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Plants vs. Zombies Toys

Updated on February 21, 2014

Find the Hottest Plants vs Zombies Merchandise

PVZ is a little addicting app with tons of characters by developer Popcap. Below are some of Plants vs. Zombies toys available if you are in the market for some huggable item based on the game.

For gamers who also love collecting merchandise, there are quite many characters that will certainly appeals to everyone who love this popular app. There's wide selection of adorable leafy heroes and cartoonish undead alike!

The original is available on the app store for quite sometime now and then succeeded by also well received sequel, Plants Vs Zombies 2. Aside from adding more element to gameplay, PVZ2 also introduces slew of new playable plants and hordes of tough but beatable zombies with varying abilities . What I really like about the PVZ2 is that even though it is based freemium model, you can finish it without buying anything and no obnoxious time constraints to hinder the enjoyment of the game.

For those who love to collect app-related merchandise, check some out characters featured below which just barely scratch the surface of growing selection of adorable figures and plush toys.

Image: Sunflower plushie on Amazon

Collectibles Featuring the Plants - PVZ Line Up of Merchandise Featuring the Leafy Heroes

When the brain obsessed undead suddenly appear on your lawn, better befriend those plants that are equipped with arsenal that deter if not totally eliminate day to day undead pest problem. In the game, the hero are the plants that are quite efficient in keeping the undead at bay with their each of their own unique arsenal.

If you're looking for gift for gamer loved one then these are great idea especially if the receiver is a fan of the game or someone who is into cute toy figures.

Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies: Sunflower
Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies: Sunflower

The company Funko is known for creating line up of bobbleheads based on pop culture personalities, fictional or otherwise. They are also known for their trademark stylized design and many popular characters has a Funko version.

This vinyl Sunflower figure is 3.75 inches tall designed in true to form Funko fashion.

Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies: Peashooter
Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies: Peashooter

If your are into collecting, then these adorable vinyl figure. These type of collectible is very easy to clean since it is not made of cloth. Also if you intend t display your memorabilia, this fits nicely in a display cabinet along with other collection of memorabilias from the game.

Pacificcentury @ Plants VS Zombies Plush Toy Doll Watermelon New
Pacificcentury @ Plants VS Zombies Plush Toy Doll Watermelon New

It has green skin and watery red pulp, Melon-pult is shoots watermelon that deals damage in wider area that is handy during group zombie attack

This is a plushie for those who loves to cuddly toy, they couldn't go wrong with this one especially at a price.

Plants vs Zombies Plush Toy Twin Cherry Bomb 14CM/5.5" Tall (Small Size)
Plants vs Zombies Plush Toy Twin Cherry Bomb 14CM/5.5" Tall (Small Size)

I like Cherry Bomb during those dire situation when the Zombie at just about to invade your home. They always guarantee instant kill whenever they are planted.

This is not just a huggable plush toy, it can also be used as a car decoration with its built in sucker lanyard.


...The Zombies - Cute, Adorable and Lovable Zombie Toys (Ok, That's a bit of a stretch)

They're always the antagonist in movies, games and pretty much every appearance they are in . But in this game their redeeming quality is that they are cartoonishly funny and entertaining. Though they absolutely have a hard time to win over the affections of humans as they constantly crave for their gelatinous brain, as they plod through the yard and tries to overwhelm with sheer number. Fortunately, the game provides effective ways to lay waste of those pesky undead- shoot, explode, freeze, set-up spiked trap and hypnotize are just some capabilities of the plants at a players disposal.

Though they wont win any award for being congenial towards human, these zombies is a must have addition for those who are serious collectors for anything game related merch.

Plants vs Zombies Zombie Plush
Plants vs Zombies Zombie Plush

This is basic and the not the most formidable type. You know he is coming when he begins to utter the word "brains" in the background.

In their plush form, this zombie doesn't look anything scary at all and this one speak "brains" just like in the game. This toy is recommended for 3 and up only not because it is spooky but rather due to small parts.

Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies: Regular Zombie
Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies: Regular Zombie

This is Funko-fied look that of the basic Zombie which is made of sturdy vinyl.

Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies: Disco Zombie
Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies: Disco Zombie

Disco Zombie is a homage to a 70's disco culture with collared shirts, bellbottom jeans, and platform shoes. . Certainly, he is the most entertaining Zombie as his mode of attack is by dancing his way along with other zombie.

Zoofy International Zombie Mask
Zoofy International Zombie Mask

This mask is for children 4 and up.


Just for Fun!

Who's side do you pick to ultimately prevail in a clash between humans and zombies?

See results

New Characters in the Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Collectibles Based on the Widely Popular Sequel

Is the PVZ2 your new app obsession? The original PVZ is a fantastic tower defense game that is accessible for everyone who haven't even try this type of game.

The scale is so much bigger with expansive worlds to conquer. You have may notice that there are a bunch of new characters on both warring sides like power-punching Bonk Choy, devastating Coconut Cannon and shock-inducing Lightning Reed. Zombies are also dressed to the occasion... errr time zones like pirate, mummy and cowboy getup.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Series Plush Toy Bonk Choy 18cm/7" Small Size
Plants Vs Zombies 2 Series Plush Toy Bonk Choy 18cm/7" Small Size

Bonk Choy is a quick fisted plant that can punch front and back. This is 7' Tall Plush that comes with a sucker lanyard for hanging or attaching to any smooth surface such as car windows.

OliaDesign Fire Loli Plants vs Zombies 2 Series Plush Toy, 16cm/6.3", Brown
OliaDesign Fire Loli Plants vs Zombies 2 Series Plush Toy, 16cm/6.3", Brown

Coconut Cannon can inflict medium damage by tapping it to fire and charges for 16 second.

Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies 2: Swashbuckler Zombie Figure (3640)
Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies 2: Swashbuckler Zombie Figure (3640)

This pirate zombie can bypass the defences by swinging to a rope skipping up to five tiles.


Unboxing, Demo and Review of Different PVZ Toys

These are some of online video showcasing some merchandise from the game.

Any favorite character in the game?

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