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Playmobil Castles For Boys and Girls

Updated on September 1, 2011
 Great Dragon Castle
Great Dragon Castle

Are You Looking For a Playmobil Castle For a Child?

If so, you have made an excellent choice. Playmobil are among the best toy manfacturers in the world - their high quality and attention to detail is unquestionable. These toys last for years and can be passed down the generations. Part of their great success is not only the design, but the numerous extra features and accessories that are included with their sets, especially the larger ones.

If your son or daughter has their eyes on a toy castle, then you do not need to look any further. A Playmobil Castle can equally appeal to either a boy or a girl. Whilst boys will surely love the traditional knight's versions - the perfect stage for endless battles and action - a girl will adore the Magic Castle with its fairytale world of princes and princesses. A Playmobil Castle has fantastic play potential - it provides the perfect scenario for endless imaginative stories. Perhaps an indication of the popularity of such a toy is shown by the auction prices on Ebay. A while back, after searching the internet for a good deal for my son, I was shocked to realize that members of Ebay were bidding higher than the retail price for used Playmobil Castles. Not a lot of common sense there really, but it just goes to show how these toys - old or new - remain sought after.

Knight's Empire Castle

The Knight's Empire Castle is a fantastic set, full of detail and awesome features which will keep your child captivated for hours. As I hinted in the introduction to this article, the success of a toy will often be in the accessories and features included, and this castle has plenty of both. These little extras can propel a child's imagination to a whole different level, providing the spark for unlimited fantasy games and endless enjoyment.

The Knight's Empire Castle is a very popular Playmobil product. Although expensive, it is perhaps necessary to remember that many of the alternative castles available in the retail market do not come with any added extras at all - even the knights and horses are usually not included. The Knight's Empire Castle comes with plenty, and with several built in features in addition.

No castle would be complete without a drawbridge, and the Knight's Empire is no exception. There is a trapdoor as well, because no mercy was spared for the prisoners of the Medieval age. The trapdoor will catch unsuspecting intruders before they are moved to the dark realms of the dungeon to await their fate. A breakaway wall will delight bloodthirsty boys, and make battles more realistic - there is even a catapult which actually fires. Another interactive feature is the hoist which lifts a bucket up and down from one of the top towers.

Smaller accessories included with this large set are a king and queen, 4 knights, 1 horse, additional smaller animals, flags, torches, ladders, furniture and assorted weaponry. An authentic touch is the hole in the ledge, designed as a toilet for residents of the castle. Boys might find this amusing, but it is surely a lesson in history.

Great Dragon Castle

The Great Dragon is currently one of the newest of the Playmobil Castle Sets. The fantasy world of the Red Dragon will really spark the imagination of a child. This is an eerie building with clinging trees, and a mysterious fiery beacon on the top of the tower. The story has it that activating the beacon summons the Red Dragon......

As with all good castles, the Great Dragon has a drawbridge and a trapdoor to drop unscrupulous invaders into the dungeon. There is also a falling rock trap, making uninvited entrance to the castle all the more dangerous. Four knight figures are included, prepared for battle with swords and shields, plus a crossbow which actually shoots. One horse is included.

This castle can be extended by adding the Dragon's Dungeon set - it attaches to the broken bridge to increase play value and to allow merciless battles with the Green Dragon.

Magic Castle

The Magic Castle is one for the girls, and a great set at that. This is a grandness on a large scale; certainly the stuff that fairytales are made of. Its pinky hues, elaborate design and romantic balconies provide a magical setting for endless games starring the included Prince and Princess. The Prince arrives on his white stallion, as the Princess watches from above....

The Magic Castle has mirrored halls, a spiral staircase and even a secret hiding place in the roof. Children love secret places, which can become an important feature of any story. The castle comes equipped with elegant furniture, truly fit for a palace - this includes a gold-edged dining table with chairs and setting pieces, a candlestick, serving cart with drinks, and a fancy blue and gold double door chest.

This is a toy with good play value which can be added to over time - sets such as the Royal Bathroom, Royal Bedroom and Royal Nursery can be clipped onto it to create an even more fantastic scenario. Perhaps it should be mentioned that this castle has an open plan design, which actually aids its capacity to be played with - there is nothing worse for a child than not being able to get little hands into the right places.

All in all, this is a castle that will enchant little girls, and which will be played with over and over again.


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