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Playstation 4 Video Game Console

Updated on August 19, 2017

I've enjoyed playing PlayStation games since in the mid 1990's with PlayStation one. I could remember playing games like Doom on that console. Now with the release of the PlayStation 4 game console, things have changed. Now I have yet another console to get excited about and I can explore the new features and graphics.

New features for the controller that I'm excited about.

The first thing that excites me is how the controller interacts with the camera. The camera can monitor the location of the controller in the room and change the split screen if necessary. This is a great feature if you move to a new position in the room while playing or you exchange the controller with someone. I think speaker on the controller is amazing too. That should give a boost to the sound effects in game play. I'm also excited about the share button. Once the share button is pressed game play is being recorded and can be seen by your friends. My friends can talk to me or support me during those live broadcasting feeds with tips or game playing strategies.

New features for the camera

The camera actually has two cameras inside. The cameras can perform different tasks at the same time. One camera can record everything in 3D video while the other camera could actually pinpoint my location for game play and the swapping of the split screen feature. Simply just amazing.

The New PlayStation App

I'm totally excited about the new app. I'll be able to buy and download games even if I'm not at home. I could do this on vacation half way around the world. I can also view live game play of my friends and I can also view current maps of the game I'm playing.

A look at the PlayStation 4

Watch some game play in the PlayStation 4 game console

What the new Controllers do and how they were developed.


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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      looks like a good buy, we like playstation too