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Kid's Playhouse With Slide For Hours of Fun and Excitement

Updated on September 10, 2013

kid's love to pretend play in a bright and colorful playhouse

All children love a playhouse, especially a playhouse with slide, where the excitement never ends. My grandson has an incredible imagination and loves to pretend play and copy adults.

He has a ranch style play den in his garden where he pretends to keep horses and live on a farm. He has so much fun in his house, but there are many different designs of playhouses, including playhouses with slide and swing, wooden playhouses as well as indoor and outdoor ones.

Light up your child's face with the best choices available below.

Image courtesy of Little Tikes Hide & Slide Climber

Top Featured Playhouse With Slide

The dentist office I take my kids to has this playhouse in their waiting area. They specialize in kids so I didn't think that was odd at all and they had a lot of other activities for kids, too, like books, puzzles, board games, and building blocks. Every time I'd go, I was fascinated by how many of the kids were drawn to the play structure rather than the other things that were meant to keep them occupied. It didn't matter if there was one child in the waiting area or ten, they all wanted to take turns going in and out of the playhouse or up and down the slide.

Neighborhood Fun Center

Backyard Playhouse with Slide - Outdoor creative fun

When we moved into our new house (it’s been seven years now), one of the first things we wanted to do was add a playhouse in the backyard for the boys. In our previous house we didn’t have enough room. The lot sizes of houses her in our neck of the woods can be really small as is the case in many large cities so we couldn’t really fit anything other than a very small Little Tikes set. The kids loved it but as they were getting a little bigger and more active, I wanted something larger and now I had the yard to hold one. I still stuck with the Little Tikes brand because everything we’d had from them has held up so well.

Kids Plastic Playhouse with Slide - Tower Playhouse

Sometimes I don't like the look of the traditional bright red and blue plastic playhouses. If you live in a desert area where the houses and yards tend to have lots of brown and green, those bright structures kind of stand out like a sore thumb. I love the colors used in this Step2 playhouse because they're not as bright and blend in better with the kinds of yards we have in our area.

Step2 Clubhouse Climber
Step2 Clubhouse Climber

Our in-laws live in a suburb where there are block walls on the sides of all the backyards but metal railings in the back so people walking in the green space between the houses can see right into the backyard. It's hard not to peek into those backyards when you're walking by and I love checking out how parents have set up their yard to work both for kids and for adults. One house had something like this and I thought it just looked a lot better with their patio furniture than another house that had gone with the brighter colors.


Indoor Outdoor Playhouse With Slide

When my oldest was born, we lived in one of the rainiest parts of the country. You could count on it raining two out of every three days. When the sun was out, we took full advantage of getting a chance to play outside but since that didn’t happen very often, we spent a lot of time playing inside. I always worried that my kids weren’t getting as much physical exercise when they played inside so we made sure to have an inside playhouse they could use no matter what kind of weather we had outside.

For awhile, we had this right in the middle of our living room but none of our guests ever thought that was odd. All parents of small children had something similar. It was just a way for us all to deal with the climate. In our next home we had a designated play room for the kids and we just moved the thing right into that room, surrounded it with shelves for books, and games, put a small building table up for Legos and a train set and the kids had lots of things to do at home.

Sturdy Treehouse for Young Children - Canopy roof for sun protection

My kids wanted their own tree house from the time they saw one on a television show for small kids. That was a bit difficult to achieve considering the lack of trees in our desert landscape but I also always worried that they’d fall from one if it was truly in a tree. (I don’t tell them I had one when I was a kid....) I like this solution for a small playhouse that looks just like a tree house but is ideal for toddlers.

Adjustable Mountain Climber With Slide - Versatile and adventurous for kids who love to have fun

My least favorite piece of equipment at the gym is the stair stepper. It's the thing I swear hurts the most which - I know - means it's probably most effective, unfortunately. It's true, though, going up and down stairs is great exercise and kids seem to have an endless supply of energy for doing so. Maybe it's because they still remember not being allowed to go up and down stairs you may have in the house. Toddlers may still not be able to manage the full set but they can get a lot of practice with this little mountain climber

Outdoor Wooden Playhouse with Swings and Slide - 2 Storey Play Center

Suddenly, when you’re not looking, your kids get big! My parents have thirteen grandchildren. The oldest is now 19 and the youngest is 9. They have a large, rolling green yard with lots of trees and a little stream that runs through from one side to the other. There’s a bridge in the middle of the yard for passing over the stream and a flat space at the very back of the yard at the top of a small hill. They put up a large playhouse with swings, a slide, a fort, and a climbing wall. My dad built a large bench that sits to the side for adults. When we go to visit in the summer, we spend a lot of wonderful evenings with the kids all running around catching fireflies, swinging, climbing the wall and hollering to each other from the fort while us adults sit and sip our iced tea and simply enjoy the moment.

Playhouse Fun Video's - Children enjoying their backyard adventure playhouses

What Do You Think of These Playhouses?

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    • chanis lm profile image

      chanis lm 

      5 years ago

      great playhouse!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Love the ones with the slides!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I do love these playhouses with slides. I wish I could afford to buy one for my grandsons, but that would mean buying 3. Grandma is not rich. LOL Great lens!


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