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Pokemon - TCG - Black and White

Updated on June 27, 2011

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Black & White

Welcome to our information page on the first Pokemon Trading Card release of the Black and White era. On this page, you'll find confirmed cards for the English-Language Release, Japanese card lists, video, buying guides and much more besides. We're promised over 70 brand-new Pokemon, fresh from the Unova region, including new Legendary Pokemon - Reshiram and Zekrom.

Following on from Call of Legends, Black and White was released for the TCG on April 25th2011 - as usual there is theme decks (three as norm in the first set of each series) and boosters. There was also an earlier chance to grab some cards in the 'Sneak Peek Tins', plus a release of two different tins featuring Reshiram and Zekrom. This release is followed by Black and White: Emerging Powers.

Black & White Theme Decks
Black & White Theme Decks

Pokemon Black & White Theme Decks

As usual for the first release in a series, there are three theme decks being released in Black & White. Each one contains 60 cards, playmat, deckbox and other goodies too, plus a bonus code to unlock another deck for online play. They are:

Green Tornado

Pokemon contained are: Serperior * 2, Serpine * 3, Snivy * 4, Pansage * 2, Petill * 4, Deerling * 2, Sawsbuck, Mushama, Munna * 2, Scolipede, Whirlpede * 2, Venipede * 2, Patrat * 2, Audino * 2

Red Frenzy

Pokemon contained are: Emboar * 2, Pignite * 2, Tepig * 4, Simisear * 2, Pansear * 3, Darmanitan, Darumaka * 4, Timburr * 2, Stoutland, Herdier * 2, Lillipup * 3, Cinccino, Minccino * 2

Blue Assault

Pokemon contained are: Samurott * 2, Dewott * 3, Oshawott * 4, Simipour * 2, Panpou * 3, Swanna, Ducklett * 2, Basculin * 2, Galvantula, Joltik * 2, Blitzle * 2, Unfezant, Tranquil * 2, Pidove * 3

Grab The New Black and White Theme Decks

Here's a few currently available, if you're itching to see new Pokemon...

Confirmed Cards for Black & White TCG

Here's the full 115 card spoiler list:

1/114 Snivy

2/114 Snivy

3/114 Servine

4/114 Servine

5/114 Serperior

6/114 Serperior

7/114 Pansage

8/114 Simisage

9/114 Petilil

10/114 Lilligant

11/114 Maractus

12/114 Maractus

13/114 Deerling

14/114 Sawsbuck

15/114 Tepig

16/114 Tepig

17/114 Pignite

18/114 Pignite

19/114 Emboar

20/114 Emboar

21/114 Pansear

22/114 Simisear

23/114 Darumaka

24/114 Darumaka

25/114 Darmanitan

26/114 Reshiram

27/114 Oshawott

28/114 Oshawott

29/114 Dewott

30/114 Dewott

31/114 Samurott

32/114 Samurott

33/114 Panpour

34/114 Simipour

35/114 Basculin

36/114 Ducklett

37/114 Swanna

38/114 Alomomola

39/114 Alomomola

40/114 Blitzle

41/114 Blitzle

42/114 Zebstrika

43/114 Zebstrika

44/114 Joltik

45/114 Joltik

46/114 Galvantula

47/114 Zekrom

48/114 Munna

49/114 Musharna

50/114 Woobat

51/114 Swoobat

52/114 Venipede

53/114 Whirlipede

54/114 Scolipede

55/114 Solosis

56/114 Duosion

57/114 Reuniclus

58/114 Timburr

59/114 Timburr

60/114 Gurdurr

61/114 Throh

62/114 Sawk

63/114 Sandile

64/114 Krokorok

65/114 Krookodile

66/114 Purrloin

67/114 Liepard

68/114 Scraggy

69/114 Scrafty

70/114 Zorua

71/114 Zoroark

72/114 Vullaby

73/114 Mandibuzz

74/114 Klink

75/114 Klang

76/114 Klinklang

77/114 Patrat

78/114 Patrat

79/114 Watchog

80/114 Lillipup

81/114 Lillipup

82/114 Herdier

83/114 Stoutland

84/114 Pidove

85/114 Tranquill

86/114 Unfezant

87/114 Audino

88/114 Minccino

89/114 Cinccino

90/114 Bouffalant

91/114 Bouffalant

92/114 Energy Retrieval

93/114 Energy Search

94/114 Energy Switch

95/114 Full Heal

96/114 PlusPower

97/114 Poké Ball

98/114 Pokédex

99/114 Pokémon Communication

100/114 Potion

101/114 Professor Juniper

102/114 Revive

103/114 Super Scoop Up

104/114 Switch

105/114 Grass Energy

106/114 Fire Energy

107/114 Water Energy

108/114 Lightning Energy

109/114 Psychic Energy

110/114 Fighting Energy

111/114 Darkness Energy

112/114 Metal Energy

113/114 Reshiram

114/114 Zekrom

115/114 Pikachu

Vote in our Black & White Poll

Simply click to vote. You don't need to register or give any details to take part - it's just for fun.

Which Theme Deck do you like most?

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Get in the Black & White Mood...

...with some of the new Black & White anime...

The Pokemon Black and White Collection in Japan

Released as two sets of 56 cards, this should give us a reasonable idea of what to expect in the English-Language Black and White:

Black Collection

001/053 Sewaddle

002/053 Kurumayu

003/053 Hahakomori

004/053 Monmen

005/053 Elfuun

006/053 Deerling

007/053 Sawsbuck

008/053 Tepig

009/053 Chaoboo

010/053 Emboar

011/053 Pansear

012/053 Baokkie

013/053 Reshiram

014/053 Basculin

015/053 Koaruhie

016/053 Swanna

017/053 Kumasyun

018/053 Tsunbear

019/053 Blitzle

020/053 Zeburaika

021/053 Emolga

022/053 Munna

023/053 Musharna

024/053 Woobat

025/053 Kokoromori

026/053 Gothimu

027/053 Gochimiru

028/053 Gothitelle

029/053 Dangoro

030/053 Gantoru

031/053 Drilbur

032/053 Excadrill

033/053 Sawk

034/053 Zuruggu

035/053 Zuruzukin

036/053 Baruchai

037/053 Barujiina

038/053 Klink

039/053 Gigiaru

040/053 Gigigiaru

041/053 Pidove

042/053 Hatooboo

043/053 Kenhorou

044/053 Minccino

045/053 Cinccino

046/053 Buffalon

047/053 Tornelos

048/053 Energy Retrieval

049/053 Crush Hammer

050/053 Pokémon Communication

051/053 Max Potion

052/053 Recycle

053/053 Professor Juniper

054/053 Tornelos

055/053 Reshiram

056/053 Pikachu

White Collection

001/053 Snivy

002/053 Janovy

003/053 Serperior

004/053 Pansage

005/053 Yanakkie

006/053 Churine

007/053 Doredia

008/053 Marakacchi

009/053 Darumaka

010/053 Darmanitan

011/053 Oshawott

012/053 Futachimaru

013/053 Daikenki

014/053 Panpour

015/053 Hiyakkie

016/053 Alomomola

017/053 Bachuru

018/053 Galvantula

019/053 Voltolos

020/053 Zekrom

021/053 Fushide

022/053 Hoiiga

023/053 Pendra

024/053 Shinbora

025/053 Yuniran

026/053 Daburan

027/053 Reuniclus

028/053 Timburr

029/053 Dotekkotsu

030/053 Nageki

031/053 Sandile

032/053 Waruvile

033/053 Waruvial

034/053 Purrloin

035/053 Liepard

036/053 Zorua

037/053 Zoroark

038/053 Tesshido

039/053 Nattorei

040/053 Patrat

041/053 Watchog

042/053 Lillipup

043/053 Herdier

044/053 Murando

045/053 Audino

046/053 Washibon

047/053 Braviary

048/053 Revive

049/053 Great Ball

050/053 Full Heal

051/053 PlusPower

052/053 Pokémon Catcher

053/053 Cheren

054/053 Voltolos

055/053 Zekrom

056/053 Pikachu

Grab The Black or White Game

If you're a Pokemon fan, there's one essential purchase this year :) Venture out into Unova region and feast on all the superb new Pokemon...

Rule Changes in Pokemon Black & White

As usual with a new generation, there are a few changes to the rules. Here's a quick summary:

1) For official events, we're up to HGSS cards onwards only.

2) Supporter (now renamed Support) and Stadium cards now come under Trainer cards, and trainer cards can be played on turn 1. They now must be discarded immediately after use, rather than at the end of a player's turn.

3) A slight change to the sequence after a Pokemon is knocked out. The player doing the knocking out now takes a prize card BEFORE the player with the knocked out Pokemon replaces the knocked out Pokemon with a new one.

What changes will this make? Let us know your thoughts in the guestbook.

Pokemon at BSTS
Pokemon at BSTS

About Us

This guide to Pokemon TCG: Black & White was brought to you by BSTS, a UK based toy and hobby retailer. We love a bit of Pokemon and have more hours on the console games than we care to think about.

If you live in the UK, you can browse our wide range of Pokemon cards here, including all the new Black & White stuff.

We also write a lot about Pokemon. You can find the index of our Pokemon pages here.

Excited? We are...

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