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PlayStation 3 EyePet Move: A Parent Review

Updated on February 13, 2013

Review for EyePet Move for PS3 - Buy EyePet Bundle Here

EyePet Move is virtual pet game for the all new PlayStation 3 Move. PlayStation 3 EyePet Move is a fully interactive game that allows you to customize, care for, and play with a friendly litter critter called an EyePet. The PS3 EyePet Game is one of the hottest family games for the PS3. It's full of safe fun for kids where they get to care for and play with a virtual pet.

Here you will find my parent review of the PlayStation 3 EyePet Move game and will be able to purchase EyePet and even the EyePet Bundle.

PlayStation 3 EyePet Game Review - Learn more about EyePet move.

EyePet is one of the most talked about and highly anticipated video games of the year. With the increasing popularity of virtual pets, such as Webkinz, the EyePet Move had a built in market of virtual pet fans before it even hit store shelves. And from the online chatter about EyePet Move, Sony did not disappoint consumers at all with this highly interactive game.

The PS3 EyePet game is rated E for everyone and this game truly is not only appropriate for all ages, but also fun for all ages. My two toddlers are crazy about this PS3 move game. They love the adorably friendly EyePet. They also enjoy drawing their own objects and then get really excited when the EyePet interacts with their creations.

The EyePet Game truly has something for everyone. My daughter loves designing and dressing people and this game allows her to create an EyePet. She can customize the length of his fur, and it's color and pattern. For kids that love to play dress up, the EyePet has over 250 outfit options.

Kids can also care for their EyePet by feeding and bathing him. My daughter's favorite part of the whole game is washing and scrubbing her EyePet. She bathes him over and over.

As a parent and certified teacher, I love the PS3 Move EyePet game. It's not just a video game that passes the time, instead it's an imaginative game that encourages creativity and pretend play. In a day when video games are becoming increasingly more violent, it's great to have a family friendly game like EyePet for the PS3 Move.

EyePet Game Features - Cool things you can do with EyePet Move.

  • EyePet reacts to every movement. If you pet him, he purrs. If you tickle him, he laughs. If you roll a ball, he will chase it!
  • Customize your EyePet's appearance. You can dress him in over 250 outfit choices. You can also customize his fur length, color, and pattern.
  • Draw toys and objects for your EyePet to interact with. You can draw an item and the game will turn it into a 3D object that your EyePet will interact with.
  • Record your favorite moments with your EyePet and share them online.
  • Care for your EyePet by feeding him, washing him, and more.

PlayStation 3 EyePet Bundle - PS3 EyePet Bundle

Here you can buy the hard to find PlayStation 3 EyePet Bundle, which comes with the EyePet Move game, PlayStation move controller, and PlayStation Move camera.


The PS3 EyePet Bundle comes with the EyePet game, PS3 Move Controller, and PS3 Move Camera.


PlayStation Move EyePet Game is Great Family Fun - Bring back family game night with EyePet Move.

Since EyePet Move is rated E for everyone, it makes a great family game. Who says family game night has to consist of board games or card games? With the EyePet game, you can create and dress a virtual pet together as a family. Then you can take turns drawing objects for your EyePet to interact with. Really, the possibilities are limitless for a family game night with EyePet Move since it fosters creativity and imaginative play. This PS3 move game is great for every member of the family from toddlers on up.

EyePet Move Game for the PlayStation 3 - PS3 Move EyePet Game

Here you can buy the super hot EyePet game for the new PS 3 Move system. This game is great for all ages and is a great family activity. My toddlers love EyePet (ages 4 and a half and two and a half).

EyePet - Playstation 3
EyePet - Playstation 3

Rated E, for everyone. This is a great family game. Even toddlers can have fun interacting with the family eyepet.


EyePet Videos Including Actual Gameplay - EyePet Move videos.

These videos of the new EyePet game for PlayStation Move are truly amazing. I cannot believe how far video games have come in just ten years. The virtual pet in this game is so responsive. This game puts a friendly EyePet right in your living room for the entire family to interact with.

EyePet and Friends - PS3 EyePet 2 game

EyePet and Friends is the sequel to the original EyePet PS3 Move game. It works just like the original game, only this one allows your kids to create and care for two pets at the same time and it features new fun games and toys for your pet. The reviews are mixed for this game because it tends to have slower load times between activities; however, this hasn't bothered my kids at all. Our entire family enjoys this video game.

PlayStation 3 Move - PS3 camera, controller, and more.

Accessories for the PlayStation Move. To play the New PS3 Move games, you'll need the move controller and Eye Camera.

Do Your Kids Have the PlayStation 3 Move EyePet Game? - Thank you for visiting

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    • SimonJay profile image

      SimonJay 4 years ago

      Interesting game for this playstation feature even if its not my sort of game it can see how i could get distracted for a good few hours with this.

    • Zephz profile image

      Zephz 7 years ago

      I just had a relative buy the Move and they were thinking about getting this game. I'll probably send a link to this page to them. Excellent review :)

    • capriliz lm profile image

      capriliz lm 7 years ago

      This does look like a fun game for kids! Great review, too. PlayStation 3 EyePet Move has been added to the RocketMoms 100 Hot Toddler Toys for Christmas 2010!

    • Wendy Leanne profile image

      Wendy Leanne 7 years ago from Texas

      @TreasuresBrenda: It's so much fun! My kids are going to be hooked on this on for a long time. It will sure help pass by those dreary, cold winter days.

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 7 years ago from Canada

      Great review; our children are too old for the EyePet Move. It sounds like a great game.