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Plants vs Zombies Adventures Brainball Defense

Updated on October 7, 2019

PvZ Brainball Defensive Strategy

PvZ Brainball is about collecting other people's brains, but the other half is protecting the brains you do have. If your defenses aren't up to snuff, someone is going to come along and snag all your brains faster than you can say "twiddlydinks."

A properly set up town is key to winning at Brainball, and I am going to share some of the strategies I use so that you too can be successful, and earn those gems.

I am very much trying to get neighbors so I can continue on my PvZ adventure.

My page on offense is here.

All Pictures: Screenshots of Plants vs Zombies Adventures

Look for mistakes!

Make sure all your houses are connected to the pathway!

If they aren't connected, your attacker can ignore the pathway and waltz his zombies straight to your house.

PvZ adventures Hard Nut
PvZ adventures Hard Nut

First, if you do nothing else, follow this advice to succeed at Brain Ball

Save your VIP plants!

Especially the beeshooters and Hard-nuts. These guys are awesome. You should get 3 beeshooters and 3 hard-nuts as you progress during the game as an incentive to buy them. Place these in your town!

No matter how tempted you are, do not use them to beat the normal levels.

The hard-nuts allow you to replace one of your wall-nuts with a stronger barrier, giving you an extra spot for more plants to take down zombies. The bee shooters have good range, and fire quickly, allowing you to place another wall-nut.

These two VIP plants give you options, allowing you a lot more freedom in designing your defenses.

The pathway

The pathway you place is very important, because it dictates how the zombies will move around your town.

I figure there are two ways to work your pathway.

One is short, focusing all your firepower early on, trying to take down incoming zombies before they become a big horde. This causes the opposing player to use lots of fog early on.

One is longer, giving extra time for your plants to fire on zombies as they plod along. However, incoming players can build up fog, and can lock down your plants longer, or speed up their zombies.

Long Pathway or Short pathway?

Do you like a long pathway, increasing time it takes zombies to get to your house?

Why I like the long pathway better

I prefer the long pathway better, because there is no reason you can't have a long pathway, which ends in the same strategy of the short pathway, with the added benefits of having your plants firing on incoming zombies.

The weakness of the longer pathway is that a player can bunch up his zombies so that can eat through wallnuts faster.

But maybe that isn't such a bad thing...

The Popcorn Kernel

The popcorn kernel was released recently by PopCap as a new basic plant for PvZ adventures players.

It works kind of like a combination cherry bomb and potato mine from the original game.

It takes a little time to arm, but once ready, explodes all zombies in close proximity.

So, now that you have all the zombies bunched up from eating your wallnut, a good idea would be to place a popcorn kernel right behind your wallnut. The zombies will all go kablooey!


PvZ Plants vs Zombies Adventures Beet
PvZ Plants vs Zombies Adventures Beet


So, you've got your wall nut, you have your popcorn kernel. This should take care of the first wave, if you place them correctly.

If you place some beets nearby your wall nut, like I have, these beets, combined with the aspearagus, may take out 1 or even 2 waves of zombies.

Do you notice how I placed one of the beets 1 square in front of the wall nuts? This is to allow 3 beets to head-butt the incoming zombies at once. Usually, zombies will go after a wall-nut before any other plants. I find that the few times they don't are usually when the wave spawns right in the middle of the wall-nuts and beets.


What kind of shooters you use don't really matter, as long as they are optimized to fire on the zombies as much as possible. Peashooters are fast, but have shorter range, so you have to place them very strategically to be successful.

I prefer aspearagus of the basic plants. They shoot very long range, so a well laid path will give them ample time to fire on the incoming hordes.

Beeshooters are very nice, more range than the peashooters, but not quite as long as the aspearagus. Place them wisely!

BRAAAAAINS! - (Please Leave a Comment)

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I've just started playing this game and I know that I'm a long way away but I think this will be to my advantage. Great lens. Thanks.


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