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Determining the Value of Pokémon Cards

Updated on February 22, 2014

Introduction to the world of Pokémon Card Games

A popular trading card game among all modern generations, Pokémon has been a popular hobby for millions around the world. You enjoy the game, but you sometimes wonder how much you're cards would be at retail. I'm here to enlighten you.


Below you'll find out how to fairly price, or find a price on your Pokemon cards! But Please, if you want to be good at Pokemon retail, read the ENTIRE webpage.

Finding a price

Darkrai DP24 Promo Rare
Darkrai DP24 Promo Rare

If you're the kind of person who likes to do things fast and relatively simply, here's how to do that. First, find the name of your Pokémon. This is usually found at the top left corner of your card. (Ignore the level for older Pokémon cards) Then, look at the bottom right corner of you're card, and look for the collector's number, in this case DP24, and the shape next to the collectors number. It should either be an empty star (ultra rare), full star (rare), diamond (uncommon), circle (common), the shape of a Pokémon (that means it's from a theme deck, but other than that I don't really know), or a Promo star like the one on this Pokémon (this signifies that the card is ONLY found in a certain package). This information will be essential for sites like Ebay if you want to find the right card.

Websites I use to Price my Cards

There are two main sites that I use to find my Pokemon card values. and Ebay. The website Troll and Toad gives you the prices major producing companies put on singular Pokémon cards.

How to Use Troll and Toad - Finding Prices

First go to the search bar in the top right corner and type in your card's name and collector number. NOTHING ELSE IS NEEDED!

Find the Cards Name and Collector's Numbers

You'll come up with a list of possible cards you're looking for. Click on the Name and Collector's number to find yours. If it has the word holo next to it, that means it's shiny.

There you go!

When you click on any of those possibilities, this is what you'll come up with. You'll have a picture of your card, and the price underneath. If there are multiple prices, I would go to the price in the middle. (meaning in price) Many game stores use troll and toad to put prices on cards that people want to sell.

How Much are Your Cards Worth?

Another place you can find out the market price of Pokemon Cards is by looking up recent sales on eBay. For example, a PSA "Authentic" 1st Edition Jungle Pikachu BlackStar Pokemon Promo 1/1 recently sold on eBay for $14,999.00. A rare PSA 10 Thick 1st Edition Base Pokemon 16 Holo Set sold on eBay for $12,000. In December 2012, a first edition base sealed box sold for $5,301.00. Valuable cards are bought and sold daily. You can see some that are up for auction right now on eBay below.

Valuable Pokémon Cards High Value for Sale

eBay has lots of great Pokémon card collections up for auction everyday. Collectors can find rare cards and hard to find rare cards. For example, recently eBay had for sale:

Huge 3000+ Holographics 8,000+ Cards Rare Charizard Star Holo Pokémon Card LotPokemon COMPLETE SHADOWLESS 1st ED BASE SET 102/102 CARDS HOLOS CHARIZARD+++Pokémon Black and White Card Lot Booster boxes EX Full Art Dragon Vault Set RarePokemon Card lot of 352 rares! 189 holos, 163 non-holos, & nearly 2000 non-raresPokemon Charizard 1995 shadowless cardPokemon Card Lot up to 50 Thousand Cards

Amazingly rare pokemon first edition booster boxes on ebay

For those that are EXTREMELY serious collectors, you may consider these booster boxes. In each there are several booster packs that may or may not hold some of the rarest Pokemon cards in all of known history.

Pokemon EX cards

Here are some single Pokemon EX cards. They are very powerful in battle, and some of the most expensive in retail.

Plasma Pokemon Cards

These are some plasma cards.

Things to Remember to Protect Your Investment

Once you find out what your cards are worth, Its important to protect them. Most "trainers" use the cards to battle, so it's impossible to prevent the cards from getting some wear and tear. To help prevent that from happening, it's a good idea to get card sleeves and binders. You can find these at most major retail stores, and at smaller stores dedicated to selling cards.

What did you think of my page?

What did you think of my site? - What is your favorite high value card?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      My card doesn't have any of those in the bottom right corner, there a picture but it's not of a Pokemon?

    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 

      3 years ago from Louisiana

      Pokemon card collecting has always been fun! I have a Charizard, but sadly it isn't first edition, so it's probably not worth much. Anyway, thanks for the Hub, Katie.


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