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Pirate Toys for Boys

Updated on September 9, 2014

Choosing pirate toys for boys

Ooh Arr Me Hearties! One thing's for sure - boys love pirate toys.

My son has been learning about pirates at school (he's 5) and he's suddenly gone pirate mad. And he's not the only one, my nephews are pirate crazy and we've recently had invites for two pirate birthday parties from friends. So we've been subjected to lots of requests for pirate toys and dress up and I've been looking at what's available.

There are pirate ships, pirate lego. pirate games, pirate outfits, pirate flags and pirate puzzles. There are also toys from popular pirate TV shows and movies such as Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Pirates of the Caribbean. So I've covered a whole range below being suitable for boys from as young as 3 or 4 years old up until 8 or 9 years old.

As well as pirate themed toys my son also likes to play with just his imagination and pretends to dress up as a pirate. If you don't want to buy a costume I've found there are lots of household props you can use for pirate dress up (for example a cardboard roll makes a good telescope, scrap black material can make a flag or bandana or decorate a cardboard box to be used as hidden treasure).

Read on for some inspiration of the best pirate toys for boys as well as some extra ideas of pirate themed dress up, things to do and play .

Photo courtesy of a2gemma/fickr creative commons

Pirate Ships for Kids

Pirate ships are among the best pirate toys for boys as they give lots of opportunities for imaginative play. It's so funny listening to my 5 year old play with his pirate ship. He says lots of the pirate phrases he's learned at school like "shiver me timbers", "ahoy matey" and "walk the plank".

You can build your own pirate ship and there are lots of articles on the web, giving you some great ideas to make a ship out of household items like cardboard.

But if you're looking to buy one there are some great options which come with really intricate details which give lots of scope for imaginative play.

My own son loves playmobil because of the detail in their toys - (there's a playmobil ship featured below).

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pirate Ship Play Set
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pirate Ship Play Set

This is a beautifully detailed wooden pirate ship.

It features a spinning steering wheel, a captain's cabin, a cargo hold, and a three-man pirate crew so lots of detail for imaginative play.

Fisher-Price Disney's Jake and The Never Land Pirates - Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Bucky [Amazon Exclusive]
Fisher-Price Disney's Jake and The Never Land Pirates - Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Bucky [Amazon Exclusive]

This is great for younger children and fans of Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

There are lots of features on this boat including a spring loaded cannon which shoots water ball projectiles. p Press a button and Tic Toc Croc explodes out the side of the hidden trap door. Another button activates sound effects, Jake phrases, and the theme song.

PLAYMOBIL Pirates Ship (Discontinued by manufacturer)
PLAYMOBIL Pirates Ship (Discontinued by manufacturer)

This is a playmobile pirate ship. Playmobile is expensive but it is excellent quality and there are lots of detail and intricate parts which are fantastic for imaginative play.


Pirate Lego

Working with lego is great for honing fine motor skills and improving concentration skills. My son and I have had quite a few attempts at building some pirate lego ships and other items out of his legos. Check out youtube for some great videos on how to build a pirate lego ship.

The great thing is once we've built our lego ship my son will play with it for ages afterwards.

Of course, lego make pirate sets and there are a couple featured below too.

LEGO Pirates Cannon Battle (6239)
LEGO Pirates Cannon Battle (6239)

The Canon battle set is fun, you can shoot a brick out of the cannon. Fire the pull-action cannon and blast the break-away wall to pieces. It shoots about 5 feet and will be great for any pirate fanatic. Its small (45 pieces) but it's great to start a pirate lego collection or add to an existing one.

LEGO The Captain's Cabin 4191
LEGO The Captain's Cabin 4191

This set includes is inspired by Pirates of the Carribean. It includes Jack Sparrow and 2 pirate mini-figures. There are 95 pieces in total including 2 ships in a bottle, stand and globe.


Jake and the Neverland Pirate Ship Bucky

LEGO DUPLO Jakes Pirate Ship Bucky 10514(Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO DUPLO Jakes Pirate Ship Bucky 10514(Discontinued by manufacturer)

This is a lego duplo set aimed at the 2 to 5 age group.

Exciting features with this lego set inclue a water cannon which with the press of a button will fire a water cannon ball. And they fire quite far too. There are Jake and Captain Hook figures.

Part of the fun is firstly building the ship. This is a great project to do with your young pirate fan.

It has lots of other play features, great for imaginative play. Make Captain Hook walk the plank and there's a treasure chest and a shovel.


Lego Pirate Plank Games

Lego games are fun because you build the lego pieces to play them and you can change the rules for different games.

My son loves the lego games that we have played so far. We haven't played the pirate plank - yet but it's a must for pirate and lego fans so it's on our wishlist.

LEGO LGS Pirate Plank 3848
LEGO LGS Pirate Plank 3848

The pirate captain caught some of his treacherous crew trying to steal his treasure and is making them walk the plank. Knock the other players off their planks and feed them to the sharks before they do the same to you! Be the last pirate standing to win! A fun elimination game for 2 to 4 players of all ages.


Pirate Play Tents

If you're boy is pirate mad - a pirate play tent may be a good idea.

Play tents can be used for imaginative play indoors and outdoors. We have a tent which is always good to put up outside in sunny weather - it gives some shade from the Sun and we have picnics in our tent too.

If you decide on a play tent, look for one which is easy to put and take down. Some also come with a carry case and other pirate accessories. Look for one which will be easy to store and consider if you want a tent that multiple children and adults can fit into or whether a smaller tent with just room for one or two children will suffice.

Check out some pirate play tents below.

ALEX Toys Pirate Pop-Up Tent Play Set
ALEX Toys Pirate Pop-Up Tent Play Set

This tent is easy to setup and can be stored in the convenient carrying case

It features two entrances

It also includes an eye patch and bandana.

Playhut Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Bucky Play Structure
Playhut Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Bucky Play Structure

The sail doubles as a basketball hoop for the mini basketball.

It has a twist and fold set up for easy set up and fold down.

There are also 2 tunnel ports with roll-up flap doors for easy access and expansion.

Playhut Jake and The Neverland Pirates - Playville
Playhut Jake and The Neverland Pirates - Playville

This tent features a flap-door entrance, a ball zone Jr. that includes 25 balls, as well as a crawl-through tunnel port that can connect to other EZ Twist products. Take a look to see who is coming to join the magic through the see through mesh windows.


Pirate Games

Kids love playing games and there are lots of pirate themed games to choose from.

As well as board games, (like the memory matching game below) there are all kinds of pirate games you can prepare at home and play your child, groups of children or at parties.

A really simple one that I play with my children is a treasure hunt. My son dresses up as a pirate and I hide the treasure. i draw him a map and he follows the instructions to find the hidden treasure (that I've hidden in advance).

Check out more ideas of pirate games

Here are a couple of games you can buy too.

Wonder Forge Jake and the Never Land Pirates Matching Game
Wonder Forge Jake and the Never Land Pirates Matching Game

A great matching and memory game for kids aged 3 plus.

My son loved playing matching games when he was younger. They are great for developing memory and the perfect game for non readers.They take about the right amount of time before you or your child starts to lose interest too.

This game includes 72 picture tiles so you can play big games or limit the cards for easier games.


Pirate toys for toddlers

If you're looking for pirate toys for toddlers and preschoolers there are quite a few options.

A good pirate game for the under 5s is another hide the treasure game. Hide the treasure in a sand pit (if you have one), or in a container filled with sand and get them to dig and find the treasure. Or you could hide the treasure in a ball pool or a bath filled with bubble bath to make bathtime more interesting.

Below I've featured some toys that my own sons have enjoyed including the bath stickers and the Tomy Pop Up Pirate Game.

Fisher-Price Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates - Jake's Talking Spyglass
Fisher-Price Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates - Jake's Talking Spyglass

Young kids who love Jake and the Neverland Pirates will love this life size telescope. Pull the eyepiece section to fully extend the telescope.

Press the Jake logo on the button to activate special Jake phrases.

It also comes with Comes with Jake's headband and an authentic Never Land Map

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Pirates for the Tub
ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Pirates for the Tub

This is a great bath sticker set.

It comes with foam pirate themed pieces which float and can also be stuck to the side of the bath.

It includes includes 38 pieces pirate plunder, including 3 pirate squirters and suction cup mesh bag for drying and storage.

My own boys love their bath stickers and both of them (the youngest is now 2) enjoy sticking them to the side of the bath keeping them occupied during bath time.


More Jake and the Neverland Pirate Toys

If you have pirate toys for fans of the Disney TV show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates there are lots of toys and games that they will love.

I have already mentioned many of them in this article but here is one more.

VTech Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Hunt Learning Laptop
VTech Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Hunt Learning Laptop

This laptop features the voice of Jake and includes 14 learning games and one music party activity

It also features a full Qwerty keyboard and cursor mouse

Press the music button to hear pirate rock songs


Kids Pirate Outfits

Pirate costumes are great for boys who love dressing up before acting out roleplay.

My son has a pirate costume that he has worn to birthday parties, into school for a pirate themed activity day and he wears at home for playing too. So it's been a great investment. There are also some great accessories to outfits such as telescopes and pirate maps, although if you have time its fun to make your own too.

Melissa & Doug Pirate Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set With Hat, Sword, and Eye Patch
Melissa & Doug Pirate Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set With Hat, Sword, and Eye Patch

This costume Includes a pirate hat and eye patch

Comes with a pirate vest that holds a sword


Pirate chest

Treasure chests are a fun accessory for pirate play.

We have made our own treasure chest using a cardboard box and filling it with gold and yellow colored items from around the house but you can buy some ready made chests too.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Pirate Chest Pretend Play Set
Melissa & Doug Wooden Pirate Chest Pretend Play Set

This sturdy treasure chest from Melissa and Doug is great for pirate imaginative play. It comes with ornate brass handles; a locking skull latch; pirate bandana; eye patch; loot bag; gold doubloon coins and a special; secret compartment to stash your most valuable loot away! A winner for kids who want to play pirates.


Pirate Dig Kit

Excavate and assemble the pirate skeleton.

Dig kits are good for older children interested in pirates as they can be a bit difficult for younger children to dig out.

For older boys, it is a good project to keep them occupied and then afterwards they have a great sense of achievement once finished.

Pirate Dig Kit
Pirate Dig Kit

This dig kit has a pirate skeleton inside and once completed the skeleton is 12 inches tall.

Tip - you can also use your own spoons and forks to help dig the skeleton out of the clay as well as the tools provided.


Pirate Crafts

My own son loves to do crafts.

You can get lots of free pirate crafts to do online including pages to color in and online jigsaw puzzles.

You can also buy lots of pirate craft kits like the ones featured below. They include mosaic kits and shrinky dinks. Mosaic sticker kits are a craft kit my own son has enjoyed. Each mosaic sticker corresponds to a number which you use to complete the sticky mosaic pirate picture.

You may also want to check out this article on craft kits for boys

Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic Pirates
Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic Pirates

It features 2700+ sticky foam and jewel pieces.

For ages 5 upwards.

Shrinky Dinks Minis Pirates
Shrinky Dinks Minis Pirates

Color the precut shapes and shrink them in the oven.

A fun craft activity


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      These are some great options. Playing with pirate ships are great way to increase a child imagination and creativity. My favorite is the Lego Pirate Ship.

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      Look very nice lens


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