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Pokemon Trading Card Game - Platinum Arceus

Updated on October 10, 2011

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Platinum Arceus Release

Welcome to our information page on the Platinum Arceus release for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. On this page, you'll find a background to the Arceus release, a full set list, a buying guide, videos and much more besides. Don't forget to vote for your favourite Theme Deck in the Platinum Arceus release on our Pokemon Poll below and to say 'hello' on our guestbook while you're here. Enjoy!

The Pokemon Platinum Arceus release was the last in the TCG's Platinum Series, following on from Platinum Supreme Victors. It was released in Japan, under the name 'Advent of Arceus', on July 8th 2009 (as usual with a slightly different card list) and in North America and Europe on November 4th 2009. Platinum Arceus was followed up by Heart Gold Soul Silver.

Pokemon TCG - Platinum Arceus Theme Decks
Pokemon TCG - Platinum Arceus Theme Decks

More Details on Platinum Arceus

The release of the ancient. mighty Alpha Pokemon, Arceus, in card form is undoubtedly a big deal. In all there are 9 different ordinary versions of Arceus to get your hands on - Dark, Grass, Fire, Water, Colorless, Lightning, Fighting, Psychic and Metal, plus 3 incredible LV X versions. The Arceus cards unlock new styles of gameplay and there's also a pile of new Trainer cards designed specifically with the Alpha Pokemon in mind.

There are also three further new LV X cards to be found - Salamence, Tangrowth and Gengar, as well as a whole pile of other great cards to grab in a set which numbers well in excess of 100 unique cards. As usual, they are available in booster packs of 10 cards and theme decks of 60. In addition, with the Pokemon Arceus release there's a cool new Collector's TIn containing one of the LV X Arceus cards.

First of the two Theme Decks for Platinum Arceus is Flamemaster - a Fire and Grass deck built around the Fire version of Arceus. In the deck, you'll find Arceus, 2 * Rapidash, 4 * Ponyta, Cherrim, 4 * Cherubi, Sceptyle, 2 * Grovyle, 4 * Treecko, Tangrowth and 4 * Tangela plus all the energy and support you'll need to go with them.

Second up is the Stormshaper Theme Deck, based around the lightning Arceus with a healthy dose of Psychic Pokemon thrown in for good measure. The Pokemon in this deck are: Arceus, Manectric, 4 * Elektrike, Luxray, 2 * Luxio, 4 * Shinx, 2 * Haunter, 4 * Gastly, Swalot and 4 * Gulpin. Plus, of course, a heap of energy cards and a pile of great trainer cards.

Pokemon TCG - Platinum Arceus
Pokemon TCG - Platinum Arceus

Platinum Arceus Complete Set List

Here's the full spoiler list for the Arceus release, with every card available in the boosters. Well over 100 cards to collect in this one, including, of course, all 12 different Arceus versions:

Aerodactyl (13)

Arceus (AR1)

Arceus (AR2)

Arceus (AR3)

Arceus (AR4)

Arceus (AR5)

Arceus (AR6)

Arceus (AR7)

Arceus (AR8)

Arceus (AR9)

Arceus LV.X (94)

Arceus LV.X (95)

Arceus LV.X (96)

Bagon (52)

Bagon (SH10)

Beedrill G (53)

Beginning Door (82)

Bench Shield (83)

Bronzong (14)

Bronzong (33)

Bronzor (34)

Bronzor (54)

Buffer Piece (EX Dragon 83)

Buneary (55)

Burmy (56)

Burmy (57)

Burmy (58)Charizard (1)

Charmander (59)

Charmeleon (35)

Cherrim (15)

Cherubi (60)

Croagunk (61)

Department Store Girl (85)

Dome Fossil (89)

Electrike (62)

Electrike (63)

Energy Restore (141)

Expert Belt (87)

Froslass (2)

Gastly (36)

Gastly (64)

Gengar (16)

Gengar (17)

Gengar LV.X (97)

Geodude (65)

Glalie (18)

Golem (19)

Graveler (37)

Grovyle (38)

Grovyle (39)

Gulpin (40)

Gulpin (66)

Hariyama (20)

Haunter (41)

Haunter (42)

Heatran (3)

Helix Fossil (91)

Kabuto (67)

Kabutops (4)

Lopunny (21)

Lucky Egg (88)

Luxio (43)

Luxray (5)

Makuhita (68)

Manectric (22)

Manectric (44)

Mothim (6)

Nosepass (69)

Old Amber (84)

Omanyte (70)

Omastar (23)

Pelipper (24)

Pelipper (45)

Pichu (25)

Pikachu (71)

Ponyta (46)

Ponyta (72)

Ponyta (SH11)

Porygon-Z G (26)

Probopass (7)

Professor Oak's Visit (122)

Raichu (27)

Rapidash (28)

Rapidash (47)

Raticate (29)

Rattata (73)

Salamence (8)

Salamence LV.X (98)

Sceptile (30)

Sceptile (31)

Shelgon (48)

Shinx (74)

Shinx (SH12)

Snorunt (75)

Spiritomb (32)

Swalot (9)

Tangela (76)

Tangela (77)

Tangrowth (10)

Tangrowth LV.X (99)

Toxicroak (11)

Treecko (78)

Treecko (79)

Ultimate Zone (91)

Wingull (80)

Wingull (81)

Wormadam (49)

Wormadam (50)

Wormadam (51)

Zapdos G (12)

Celebrating Arceus in Video

Since Arceus is such an important Pokemon, we thought we'd dedicate our entire video section on this page to everything Arceus-shaped we could find from the anime, console games and TCG. Enjoy!

Vote For Your Favourite Theme Deck

It's just a fun poll - simply click to vote. You don't need to register or provide any details to take part.

Which is your favourite Arceus Theme Deck?

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Grab some Platinum Arceus...

If you live in the United States, you can find everything you need from this release, right here...

Pokemon at BSTS
Pokemon at BSTS

About Us

This guide to the Pokemon TCG Platinum Arceus release was brought to you by BSTS, a toy and hobby retailer based in the United Kingdom.

If you live in the UK, you can browse around our wide range of Pokemon cards here.

We also create plenty of guides like this one for fans and players of the TCG. You can find an index to our Pokemon pages here

Arceus TCG Bargains...

Here's what's going right now on eBay...

Got a favourite card in Platinum Arceus? Which of these cards are you using in your deck? Any you're still trying to hunt down? These and many other things, we'd love to know the answer to. Or just say 'hello' - that's cool too.

All comments are approved first and normally appear within 24 hours. You don't need to register or give any details to post - everyone's welcome!

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