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Playstation Vita | PS Vita

Updated on April 19, 2013

The New Sony Hand-Held Console

The PlayStation Vita is a next generation portable games console from Sony. The PS Vita is packed with technology - it has a touchscreen and a rear touchpad, GPS, motion sensors, electronic compass and more.

The name Vita, which means life in Latin was chosen because the Playstation Vita has lots of capabilities for integrating gaming with real life including social interaction, front and rear cameras and a GPS. Note the Playstation Vita was codenamed NGP (next generation portable) so you may still see that name around.

The PS Vita is available to preoder now for release in February 2012 (US.)

PlayStation Vita Trailer

Let's take a look at the video trailer for the PlayStation Vita, then we'll run through all the key features.

PS Vita Release Date

When is the PS Vita available?

The PS Vita release date in the US has been officially announced as February 22nd 2012. This is later than originally planned. Just the thing to spend your Christmas gift money on.

There's also a PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle available a week early on Feb 15th 2012.

Source: Time.

The Playstation Vita is available for Preorder

US and UK

PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle

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This is the PlayStation Vita 3G/Wifi with a 4GB memory card and limited edition case. You also get the Little Deviants title with lots of mini games that show what the Vita can do.

This bundle is available the week before any other PS Vita.

PlayStation Vita Wifi/3G

The 3G version can use the cellular network so you're not constrained to Wifi hotspots for PlayStation Vita features that require a connection.

PlayStation Vita - 3G/WiFi

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PlayStation Vita Wifi

The cheapest version of the PlayStation Vita is the PlayStation Vita Wifi which comes with Wifi-only connectivity.

PlayStation Vita - WiFi

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PlayStation Vita Video Tour

There's a lot of tech packed in to the PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Vita Touchscreen - 5" OLED multi-touch display

One of the key advances in the PlayStation Vita is its screen.

It uses the amazing OLED technology for a vibrant and detailed images. And its multi-touch touchscreen display is much needed in a modern handheld console. My little boys have grown up with smart phones and will poke at any screen (my now old PSP doesn't impress them! I thought my PSP was amazing when I bought it.)

The PlayStation Vita has a touchscreen. But it also has a rear touchpad on the back of the console.

PlayStation Vita GPS and 3-Axis Electronic Compass

The PlayStation Vita has a built-in GPS so it knows your physical location. This can be used for multi-player location-aware games and also for games that interact with the real world - I wonder what new games we'll see that take advantage of these features.

There's also a 3-Axis Electronic Compass which can work out which direction the Vita is facing to a high degree of accuracy. Also useful for games and apps that interact with other people and the world.

It also has a six-axis motion sensing system to detect the way you move and tilt the controller as you play or interact.

PlayStation Vita Front and Rear Cameras

The PlayStation Vita has front and rear cameras, these can be used to build immersive games where you and your physical surroundings are brought into the game.

How much memory does the PS Vita have?

Phew. After rumors that the PS Vita would have it's memory cut Sony have released the PS Vita Specs which confirm that the Vita will have 512MB of system memory.

That's a lot. The PS3 only has 256MB of system memory. This will make the Vita a powerful games machine and will enable background apps like voice chat to run.

The Vita will have 128MB of VRAM or video ram. This is less that the PS3 which has 256MB of VRAM. But that makes sense, the screen resolution is lower on the Vita so there's less graphics processing to do.

PlayStation Vita Games

Sony have stated that many games will be available at the release of the PlayStation Vita, including but not only:

- Uncharted Golden Abyss

- LittleBigPlanet

- Hot Shots Golf

- ModNation Racers

- WipEout

View PS Vita Games.

The games will come on small flash memory cards.

Download Compatibility with PSP Games via the Playstation Network

You'll be able to connect to the PlayStation Network via Wifi or 3G to the PlayStation Vita. This includes the ability to download existing PSP games which are backwards compatible via download (note that the Vita does not have a USP drive like the PSP.)

Nintendo 3DS - Cosmo Black

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The Nintendo 3DS is the main competition to the PS Vita. The 3DS was released in August 2011. The 3DS's main innovation is hand-held 3D gaming with no glasses required. The 3DS is out sooner, comes in lots of colors and is cheaper. The PlayStation Vita is sleeker and more packed with technology. See 3DS vs PS Vita for a comparison.

PS Vita vs 3DS

Which do you prefer?

See results

PlayStation Vita on Amazon

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PS Vita

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