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Pokemon Black and White 2 Review

Updated on February 19, 2013

My Pokemon Black 2/White 2 Review

So here's my review of the newest games to the Pokemon series, Pokemon Black and White 2. These are some really good games right here. So, moving on, I like video games. You probably like video games too. Even more so, you probably like Pokemon, even if you've never played one of the games. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. I played Pokemon White 2 after receiving it for Christmas. I like it so much, I'm writing a review on it.

Anyway, Pokemon B&W 2 are sequels to the sixth generation of Pokemon games. However, this is still generation six, and not generation seven because really no new Pokemon have been released, with the exception of special forms of the three main legendary Pokemon. I would definitely recommend playing the Pokemon Black or White before playing this game.

The male/female trainer from B&W2
The male/female trainer from B&W2

The Story

A spoiler-free overview

So, in these new games, you start out in a completely new town on the other side of the Unova Region, the same region from the Black and White games, so you will see some familiar faces if you played the previous games. Black 2 and White 2 take place two years after the events in Black and White, and although it may show some similarities, it is in no way the same game. The trainer this time around is a little older than all the previous trainers you start out as, but you still classically start out by entering your name, choosing your gender, and receiving your first Pokemon and the Pokedex. This time you receive these from the professor's aide, Bianca instead of Professer Juniper herself.

As you progress through the game, the story begins to unfold. The evil Team Plasma that was disbanded in Black and White is once again optional and up to no good. You have to fight against them, finally revealing what they are actually doing, trying recombine the three legendary Pokemon of Unova, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem, which were separated many years ago. You have to rely on yourself, your Pokemon, and other trainers such as the elusive N to take down Plasma! There remains the same main quest in all Pokemon games of filling your Pokedex, obtaining gym badges, and finally challenging the Elite Four, with copious amounts of trainers to battle along the way! I won't give too much about the story away though, because then you wouldn't have as much fun with the game, and I wouldn't want to be a spoiler.

The PokeTransfer building.
The PokeTransfer building.


An overview of the features in this game

A big component of new Pokemon games are the new features and/or improvements added every generation. This game, even though being a sequel, is no exception. First off, the Unova Region has new towns and cities added to the map along with places like White Forest and Black City being completely re-done. Along with this it adds new caves like the Clay Tunnel, and extra areas to battle, explore, or catch Pokemon in. It includes a Pokedex of 649 Pokemon for you to capture or trade for.

New little improvements like giving you the option to put on another repel immediately after using one up without having to dig through your bag are great. Another example is that the items in the bag can be sorted with the touch of a button.

With all of these map additions and improvements comes new extras, like medals. When you receive the medal box, you can try to collect as many medals as you can by doing things such as catching lots of Pokemon or participating in a link battle. These are essentially the Pokemon equivalent of achievements and they add something to do when taking a break from your Pokemon catching marathon.

Being a Pokemon game, it includes eight gyms for you to battle through, three of them being new with all-new characters as Gym Leaders. You will eventually battle your way up to the Elite Four, and challenge the Pokemon Champion.

For those who love catching Pokemon, you'll be glad to know that almost all of the Pokemon from previous generations are available to be caught from the get-go, unlike Black or White which only featured Generation six Pokemon. This makes filling your Pokedex a cinch.

For those who love battling and want an extra challenge outside the Pokemon League is the Pokemon World Tournament, an extra challenge added to the game. The PWT is the equivalent of the Battle Frontier in previous games. In the PWT you pit your Pokemon against familiar faces from older Pokemon games in a battle of skill. If you choose not to try it out, you can instead ride the battle subway facing tough trainers and eventually losing or fighting your way to the Subway bosses. When you win the PWT or the Battle Subway you are given battle points or BP, with which you can buy rare items from vendors.

If you don't like battling, the Pokestar Studios is a new location where you can make movies with rental or your Pokemon. You could also visit the Pokemon Musical where you can dress your Pokemon up and put on a show.

If you own an older Pokemon DS game such as Pokemon Diamond, HeartGold, or Platinum, you can transfer the Pokemon from these games to Black 2 and White 2 through the PokeTransfer, which is unlocked after beating the champion. This way you can build a team much more easily, or transfer some old friends over.

In the multiplayer aspect of things, you can trade Pokemon with friends and family with Wi-Fi or infrared, or trade with people all over the world using the Pokemon Global Trade Center to help out your Pokedex. The Entralink is a place where you can play minigames with your friends all over the Unova Region in order to obtain special boosts and power-ups, or just to mess around and have fun! You can register your pal's friend code and battle with him over Wi-Fi or infrared as well. There is almost nothing better than completely owning your friend or brother in a Pokemon battle.

So there are the features of this great game. You also may be wondering, "What is the difference between White 2 and Black 2?" Well, it's simple. In Black 2 there are slightly different Pokemon to catch than in White 2. This encourages trading with your friends who have the other copy of the game.

What I think

My verdict

After playing through these games, I have to say they are the best yet. They are the most fully-realized Pokemon games ever. The gameplay is fun and engaging, and there's always something to do. Pokemon is great in the car, home, or anywhere which is what makes it great. It is a portable, fun, and engaging RPG for the Nintendo DS and 3DS systems.

The graphics are charming, pixeled graphics like most other Pokemon games, and the game runs very smoothly throughout your whole adventure. At only $34.99, this makes these games well worth the money even though the market is now dominated with 3DS games. These may be the last games released for the DS by Nintendo, and they went out with a bang. I give Pokemon Black 2/White 2 a solid 4.5/5 Pokeballs.

Get the game or its predecessor now!

Pokémon Black Version 2
Pokémon Black Version 2

Contains slight differences from White 2

Pokémon - Black Version
Pokémon - Black Version

Get the first game in the Black/White Series!

Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Platinum

Another great Pokemon game, my personal favorite.


Black and White 2's Official Trailer

Which is your favorite Pokemon game? - Mine's Platinum Version!

What is your favorite Pokemon game?

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      Kellenmadagan7 4 years ago

      I love Pokemon!

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      ImmatureEntrepr 4 years ago

      Enjoyed your review! Squid Angel blessings for a job well done. :)

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      blessedmomto7 4 years ago

      I've never played the game, but you have written a great review!