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Plants vs Zombies Adventures Brainball Offense

Updated on October 7, 2019

Collecting brains!

Plants vs Zombies Adventures is PopCap's facebook version of the popular computer game. PvZ features a game called "brain ball" that has taken over most of my time there. It is very fun, and I enjoy it more than the actual game itself.

The reason being, in brainball, you play the zombies, trying to get brains from other players.

This page will focus on the offensive (that is, collecting BRAAAINS!) part or it, while another article will focus on the defensive part (keeping brains).

I am very much trying to get neighbors so I can continue on my PvZ adventure.

My page on PvZ Brainball defense is here.

All pictures are screenshot of PopCap games addicting game Plants vs Zombies: Adventures Beta

Look for cheaters!

Some of these players are trying to cheat the system by hiding brains at a house and then disconnecting the house from the pathway, thinking you can't get to it.

Your zombies will walk straight to their house, ignoring the pathways altogether

Make cheaters pay!

The first step, guessing where the brains are.

PvZ adventures Brain ball Attack Screen
PvZ adventures Brain ball Attack Screen

To pick the right house to attack, you have to make some judgement calls.

1. All zones with brains will be in color, zones without brains will be greyed out. So don't attack a zone without brains.

2. Look how many brains are available. In this case, there are 4 brains available for 3 zones (look at center top of screen) .

3. The zone on the left has 1 home in it. That means that you know with 100% certainty that there is at least 1 brain there. If you have a certainty, go for it!

The zone on the right has 2 homes in it, at least 1 brain. The worst case scenario, you have a 50% chance of getting a brain. If the area looks to be easy to clear, you can clear both houses while using less waves of zombies.

The zone on the top has 3 homes in it, at least 1 brain. The worst case scenario, you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting a brain. This is the least likely to pay off for you.

A final note: If you can get to someone's main house (the larger one on the left in this picture) then try to get it. The main house is where brains go whenever they are captured from another player.

Sometimes a player is active right now, collecting brains. You can sneak in and grab them before they hide them.

Sometimes a player forgets to move their brains around. You can get A LOT of brains by focusing on the main houses of other players.

Getting to the brains! - Assess the defenses

Basic Strategy PvZ brainball beets
Basic Strategy PvZ brainball beets

It is very important to assess the defenses before you send your zombies. Plan what you are going to do. And know what and how each plant attacks.

The beets are melee attackers. They deal a good amount of damage, and quickly. The player here has placed a wallnut to draw your zombies attention while the beets headbutt your zombies into oblivion (circled in screenshot).

Don't let that happen! Freeze the beets with your fog (left click) repeatedly, locking them down, and let your zombies focus on eating the wallnut.

But make sure to save a bit of fog, because...

Kapowie! - Dealing with the Popcorn Kernels

PvZ adventures popcorn kernel
PvZ adventures popcorn kernel

The popcorn kernels explode when eaten, killing all the zombies nearby.

So, the reason you saved the fog earlier was to speed up your zombies eating. Because they were all grouped up eating the wall-nut and dealing with the beets, a well placed popcorn kernel could kill your entire wave!

What you want to do is speed up a few zombies by clicking them, spending a few fog points. Hopefully, they will active the popcorn kernel before the rest of the wave catches us.

Do this twice, to take care of the second popcorn kernel.

Finally, the aspearagus

These guys have been hitting you the whole round. Show them no mercy!

I find it is best to speed up your zombies. Aspearagus are slow shooters, so the faster you take them down, the better.

Click your zombies, trying to get a healthy zombie ahead (like DJ Zom-B or a buckethead) to shield damaged weaker ones.

Chow down!

By learning the inns and outs of PvZ adventures Brainball, I was able to get to the brains in one wave of DJ Zom-B. Give it time, practice regularly, and HAVE FUN.


Plants vs Zombies Gear

Some neat swag from the game. Show off your PvZ pride!

Do you have a killer strategy?

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