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Play Doctor Kits For Boys

Updated on March 26, 2013

Best Kids Play Doctor Kits

Play Doctor Kits for boys are great for kids that love to pretend they are Doctors, rather pretending they are a Doctor bandaging up a leg or one that is in surgery. Pretend doctor toys are great to get the imagination of a young boy going.

Playing pretend is a big part of growing up for boys. They pretend about what they see in TV shows, they pretend about things they dream about and they pretend about things they want to be when they grow up.

I know my boys loved imagining they was there to fix the day. While usually they was in superhero costume instead of the usual doctor outfit, they loved putting on their white coat over their cape to pretend they was bandaging up someone after their encounter with the super mad villain. Below I have reviewed some of the play doctor kits for boys that I know my boys love.

Best Pretend Doctors Kit For Boys - Doctor Kit With Plastic Carrying Case and Doctor Play Toys

This play doctor kit is has a lot more toys then many kits I have seen. The doctor toys are well made and can easily be cleaned when needed. I believe that any boy that loves to pretend to be doctor would love this Dr. Kit.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Set, 19 Pieces, Blue
Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Set, 19 Pieces, Blue

This doctor Kit for boys has lots of medical tool toys for a your imaginative boy to have a great time with. The kit includes a stethoscope, a pager with sound, battery operated cell phone, forceps, bandages, thermometer and more doctor toys package neatly in a plastic doctor bag.

Doctors Medical Kit Tin Childrens Toy Pretend Play
Doctors Medical Kit Tin Childrens Toy Pretend Play

Make Your Own Kids Doctors Medical Kit

If you prefer you can always make your own kids doctor play kit. Use things around the house and maybe supplement with a few things that can be found cheap at a Dollar Store.

Start with a container. Some use a Tupperware container or a see through cosmetic bag, but I really like the tin lunch box idea. We have gotten a few during the holidays with cookies in them as gifts so this would be a great way to reuse them. If not the right colors painting is always easy.

Now comes the easy part. Add a few things to make the tin a kit for your little doctor. Just keep your child's age and abilities in mind. Below are a few suggestions of things that could be fun to put in a child's homemade doctors kit.

* disposable gloves or gloves that look disposable

* piece of an ace bandage

* craft stick for a tongue depressor

* medical syringe (old syringe that came with baby medicine)

* small size travel container for pretend medicine bottle

* medicine cup (again you may be able to find it in the medicine cabinet)

*old large thermometer

*cotton balls

Playmobil Doctor Set - Best Play Doctor Toys For Boys

Playmobil 4404 Hospital
Playmobil 4404 Hospital

The Playmobil Hospital is the perfect addition to your Playmobil City Life! The working elevator has space for the patient bed. The operating table is adjustable and the operating light can tilt! The patient bed rolls on wheels. This incredibly fun set includes receiption, children's and baby sections and lots and lots of accessories!


Kids Pretend Prescription Pads

What doctor's play would be complete with out a prescription from a doctor. You can either get a small pad of paper then put their initials on the corner or print out a bunch of small pretend prescription papers.

My favorite kids free pretend prescription pad print out can be found at

Kids Docter's Paper Vest Craft
Kids Docter's Paper Vest Craft

Kids Docter's Paper Vest Craft

At a kids pre-school performance I went to they was all dressed up as doctors. Instead of trying to find doctor costumes for every kid they made paper doctor vests to use.

While I am sure the vest may not last too long it is still a cute idea, especially if dressing up just for a one time thing. The best print out online that I found was at

After printing it out and coloring it if wanted you glue the parts together to make a vest. So easy a child can do it.

Child's Size Doctor's White Lab Coat - Play Time Boys Doctor Costume

How cute is this Doctor's lab coat. It is a long lab coat that is washable and has great detail. The size allow the coat to be wearable for most kid sizes.

Doctor / Mad Scientist Kids Costume
Doctor / Mad Scientist Kids Costume

If your child loves pretending to be a Doctor then they will love this white lab coat.

Stethoscope Tie
Stethoscope Tie

Make a Stethoscope Tie

Every young doctor needs a tie and a stethoscope, why not make both. A child will be proud of the stethoscope they made themselves and have fun playing doctor.

This project would be great for a group of kids as long as supplies was already put together. If you do not want to print out the end of the stethoscope graphic you can always draw it on with marker.

To find instructions and a printable go to

Plush Handy Doctor Play Set - Eco-Friendly Handy Doctor Set

If your looking for a non-plastic doctors kit that is eco-friendly this is it. It is an adorable Doctors kit that is sure to get lots of play time.

Handy Doctor Set
Handy Doctor Set

The handy doctor set from Wonderworld is sure to be your child's favorite. Comes complete with doctor accessories and its own doctor carry bag. Packaging is made from at least 70% recycled paper.

Free Kids Doctor Coloring Pages
Free Kids Doctor Coloring Pages

Free Kids Doctor Coloring Pages

My kids love coloring pages so I tend to print up a few free kids Doctor themed coloring pages every now and then.

My favorite websites to find them are at,,, and

Kids Classic Pretend Doctors Bags Toy

Schylling Doctor's Bag
Schylling Doctor's Bag

Perfect gift for any little Nurse or Doctor. Vinyl bag snaps shut and includes 8 different Doctor tools. Ages 3 & up. Approx. 11"x4"x9"


Comments and Suggestions... - What Type Of Play Doctor Kits For Boys Are You Looking For?

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