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Play Water Tables

Updated on April 3, 2013

Play Water Tables for Kids

Play water tables for kids make great outdoor toys for tons of fun pretend play during the warm Spring and Summer months. Play water tables are great for small backyards in which a pool isn't an option. In addition to taking up less space, play water tables are safer than most other backyard water toys and use less water.

Water tables for kids provide safe, imaginative, hands on, educational play. Here you will find a selection of the best play water tables for kids.

Why Water Tables are Great - All the wonderful benefits of water tables for kids

Water tables are wonderful toys that encourage your kids to explore, pretend, and get active. Here are all the positive aspects of the creative and wet activity tables for kids:

  1. Play water tables are educational.

    *They teach kids about buoyancy, that is what floats and what sinks.

    *Through their splashing play kids learn about the physical properties of water.

    *The various pulleys, pumps, cranks, and other toys, kids learn about physics.

    *The hands on play helps develop kids fine motor skills.

  2. Water tables encourage kids to get outside and participate in active play, which is so important today when most kids watch too much tv and play too many video games.
  3. Water tables for kids are small enough to be played indoors if you have a hard floor area such as a kitchen, large bathroom, or laundry room.
  4. Play water tables are safer than kiddie pools, with far less risk of drownings or other serious injury.

Play Water Table - Water table for kids

This water table for kids will provide your child with hours of outdoor pretend play. It comes with three animal skirt toys and has a glacier mountain with a tunnel and slide for lots of imaginative fun.

One great feature to this play water table is that it fits through standard doorways with need to take it apart or tilt it to bring it from outside to inside. The best part about this toy is that there are no pumps, batteries, or electricity required. This water table is fully kid powered.

Step2  Arctic Splash Water Table
Step2 Arctic Splash Water Table

This play water table Includes a polar bear, walrus, and penguin squirt toy. It has multiple level water wells.


Play Water Table by Little Tikes - Little Tikes ball drop water table for kids.

This fun and brightly colored play water table has a ball drop game. Not only is this outdoor toy fun, but it also helps develop your little ones fine motor skills. With a spiral ball drop, ferris wheel, and lazy river, there are plenty activities on this engaging water table to keep your kids busy.

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table
Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table

Your child can drop balls and watch them wind down the spiral, follow them along the lazy river, and then scoop them up with the ferris wheel.


Pirate Themed Play Water Table - Little Tikes Anchors Away water table for kids

Ahoy matey. I reckon ye' be interested in some great water table fun for kids or lest ye be walking the plank!

This pirate themed play water table has it all. It has a battery powered water fountain that continuously pumps water over two spinning fans. It has a water cannon that really shoots. It even has spinners that create a current so you kids' boats really can float and travel about the water table.

It's a super cool play water table that sure to keep little ones busy with hours and hours of pretend play.

Little Tikes Anchors Away Water Play Table
Little Tikes Anchors Away Water Play Table

Features a continuous flowing fountain and a gentle current to guide boats and other water toys along.


Water Table for Kids - Anchors Away - Fun pirate themed play water table

Play Water Table Mud Pie Kitchen - Mud pie outdoor kitchen unique water table for kids

Remember making mud pies as a kid? This water table for kids is designed to create tons of mud-tastic mud pies. What fun!

It has a working sink with reservoir . The attached mixer lifts and turns just like a kitchen mixer so kids can mix the mud. This is a full service outdoor kids kitchen for making mud pie masterpieces. What a great idea.

Little Tikes Mudpie Kitchen
Little Tikes Mudpie Kitchen

Outdoor working play kitchen for making mud pies.


More Mud Pie Making Essentials - Toys to go with the mud pie water table toy

I'm sure we all made mud pies as kids. It was so much fun to make delicious pretend concoctions out of stick mud. Shape it, mold it, slap it together, and then get anyone who was willing to pretend to eat our gourmet dishes. Now your kiddos can really get serious with making mud pies, cakes, or what ever else they can dream up with these fun outdoor play kitchen accessories.

More Play Water Tables - Shop for even more water tables for kids

These fun and colorful water activity tables are an affordable way to keep your kids entertained all summer long.

Play Water Tables on eBay - Water tables for kids

Get a great deal on a water table for kids on eBay.

What do You Think About Play Water Tables? - Thank you for visiting

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