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Pogo Sticks For Kids

Updated on May 2, 2013

Get Kids Active With Pogo Sticks

Pogo sticks can be a blast for kids and they are not as nearly dangerous as they may seem. I remember my pogo stick I shared with my sisters like it was yesterday. It was red with metal a leg and a black base. When I first tried to stay up on the pogo stick I felt like I was going to fall, but I kept at it. Eventually I could go further then anyone in my little neighborhood.

While I did have a prized bike I rode all the time, the pogo stick was something different. It challenged me in a different way then trying to ride my bike in a different ways just to keep the challenge going. My kids love the pogo stick and I will have to admit I really was a bit anxious when letting them try it the first time, because I knew they was probably going to fall a few hundred times before getting it right. Although the padding and helmet my kids had on I do not think falling really bothered them much.

Pogo Sticks For Kids
Pogo Sticks For Kids

What To Look For In A Pogo Stick For Kids

Pogo Sticks For Kids

* The suggested weight up a pogo stick for kids should always be followed.

* If you only see a maximum rider weight, you usually can half the weight to get a minimum weight.

* A pogo rider will not be able to have enough leverage to use the pogo stick correctly unless they weigh more then the minimum weight.

* Never have a child ride a pogo stick they are two big for because it may not be able to hold their weight.

* When buying a pogo stick for a young child that has not mastered the skill yet, look for one that has trainer feet that make the learning process easier and safer. Although an older child that is able to jump on a trampoline and has rode a bike without training wheels for a while should be okay as long as they have protective gear on.

Easy To Learn On Pogo Sticks For Kids - Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Pogo

Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Pogo
Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Pogo

* Extra big base helps beginners balance and gives them the confidence they need to stick with it

* When kids are ready, the broad base can be removed to reveal a traditional pogo base, so they can pogo like a pro

* Two interchangeable bases are included for beginners to advance to pro pogo fun

* Sure grip handles are sized just right for smaller hands and the extra wide foot pedals make it easy for kids to keep on the stick

* Recommended Age Range 5 Years and Up


Best Pogo Sticks For Beginners - Buy Pogo Sticks For Kids

Make sure to look for the kids pogo stick that fits your child by size. It you have a lot of kids do not plan for each of them to use the same pogo stick. A younger child will be much safer on one that is made just for their age group while an older child may be more prone to get hurt if using a pogo stick for a younger child.

Best Selling Pogo Sticks For Bigger Kids - Pogo Sticks For Kids

A pogo stick for an older child is typically taller and has more resistance in the jumping mechanism to allow for a larger weight.

Pogo Sticks For Kids
Pogo Sticks For Kids

Safety Tips For Pogo Sticks For Kids

* Safety should always come first. A helmet and pads are a must, especially for beginners.

* Beginners should always learn on a flat surface away for steep ledges or stairs.

* Inspect the tip of the pogo stick regulatory. If metal is shown end of pogo stick will need to be replaced. No worries they tend not to wear out very often and they are cheap. Even though they do not wear out often you should still check in case of manufacture mistake.

*All tricks on the pogo sticks should be done with care and in presence of a responsible adult. Tricks can be dangerous and not usually recommended by the manufacture.

Girl Playing On Foam Pogo Stick

Girl Playing On Foam Pogo Stick
Girl Playing On Foam Pogo Stick

Kid Pogo Stick Reviews

Boy Playing On A Pogo Stick

Boy Playing On A Pogo Stick
Boy Playing On A Pogo Stick

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    • Brandi Bush profile image

      Brandi 5 years ago from Maryland

      I would love to get my kids some pogo sticks...we used to jump around on these for hours! :)

    • ChrissLJ profile image

      ChrissLJ 5 years ago

      I had a pogo stick as a child. I remember loving that thing... though never being about to get further than a half dozen or so bounces before tumbling over. My younger sister was much better... so of course had to show of her skills. Argh! =0)