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The Best Play Tents For Kids

Updated on July 11, 2013

Kids Play Tents

If you are looking for fun play tents for kids then you have come to the right place. Here we will have the most popular, cool and fun play tents for girls, play tents for boys and the best play tents with tunnels.

Play tents for children will make a wonderful birthday gift or even Christmas gift for any child. If you child has a favorite character make sure to look at that when searching for the best play tent for your little one.

They have so many cool play tents such as; Thomas the tank, a regal princess castle, a superhero fortress or Snow White's cottage. Make sure to check further down for even more awesome kids play tents.

Play Tents For Girls

These our all top rated best selling play tents for girls!!

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Pacific Play Tents Cottage House Tent

Very cute & easy to set up and to take down. Tent is 58"X58"X48" High.

Haba Play Tent

Very elegant.
Little ladies will love it.
Free standing tent.
Folds down easily.

Disney Princess Tent with Lights

Fit for a princess!!
Easy to set up.
Very big, fits 4 to 9 kids.

Schylling Fairy Pop Up Tent

Pops up & down in seconds. Indoor or outdoor use.

Discovery Kids Princess Play Castle

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Looks castle fit for a real princess.

Snow White Cottage Play Tent

Instant set-up & take down.Folds flat for easy storage.

Play Tents For Boys

Listed here are the top rated most popular play tents for boys!!

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Playhut Toy Story Big Buzz

To infinity and beyond!! Instant set-up & take down.

Playhut Thomas Tank Play Vehicle

Calling all train conductors. For indoor or outdoor play.

Bazoongi Super Hero Fortress Tent

Easy assembly. Every superhero needs a fortress.

Cars Lightning McQueen Play Tent

Ka-Chow! Cars fans will love this play tent. Pops up & folds down easily.

Cool Pirate
Play Tent

Arr Matey!! Let your little one sail the seven seas with this cool pirate tent.

Pacific Play Tents Club House Tent

GIRLS KEEP OUT!! The ultimate boy only clubhouse.

Play Tents With Tunnels

Here you will find all the top rated playtents with tunnels!!

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Pacific Play Tents Tunnels Super Set

So fun!! Tunnels fold flat for easy take down.

Playhut Ultimate Safari Maze

Very light weight & durable. Fits 4 children.

Schylling Combo Set

Very sturdy. For indoor & outdoor use. Easy pop up & pop down.

Playhut Lil Explorers Megaland Jungle

Twist & fold play tent. Comes with 25 play balls.

Ultimate Play Tent

With13 separate structures to build with. Your little one might need a road map.

Classic Polka Dot Teepee Play Tent House

Comes w/ cut carry bag. Easy up & take down. Folds for easy storage.

Play Tents For Kids Features

Kids play tents have so many cool features!!

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The awesome thing about these kinds of play tents for kids is they are very easy to put up and more importantly they are just as easy to take down. So they don't become a permanent fixture in your house. That means when the kids are bored of their play tent you can take it down for a few weeks and when you put it up again it is like they have a brand new toy. They also can for the most part be used outside as well as inside.

They also come in so many different styles and fun designs. Your child can even get to play inside their favorite character like Thomas the Tank or pretend to be a real princess in a princess castle. What could be a more perfect gift for your little one.

  • Most are made with lightweight, very durable material & easy to clean.
  • A lot of the play tents have the new twist & fold feature for easy assembly & storage.
  • Play tents are made with your child's favorite character in mind.
  • Most play tents can be used outside as well as inside.

Play Tents For Kids Video - Cool kids play tent video about a boy meeting Thomas the Tank!!

Play Tents

How to choose the right play tent.

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There could be many different factors in choosing the right kids play tent for your little one. Below are some points to consider when making your choice.

Consider the following:

  • Will the play tent be used only inside or do you want it to be used outside as well?
  • Can you find your child's favorite character?
  • Is the play tent easy to set-up & take down?
  • How big is the playhouse, will it fit your child?
  • What kind of material is the tent made with? Is it easy to clean & durable?
  • Does the play tent come with a carry bag, for easy storage?

Once you buy your first play tent for your child I think you will be glad you did. They are so much easier to handle than a big bulky plastic playhouse!!

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I hope you enjoyed my lens. Please leave any comments or questions you may have about play tents for kids.

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