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The Best Dinosaur Robot Toy Ever: Pleo!

Updated on March 29, 2013

Pleo the Interactive Toy Robot Dinosaur - Great for Kids and Adults Alike!

Pleo is a new, autonomous dinosaur toy that interacts with users and its environment. Pleo is an innovation in toys, offering a new experience unlike any other toy. It is a baby Camarasaurus, which arrived in the Jurassic Period 150 million years ago...but now has arrived in stores! It's the perfect gift for someone who would love a pet, but can't get one for a variety of reasons. Pleo can also teach a sense of responsibility! Pleo needs food, love, attention, and careful play. Produced by Ugobe, this hit toy is perfect for kids and yes, adults too!

UPDATE: Pleo has been discontinued, but fear not, because Little Inu has took his place.

ugobe pleo
ugobe pleo

What Does Pleo Do?

Pleo's features that make him unique and lifelike

This toy has been in production for quite some time and highly anticipated by consumers. Pleo has been a huge hit since it was released just before the holidays in 2007.

How Pleo Works

Pleo progresses in "age" as you play with him. When he first "hatches" (or arrives to you from the store), Pleo is a hatchling, then, progresses into a juvenile dinosaur. Pleo has different stages in its life, and the first time he is turned on, he will interact as if just hatching! As Pleo progresses, he will begin to express himself through noises, ask to be fed, and explore his environment. Some things that you can expect Pleo to do is call for some attention, eat on his own, or snuggle up to you for some love! This isn't a Tickle Me Elmo, this toy has hundreds of different reactions and emotions going on!

Little Inu: The Replacement for Pleo - And, hes's WAY more affordable

Pleo might be gone (except for the high priced versions on this page through Amazon and Ebay private sellers), but Little Inu lives on using the same technology as Pleo once did. Yes, he hatches, he wakes up, he eats, he makes strange noises, he sleeps, he yawns, he yearns for your attention. He is much the same as the good old Ugobe Pleo, except much, much cheaper, and a little bit smaller.

Senario Little Inu Interactive Dinosaur with Lifelike Movement and Emotions
Senario Little Inu Interactive Dinosaur with Lifelike Movement and Emotions

Little Inu is basically the same exact thing as Pleo, but smaller, and a little noisier. For the gigantic price difference, there are not many sacrifices between Little Inu and Pleo besides the size. In fact, the size is actually kind of a cool feature that kids will really enjoy.


Say Cheese! Pleo Demonstrates his Cool Factor - Pleo in action

View the incredible feats Pleo can accomplish, and how far technology has come! This video demonstrates some of the cool things Pleo can do.

Just like any other pet, Pleo needs food!

Just like any other pet, Pleo needs food!
Just like any other pet, Pleo needs food!

Who is Pleo For?

Pleo is a great interactive toy for kids and adults! Not only is Pleo a favorite amongst kids, but just as many adults have been purchasing Pleo. Pleo is an innovation in technology and loads of fun! It's like having a pet without the mess, vet visits and furballs.

Where to Buy Pleo - Pleo is now a collectible!

He's not just for kids! Everyone's getting on the Pleo bandwagon, even grown ups. Just think: no mess, no work, just fun! Really, it's the ultimate pet.

Pleo can Change!

Pleo can receive updates via download to add new emotions, movements and characteristics to his personality. Visit and click on "downloads."

Good Pleo!

Good Pleo!
Good Pleo!

Pleo has been designed so that you can teach him a number of tricks. Like what?

* Sneeze

* Sit

* Lie down

* Bow down

* Crouch

* Stretch

* Stand on diagonal legs

* Catch a cold

* Beg for food

* Limp

Visit to see some of these tricks. Here are some other links to teach him some new tricks:

Teach him some tricks with the leaf!

Frequently asked questions about Pleo

Pleo's tail wagging in motion!

How has Pleo treated you? Is the Camarasaurus the ultimate robotic pet, or a flop?

What do you think of Pleo?

See results

Shirts for your Pleo on eBay! - Pleo needs to stay warm and look cool too, you know!

One of the cool things about Pleo that some kids might like is that you can dress him up any way that you want. There are many Pleo shirts available for sale so you can give Pleo an entirely new look.

What Ugobe Has to Say About Pleo and His Functions

The ingenious makers of the dynamic new Pleo

UGOBE, the producer of Pleo, says "each one begins life as a newly-hatched baby Camarasaurus, but that's where predictability ends and individuality begins. Like any creature, Pleo feels hunger and fatigue - offset by powerful urges to explore and be nurtured. He'll graze, nap and toddle about on his own -when he feels like it! Pleo dinosaur can change his mind and his mood, just as you do."

Here are some groups and communities where you can interact with other owners and members online!

Pleo Appreciation Society on Facebook

Facebook's appreciation society page on Facebook. Take part!

Pleo Room on Facebook

A Facebook group that you can join and interact with other Pleo owners!

The Pleo Group on Ning

Join up with this group that's sure to grow!

Pleo Flickr Group

Hundreds of photos of people enjoying their new pet. Submit your own and join the group!

Pleo Collars on eBay - You don't want Pleo to get lost, do you?

Find unique Pleo collars for your newborn baby dinosaur! Make him/her more unique by giving him a collar to set him/her apart from the pack of dinos out there.

Pleo Doing Tricks on Video - Tricks, songs and more videos about Pleo

It looks like Pleo is switching hands. Not extinct, but he'll have new owners, and a new family. No need to fear! Pleo is coming back in the form of a different manufacturer, Jetta, instead of Ugobe. While that's sad to see Ugobe go, Jetta is the manufacturer of some parts for iRobot and is very well established. Phew!

Do you Own a Pleo? - What have you done with your Pleo lately?

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    • profile image

      Sultan 2 years ago

      This is just about the cutest duisoanr toy i've seen in ages, next to the numbered eggs that came out with Dinotopia. I have had my eye on one of these since I first saw them and now i'm positive that I just have to have one to add to my collection!

    • RuthCoffee profile image

      RuthCoffee 8 years ago

      Wow, how adorable. None of my toys every did this!