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Playmobil Castle - Where to Find the Hottest Playmobil Magic, Knights and Dragon Castles

Updated on September 2, 2011

One of the great things about Playmobil toys is that they not only provide hours of fun playtime, but also make great displays as well because of their strict attention to details.

Playmobil toys also seem to have the benefit of appreciating in worth as older sets become harder to find and diehard fans are looking for them.

One of the more popular Playmobil items are the Playmobil Castles. Quite a few castles have been made over the years such as:

  • Playmobil Knights Empire Castle
  • Playmobil Fairytale Castle
  • Playmobie Magic Castle
  • Playmobil Great Dragon Castle
  • Playmobil Eagle Castle
  • Playmobil Rock Castle
  • Playmobil Take a Along Castles and more!

Many of these castles are still being produced and you will be able to still find them in stores. Some others however, have since been discontinued, but luckily you can still find new, unopened sets available online.

Here are some of the more popular Playmobil castles and Playmobil castles accessory sets that are available for purchase.

Playmobil Magic Castle

This is the Playmobil Magic Castle. It is the perfect palace for a princess to live because this Magic Castle features a secret hiding place, mirrored halls, and a spiral staircase.

There are tons of great add-on accessories for this castle that include royal figures, horses, fountains, royal carriages, royal bedroom set, royal bathroom, royal nursery, royal banquet, king with throne, royal salon, royal bed chamber, royal treasury, royal kitchen set and more!

The great thing about these royal accessories is that they can be used in any of the Playmobil castles including the Playmobil Fairytale Castle listed below.

Playmobil Royal Castle Accessories

Here is a list of all the great royal accessories you can use for the Magic Castle, Fairytale Castle and other Playmobile castles.

Playmobil Fairytale Castle

This is the Playmobil Fairytale Castle. This set also goes with all of the royal add-on sets listed above.

This is a castle made for royalty!

It contains balconies and winding staircases. It also has an outside stairway and balustrades.

This set includes 3 figures, the Queen, the King and a Knight and has an open design for easy play.

Playmobil Fairy Tale Unicorn Fairy Palace

Here is another great Playmobil set that can be used with the royal add-on pieces listed above.

This is the Playmobil Fairy Tale Unicorn Fairy Palace #5873.

This is a large playset that comes with 271 pieces! It includes 3 Unicorns, One Fairy Lady and One Fairy Girl. It also contains items such as a throne, a harp, flowers with stands and more accessories.

There are some special add-ons that can be used with this set as well. Add-ons such as other fairies, unicorns, fountains and more. There are even a couple of Fairy Unicorn Take Along Sets. All of these items are listed below.

Playmobil Unicorn Castle Add-On Playsets

Here are a bunch of adorable add-ons that go along with the Playmobil Unicorn Castle.

There are even Unicorn Take Along castles that you can purchase as well which are mini playsets that are easy to pack up and carry with you.

Playmobil Knights Empire Castle

This is another great Playmobil Castle Set. It is the Knights Empire Castle.

It includes fun items such as a trapdoor in the tower, and a drawbridge to protect against possible enemy attack.There is also a functional hoist, a king`s throne and a prisoner`s dungeon!

This set can provide hours of play as your knights prepare to attack! Any villians trying to climb these walls are in for a surprise as you have your knights prepare counter attacks over the walls!

There are a bunch of add-on playsets that can be used in this castle as well.  See below for more information on these items.

Playmobil Great Dragon Castle

Here is another great knight castle. This is the Playmobil Great Dragon Castle.

This castle also comes with some exciting features such as a pivotable ballista for defence, falling stone, a trapdoor, a cannon that shoots and rotates, a cell that can be opened and a glow in the dark skeleton.

It even has light up beacon (the batteries are not included).

This set is compatible with the 4836 Dragon's Dungeon.and all of the Playmobil Dragon and Knight add-ons listed above.

Other Playmobile Knight Castles

Here are a bunch of other Playmobil Castles that focus around the Knight or Dragon theme.

These can all be used in conjunction with each other. There are even Take-a-long Playmobil castles that fans can easily pack up and take with them anywhere they go.

All of these sets can also be used with all of the Playmobil add-ons that were listed above, so you have the option to make your own costumized set.


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