were easy and fun easily had why not give your little one a taste of the good old days in a ride on car she will remember for years to come! Petal cars likes these are as gorgeous today as they were back then. With all the bulky power wheels that most kids have today, bring back the old and really surprise her with a quality toy that can be used for many years to come. Totally petal powered, this will be a family favorite bike handed down from generation to generation.

Pretty In Pink

Pedal Car
Pedal Car

Airflow Collectibles

Comet Car Pedal Riding Toy

Driving cars kids are sure to have fun in this pedal riding toy. Happy faces all around as the only sad face that will be sporting this comet car is the front of the sedan. Inspired by the classic cars of the late 1940's this ride on toy model has the same molded shape, that back then was legendary for it's strength. Fashionably trimmed with a chrome windshield, chrome hood, chrome steering wheel and chrome hub caps no one will miss your little girl driving around in this vintage model sedan. Like all the metal pedal cars, it is made of heavy gauge steel just like the originals. The petals are adjustable making this one she will be driving for a few years. Recommended ages 2 to 6 years old and adult supervision required.

Medal Petal Car

Airflow Collectibles Pink Comet Pedal Cars
Airflow Collectibles Pink Comet Pedal Cars

Pretty vintage looking girls pedal toddler riding toy.


Comet Pedal Car


  • Dimensions: 39L x 18W x 20H in.
  • Recommended for ages 3 to 5
  • Metal body with lead-free powder-coat finish
  • Flashy pedal car with classic-ride style
  • Real chrome on hubcaps, insignia and lights

Pretty Pink Princess Pedal Car


  • Length 34 Inches
  • Width 14 Inches
  • Height 19 Inches
  • Finish Lead Free Powder Coat Paint
  • Material All metal construction
  • Recommended for ages 3-5
  • Tested to hold child up to 110 lbs

Morgan Cycle Pink Retro

Vintage Pedal Car

This one is designed especially for the little princess in the family. Her very own Model T in princess pink just like the Chrysler 1934 Morgan Cycle brings it back to your front door. In these metal cars kids can enjoy what once was. Update it to today and Add the shiny chrome grill and gorgeous steering wheel, she is sure to be the envy of all her friends, who will surely want a ride on her car,

From the shiny pink (lead free) coat paint to the one of a kind fold down top, this petal car everyone will be talking about. Equipped with high traction tires and non slip pedals there are three adjustments for leg length. Top of the line model that even comes with a spare tire. The chrome headlights, steering wheel, running board and hub caps really finish off this little beauty. All these features help to make this very easy to pedal.

Designed for the typical child aged 2 to 6, your little princess will have the time of her life in her very own pedal car.

My Pink Pedal Car

InStep Pink Lady

metal pedal cars
metal pedal cars

Toddler Riding Toy

By InStep

I had a nice old all metal pedal car just like this as a kid. Who didn't? Only thing is my was red. I would have died for a pink one back then but pink was not as hot of a color as it is today.

This classic retro car is based on the design of the best-selling "Dip Side" pedal car from the 1950s. An Instep Petal car is as stylish today as it was back in the old days and even better in my opinion because you can get it in pink.

With vintage and authentic detailing, nothing is lost on these cars kids can let their imagination (and feet) run wild. The bright pink lead-free paint job made of steel will make both of you have a comfortable ride on. Best part is that your child can customize its looks with the included decal sheet. Personalized with her name her petal car will surely fit her personality and style. A functional steering wheel that's easy to steer and rubber tires equipped with chrome hub caps, meanwhile, the ride will be smooth with that one of a kind sleek, streamlined look.

Some assembly required.

Appropriate for children ages 3 and up.



  • Heavy-gauge steel body that will last
  • Solid rubber pink-wall tires on 9 inch steel wheels making this a sturdy car for long-term service
  • Functional chrome steering wheel that makes driving “real”
  • Finished with a scratch-resistant, rust-resistant, non-toxic, lead-free powder coating that will convince your little one just how special this antique car is
  • Three position adjustable pedal assembly with non slip pedals to hold those little feet in place
  • Sealed ball bearing drive
  • Car dimensions: 34”L x 18”W x 19”H
  • Minor assembly needed
  • Recommended for ages 2 – 4 years - a great starter pedal car
  • Adult supervision required

Pink Princess Kids Ride On

Morgan Cycle Petal Cars
Morgan Cycle Petal Cars

Morgan Cycle Petal Car


Dimensions: Length 36 Width 16 Height 21
Product weight 37 lbs.
Materials: Durable steel
Finish: Child safe, non-toxic coating
Wheels: solid rubber tires
Recommended ages: 2 to 5 years old
Adult assembly required, approx. 20 min

Retro Pedal Car

Morgan Cycle

A Pink Princess vintage toddler riding toy that is not only fun to pedal around the town in, but this is one of those cars kids rooms can be decorated with! I dont know about your toddler, but when my daughter was three it was not easy to get her dressed. The deals I had to make with her were never ending. I know if I had this car in her room, well I could have just corned her in the car to get her to do anything!

Aside from that this blast from the past is something that is sure to become everyone in the family favorite toy. Pretty, pink and it rides! Cars kids love and moms and grandparents alike will appreciate the construction of this kids first bike. The gauge steel construction and solid rubber tires mean that you won't be trading them in on a new model anytime soon. Made with adjustable pedals you know that this is a kids toy that will grow with your child for many years to come. Truly a bike girls will cherish and love and who knows with a true heirloom like this it can surely be passed down from one generation to the next.

Deluxe Pink Pedal Car

Kalee Deluxe Roadster Pedal Riding Toy - Pink
Kalee Deluxe Roadster Pedal Riding Toy - Pink

Roadster pedal car. -Color: Pink. -Spare wheel. -Adjustable windshield. -Steerable wheels. -Working headlights. -Sturdy metal body. -Maximum rider weight: 66 lbs. -Recommended age: 3+. -Assembly required.


Dexton Kids

Deluxe Pink Roadster Pedal Car

Your little princess will love pedaling around in her very own roadster. Cars kids love to drive. From little cute toddlers to your big girl this vintage-style pedal roadster model will bring years of fun and laughs to all. Gorgeous classic detailing and a glossy bodywork finish are sure to turn heads as your princess cruises down the street.

The Deluxe Roadster comes complete with working headlights, adjustable windshield and a spare wheel.

Pretty In Pink Pedal Cars
Pretty In Pink Pedal Cars

Little Tikes Princess Coup

Princess Pink Pedal Cars

I am sure after seeing all these gorgeous ride on toys you can see why these pink pedal cars will make any little girls Christmas or Birthday the most special day ever. The only thing now is to choose which model is perfect for your little girl. And one thing is for sure, you can never ever go with the Little Tykes coup, Though not a metal pedal car little Tykes has been around forever and always will be, It is one of those kind of kids toys that either gets handed down or someone knows that buying this one is just a winner!

Whichever one you choose you know that cars kids can grow into are worth the investment. And with a toy constructed as these pedal cars are this is one gift that can be re gifted through the generations to come!


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    • wavegirl22 profile image

      Shari 6 years ago from New York, NY

      Jets lose but Giants win! If they go all the way look for me trailing the ticket tape parade down Broadway in my new pink pedal car! ;) Happy New Year drbj ;)

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 6 years ago from south Florida

      I can remember as a child - many moons ago - wanting one of those pedal cars. But they were not half as sophisticated-looking and only came in red. Ah, well, such is life.

      Hope your New Year is very happy - despite the Jets' loss. Ah, well, such is life.


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