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Play Chess, Learn Chess

Updated on March 26, 2013


Chess is a fairly simple game that is at the same time quit complicated.  The complication isn’t because it is hard to learn, but it is because it is a game of strategy and skills used between two players to determine a winner.  To play a good game, each player must be able to think ahead to protect and attack.  The object of chess is fairly simple which is to capture or checkmate the opponent. This means that the opponent’s king is within attack and cannot be defended or moved.  Before the king is checked, checkmate must be called if the opponent’s king is in danger of being immediate attack.  This is so that the opponent has a chance to move their king or use another piece to help defend it.  But if that is not possible to safely move the king or defend it then checkmate is called and the game is over. 


The game of chess is played on a checker board with 64 squares, divided into eight-by-eight.  Each square is alternating in coloring from darker to a lighter color.  Usually the color is the same just using two different shades.  Chess boards can be made from any material, commonly in competitions wooden boards are used with the color dark green and buff.  When the board is placed to be played, the top row right corner for each player is a white square.  Each square is labelled according to the row and column.  The column is named after a letter in the English alphabet from ‘A’ to ‘H’ from left to right and the row is numbered from one to eight numbered started from the first row occupied by the white pieces.  So each square has a algebraic chess notation which should look like ‘A1.’  

Starting from the right hand side, pawn, queen, king, bishop, knight, rook.
Starting from the right hand side, pawn, queen, king, bishop, knight, rook.

There are a total of thirty-two pieces on the board at the beginning, traditionally half the number of pieces is white and the other half is black.  Each player gets sixteen pieces to start.  Within the sixteen pieces each player has it consist of a king, queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns.   Each player will alternate making moves with any of the sixteen pieces that is still in play until checkmate is called, a player resigns, or both players agree to a draw.  The white pieces traditionally go first.   Each of the sixteen pieces has their town starting position before the game starts.    The rooks starting position is on the first row closest to each player on the two outer squares.  Next to the rooks is the knights (sometimes referred to as horses), and that is its starting position.  Next to the knights is the bishops’ starting position and between the two bishops’ position is the queen and the king.  The queen piece will be placed on the same color as its own, so if it is a black piece it will go on the black square between the bishops.  The king piece is placed on the opposite color of its own next to the queen and bishop, so a black king will be on a white square.  The 8 pawns will be placed on the second row up from each player.  

There are a few most basic rules that are very important to the game of chess. Like, if the piece being moved by a player and the player lets go of that piece then the move is considered ‘finished.’ Check and checkmate must be called if the opponent’s king is within these moves. The king piece cannot move into a square where the king can be checked, this move is illegal.


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    • glassvisage profile image


      7 years ago from Northern California

      Good idea for a Hub! Though it's a timeless game, there are always people who want to learn how to play, and find strategies!


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