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Playmobil Camper Van

Updated on February 26, 2013

Playmobil Camper Van

The Playmobil Family Camper was my 3 year old daughter's favorite Christmas present this year. She first saw the Playmobil Camper when she visited her cousin for a holiday and she played with it all the time that she was there. We decided that it would make a successful Christmas present and we were right!

The camper van is perfect for young children to play make-believe. My daughter plays going to the beach, to Granny's, to the campsite and the Playmobil family of 4 in the camper are the perfect representation of our little family!

Playmobil Camper at Amazon

Getting hold of a Playmobil camper van is easy - AMAZON!

Playmobil Family Camper by Playmobil
Playmobil Family Camper by Playmobil

This is the original Campervan by Playmobil

PLAYMOBIL Family Motorhome (Discontinued by manufacturer)
PLAYMOBIL Family Motorhome (Discontinued by manufacturer)

In 2010, Playmobil updated its campervan and it is given equally raving reviews - and I think it looks even cooler!


... or Playmobil Camper from eBay

or from Ebay!

Buy Playmobil Camper in UK

Playmobil - 3647 Family Camper

is available at many places, but Amazon is always a good bet for a good price.

Camper Accessories
Camper Accessories

What is Included in the Original Playmobil Camper 3647?

The 3647 Camper Van -with detachable roof, and movable awning.

4 people - 2 adults and 2 children

2 bikes - A red one and a purple one - one for the adults and one for the children. These are stored in the door at the back of the van.

1 table and 4 deckchairs - these are stored in the roof box. The table has folding legs.

4 Beds - 2 pale blue for the adults which cover the front of the van, 2 yellow for the children which are above the back of the van - and used to secure the tiny accessories which store in the 'bed bases'

4 cups and plates.

4 sets of cutlery (knives, forks, spoons)

1 saucepan

1 frying pan

3 juice cartons, 1 tin of fish, 1 jar of jam (with removable lid), 2 tins of food.

1 fire extinguisher with removable lid

1 camera

What's included in the NEW 2010 Playmobil Camper Van

The basics are pretty much the same from the old to the new camper - although they are all updated.

4 people - Mum, Dad, Boy, Girl

Table and Chairs






2 Bikes

The main differences are on the actual camper itself, which is not blue and white rather than orangey yellow.

It has a removable side, revolving front car seats, and a foldable table

Amazon Voting (Plexo)

So which do you think is best?

Playmobil Camper Reviews

So what do people say about the Playmobil Camper?

I search Amazon and these are parts of some of the reviews...

"This reminds me of the toys I had when I was a kid and my children just love it. It's even made a few unplanned trips down the stairs and is still in tip-top shape! For a boy or a girl, this is a perfect gift!! "

"There are many, many accessories, the roof can be removed to use the inside, there is an openable section on the top of the roof, and there is plenty to keep the kids busy. The inside of the camper is well stocked with beds, a kitchenette, and more."

"I'm in total agreement with the majority of other reviewers on this set. I think it's the greatest. From the accessories, to the versatility, to all the fun little hiding places (I just loved 'secret compartments' as a kid) it's just a great deal of fun. "

"No matter what other toys my children get, they play with Playmobil products the most. Interactive and creative play is so important in the early years, yet even my teenage daughter will play with them alonside her younger siblings every now and then!"

"My kids, ages 4-8, will play with Playmobil for hours; this camper and the versatile Pet Clinic (5870) are their favorite sets. I wish we had started buying Playmobil earlier, instead of Little People or Loving Family. The more interchangeable sets you have the better, just keep a big Playmobil tub and let their imaginations go wild. These and the Legos will last forever. "

"This is a great Playmobil set. I especially like the way that it is self-contained. All of its pieces can be kept inside the van. For our little guy, cleaning it up just means putting all the items back into the van. Very nice! "


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