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Cutest Pokémon team for female players

Updated on January 18, 2014

Lots of female Pokémon players love to get a whole team of cute Pokémon. However, most of us know that the majority of cute pocket monsters are not very powerful. It is possible to lose your whole team to a strong gym leader or elite four. This hub has some of the cutest Pokémon from different generations that will be able to get you through the game successfully. Hope you will find this information helpful and enjoy my list.

Mew – This is a super cute legendary psychic Pokémon that can use a huge variety of moves. Aside from his cute looks, Mew is completely pink which only adds to his cuteness. Although not as strong as his clone, Mew can still hold his own when in battle with many strong opponents. The set below allows you to get rid of many strong dragons with the powerful ice beam move. Nasty plot helps to boost Mew's already decent special attack stat.

Mew – psychic

Ability: synchronize

Nature: modest (increase sp. attack, decrease attack)

Moves: psychic

aura sphere

ice beam

nasty plot

Togekiss – For every team, there is a flying type Pokémon that is responsible for all of your transports. It can carry you from town to town instantly because of the move fly. The Togepi evolution line is among the cutest flying types. Upon its evolution to Togekiss, he had maintained his cute looks. The newest generation changed its typing to fairy / flying as opposed to normal / flying. He is immune to dragon type attacks.

Togekiss – fairy / flying

Ability: serene grace

Nature: Modest

Moves: aura sphere

fire blast



Lilligant – Many teams do not like to have a pure grass type on their teams. However, there are several benefits associated with having a grass type Pokémon. Many of them can inflict sleep status on a wild or legendary Pokémon for easy catching. Sleep status can also put your opponents out for a few turns to let you dispose of them easily. Lilligant is a distinctive female Pokémon that looks like a cross between a flower and a lady.

Lilligant – grass

Ability: chlorophyll

Nature: modest

Moves: giga drain

sleep powder


magical leaf

Milotic – A water Pokémon is needed for every team in each generation, Pokémon black and white is no exception. While you are traveling in each region, water Pokémon is very common. There are several good candidates for this spot, but I have picked the beautiful Milotic. She is not only very beautiful but strong as well. You can use her for all of your surfing needs and she will also take care of many opponents in the caves.

Milotic – water

Ability: marvel scale

Nature: modest

Moves: surf


ice beam

dragon pulse

Raichu – One thing I noticed with my Pokémon team is the usefulness of electric moves. All players have to use surf to get around and you will encounter lots of Water Pokémon and their trainers. An electric type Pokémon like Raichu can make short work of them with their powerful stab moves.

Raichu – electric

Ability: lightningrod

Nature: serious

Moves: thunderbolt

brick break

signal beam

extreme speed

Flygon – For the last spot, I have picked Flygon because it has a very good type combination, ground and dragon. This Pokémon is not particularly cute, but he tends to appeal to some female players. For the most part, Flygon tends to look like a giant green dragonfly. However, he is able to perform many moves that can easily overpower your opponents. The set below takes advantage of Flygon's high attack stats.

Flygon – ground / dragon

Ability: levitate

Nature: adamant

Moves: earthquake

dragon claw

aerial ace

stone edge

With the newest generation, we got more Pokémon to choose from. The new fairy type has lots of cute Pokémon that many female players love to use. Florges is a pure fairy type that knows fairy and grass type attacks. She looks like a big flower with a mermaid tail.

Florges – fairy

Ability: flower veil

Nature: modest

Moves: magical leaf


disarming voice



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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I liked it

    • Omnivium profile image


      6 years ago

      I just wrote a hub about pokémon too. And I like your picture of a nail lol.


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