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Build Your own pool slide and Save Thousands

Updated on July 16, 2009

I am making this page about pool slides because like all pool owners slides cost Big Money! We could not afford to buy a tube slide(safer than open slide) so we decided to build our own 20ft of FUN!

Finding The Right pool slide

Save Thousands On Your Water Tube Slide

The choice of a pool slide is a trial most pool owners must face. There are numerous slide styles along with varying costs. Once a pool owner decides these two factors, he can narrow down his search and hopefully purchase the pool slide right for his family.

First of all, the type of pool will limit a pool owner’s options right away. An above ground pool owner will only have a few choices available to him. An above ground pool is restricted because of the shallow depth of his pool, whereas the possibilities for an inground pool owner are endless.

The next important step is to set a budget. How much money do you have to spend? The cost of a residential pool slide will range from one thousand dollars up to fourteen thousand dollars plus shipping. One must then decide if he can mount the pool slide himself or will he have to hire a pool contractor to install it.

Pool slides come in countless sizes and styles. The two obvious distinctions between slides are open slides versus (enclosed) tube slides. In my opinion, tube slides are much safer than open slides. I witnessed an almost disastrous accident when a boy fell off an open slide so I will always be partial to tube slides. But open slides are less costly than tube slides so these are the most widely sold.

Next, we can move on and decide if we want to buy a straight slide or a curved slide. Open slides come in straight or curved with the majority being curved. Tube slides also are made straight or curved but the majority is straight unless you venture in to the commercial line. If a pool owner does buy commercial, the price just skyrocketed due to liability issues.

Another factor we must consider is the slide height. They will vary from four to eight foot high for residential pools. The children are always going to opt for the higher and faster slide. But the parents will cringe at the differences in prices.

Minor points to evaluate are the slides warranty and weight restrictions. The bulk of pool slide manufacturers warrants their product for three years, but please read the fine print. If one of their stipulations is not met for installation, then the warranty is void. The weight limit for pool slides is generally two hundred and fifty pounds.

Finding the right pool slide can be a grueling task, but if you use the outline above, it makes the process of elimination much simpler. Purchasing a pool slide is a big investment for a pool owner so it should not be taken lightly. One last thought to ponder, have you ever considered saving thousands and build your own pool slide ?

Plans are available at

Our family's pool slide fun. - Build Your Own Cool Pool Tube Slide

You can save thousands and build your family their own 20ft tube slide for the lake,pond or swimming pool. Plans are available at

Build Your Own Swimming Pool Slide - Pool Slide Fun

Save thousands! Build your Own Pool Slide for a Lifetime of fun. Give the family the fun they deserve!

Swimming Pool Accessories

Accessorize your swimming pool

When a pool owner decides to accessorize their pool, there are a few factors they need to consider. Depending on what kind of pool they own will determine their options; above ground pools have different accessories than in ground pools.

Ladders are one of the most important swimming pool accessories and need to be closely scrutinized. For above ground pools, the ladders that are used to exit the pool will be resting on the bottom of the pool due to the sides of the pool not having the strength to mount the ladder and hold the weight of the swimmer. An above ground pool that has a sturdy deck surrounding it may have a freestanding ladder that is secured to the deck and hangs down in the water. An in ground pool ladder will be mounted to the deck or the pool wall, and can be free standing or have pads that will rest against the pool wall. Both will have to be mounted very securely, with the free standing taking the most care to make sure the surface to which it is attached is solid enough to with stand the stress on the mounts. The ladders should be located away from diving boards or slides to avoid congestion and collisions with swimmers entering and exiting the pool.

Another accessory that is available is a diving board. This option is only available for the in ground pool owner, and only if the pool is deep enough. The standard 6 foot diving board will need a minimum of 8 feet of water for safe diving. The diving board manufacture will give the minimum specification for water depth, length of the deep water, (the deep water has to have a minimum distance from the end of the diving board to account for the diver to have room to swim back to the surface after the dive), and also how far the diving board has to project over the wall of the pool.

Whether owning an in ground or an above ground, every pool owner should have a safety flotation device that can be used for emergency rescue. Experienced swimmers can get in trouble in the water just as easy as the novice swimmer. The most popular flotation device is the safety ring, or donut, it is easy for a swimmer to hang onto and also to throw to a swimmer in trouble. Another advantage of the ring is it gives the rescuer away to stay at a safe distance from the swimmer in trouble, so they are not pulled under the water if the swimmer is panicking.

Anytime you have a pool, there will be children around and they will find away to get near the water. To prevent any unfortunate accidents, pool owners should have a pool alarm. Theses alarms have a sensor that rest on the water’s surface and will detect any disturbance to the water surface. Any ripple in the water will set off the alarm. Most alarms have audio devices in the house and outside, so no matter where you are at, you will know that someone has entered the pool and appropriate action can be taken.

Pool games are not required, but add so much family fun that you must have a few. The age of the swimmers, size of the pool, and depth of the water will be the big factor on which games the pool owner purchases. Most games will fit both in ground and above ground pools, so take your pick, and have fun.

When you have a pool, it is fun to swim at night. There are no closing times when you own the pool. There are light kit that can be permanently installed, or portable units that are available that can be installed that will either float on the water or set on the bottom. The down side of lights is the bugs they attract, so choose the color of your lights wisely, yellow lights or other colors are less likely to draw lights than white lights will.

Owning a swimming pool and having the right swimming pool accessories will escalate the family’s enjoyment. Whether day or night, the excitement a pool offers will make you wish the summer would never end.


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