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Play Kitchen Sets - Where to Find the Best Play Kitchens, Kidcraft, Little Tikes and Melissa and Doug

Updated on September 2, 2011

Play Kitchens and Toy Kitchens

Play Kitchens have certainly come a long way from the old days and luckily they are as popular than ever!

Little girls and boys can play for hours with these awesome new kitchen sets that include every kitchen appliance they could think of in one compact area.

These new sets include appliances such as ovens, stove tops, microwaves, refrigerators, sinks, storage drawers, dish racks and so much more!

These pretend kitchens are the perfect way to keep your child entertained for hours at a time in a safe and creative way as they make great use of a child's imagination!

Some of the most popular play kitchen sets are made by manufacturers such as Step 2, Kidkraft, Little Tykes, Melissa and Doug and others.

Read on to find out more about all the play and toy kitchen options that are available.

Step 2 Lifestyle Kitchen Sets

If you are looking for a more elaborate and realistic play kitchen set, Step 2 has come out with three popular models that will fill just about all of your child's toy kitchen needs.

These models have varying features such as: microwaves, ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, cupboards, drawers, phone, granite look counter-tops, prep-counters, sinks with faucet, one even has a framed window with overhead light.

All of them make realistic sounds that correspond with each appliance.

See below for more details of each model.

Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen

This is the Step 2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

This play kitchen set includes a "Stainless Steel" oven, microwave, and refrigerator for the more modern look. It also includes a sink with faucet, multiple storage drawers and cabinets
and a stove top that makes realistic electronic sounds.

This is a 17-piece accessory set (though some accessories may vary).

Step 2 LifeStyle Dream Kitchen

This is the Step 2 lifestyle Dream Kitchen. It is slightly more elaborate than the Custom Kicthen.

This set also includes "Stainless Steel" appliances such as oven refrigerator and microwave. it also includes granite looking countertop and wood styling to provide incredible realism.

This pretend kitchen has 5 electronic features for the microwave, oven, stovetop, phone, and light

It also has 7 cupboards and drawers

This is a 37 piece accessory set that also includes dishes, phone, and basket

This is the Step 2 Deluxe Kitchen. This amazing set has pretty much everything a child could want in pretend play.

Again it has the "stainless steel" appliances such as microwave, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator as well as the "granite" look counter top and and "wood" look frame.

It also has an awesome sink with modern faucet and pull-out sprayer

There are storage drawers, cabinets, and two pull out fruit "baskets" and it even has a framed window with an overhead light.

This set also has electronic features for the microwave, oven, dishwasher, stove top, phone, and light.

All in all, this is a 38-piece accessory set (accessories may vary)

Little Tikes Play Kitchens

Little Tikes play kitchens are also popular due to their realistic sounds and effects.

They manufacture toy kitchens in all shapes and sizes, but every one of the them is highly detailed and has something special that kids will love!.

The following are some of the most popular toy kitchens by Little Tikes.

Little Tikes Sizzle N Serve Kitchen

This Little Tikes Sizzle N Serve kitchen not only features your basic kitchen accessories like oven, stove top, refrigerator, sink with faucet, but also includes other great items such as "working" ice maker that drops plastic ice cubes into a glass and a grill that has great flickering flames and sound effects.

Another benefit of this kitchen is that it rotates 90 degrees so you have the option of 2 different kitchen layouts - straight or L shaped.

It also has hanging pot storage like modern kitchens and fabric lined wicker baskets.

Little Tikes Gourmet Prep 'n Serve Kitchen

This is one of Little Tikes modern play kitchen sets.

It includes all the latest decorating looks from "stainless steel" appliances to "granite" counter tops and sleek cabinets.

It has an electronic burner that makes real cooking sounds and it comes with loads of storage space.  There is a food prep area and an island peninsula for serving where you can pull up the stool and eat.

There is also a Large sink with modern style faucet and oven.

KidKraft Kitchens - KidKraft Play Kitchens

When it comes to toy kitchens, KidKraft has a bunch of unique products to choose from.

They have been producing kids kitchens for quite some time now and their play sets stand out due to their colors and unique designs.

Kidkraft not only creates modern kitchen sets in fun colors, but also a retro kitchen line that is popular as well.

Melissa and Doug Play Kitchen Sets

Melissa and Doug, known for their high quality wood products, has also come out with a couple of toy kitchens that are quite popular.

There is the Classic Deluxe Kitchen and the Cooks Corner wooden kitchen.

The Classic Deluxe Kids Kitchen comes with a sturdy stovetop, a roomy refrigerator and fancy freezer, see-through oven with knobs that turn, a microwave with turntable, and a spacious sink.

There is sizeable storage, and beautifully detailed colored graphics. It is also study and durable.

The Cooks corner kitchen is made for smaller spaces, but has great features such as a 3-burner cook top and oven with clicking knobs, a refrigerator, storage shelves, a cutting board and a real, working, timer,


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