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Play Food - Where to Find The Best Kids Pretend Food Playsets including Fake Wood and Melissa and Doug Food Sets

Updated on September 15, 2011

Kids love to play with pretend food! Nothing makes them happier than to feed friends and family members their delicious "creations".

Not to mention it is a safe and creative way to keep them entertained as well.

There are many manufacturers of play, fake or pretend food.

Melissa and Doug are famous for their wooden food play sets, but there are other large manufactures as well.

Even famous companies such as McDonalds and KFC have gotten into the pretend food craze.

Read on to find out more about all of the fun pretend food products that are available, prices and where you can purchase these great sets.

Melissa and Doug Play Food and Pretend Food Products

Melissa and Doug, known for their high quality wood products, offers a ton of great pretend food playsets that each has their own little twist.

For example:

The Cutting Food box comes with 31 pieces and includes realistic cutting sounds

The Pizza Party set includes 50 toppings that kids can put on their pretend pizza pie

The Deluxe Ice Cream Set features four magnetic ice cream scoops, two cones and two magnetic scoopers so kids can stack and scoop pretend ice cream.

All of these sets are made of exceptional quality and as you will see from the selection listed below, you might find it hard to pick just one.

McDonalds and KFC Pretend Food

Just about every kid loves McDonalds, and McDonalds in all of its infinite wisdom, has created the perfect fake food sets for pretend play.

Kids love the recognizable products and packaging and will love spending time pretending they are making and serving their favorite meal to others.

Here are bunch of play food item from McDonalds and there is even one from KFC.

Step 2 - Play Food - Play Food Sets

Step 2, the company who is known for their more elaborate play kitchens, has also come out with a line of pretend food and grocery products.

Some of their more popular products focus around sweets in pretty pastel colors.

Just some of the Playsets available:

Ice Cream Parlor:

This set plays 3 happy tunes while kids play with swapping 5 different "flavors" of ice cream with 3 toppings, 3 cones, and 3 decorative wrappers. These are all interchangeable so there are tons of different combinations.

Pastry Set:

With this set you can mix and match 5 different cupcakes with ribbons, frosting and cups. This set also includes a Soft, pliable pastry bag and 3 snap-on interchangeable tips and a rotating display stand.

101 Food Piece Play Food Assortment

There are two different 101 Piece Food Assortments to choose from that includes every day American, Italian, Chinese and Mexican foods. One of the sets even includes sushi.

You can guarantee these sets will be used often.

See below for more pretend food playsets available from Step 2. Click on blue link next to each item for larger pictures and more details of what is included in each set.

Learning Resources - Play Food

Learning Resources is another company that has a bunch of different pretend food options.

There is an extra benefit when it comes to Learning Resources play food though. Many of the items have numbers, fractions, and mix and match colors so kids can learn at the same time they are playing!

Many of these items also include a shopping basket so kids can pretend they are shopping as well.

Simply clear a few places around your home, place these fake food items on shelves and table tops and kids can feel like they are shopping for their food just like their parents do.

Learning Resources even has a shopping cart you can purchase to make it truly realistic.

Click on blue link next to each item below for larger pictures and descriptions.


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