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Popin' Cookin' instructions

Updated on July 24, 2012

How to make Popin' Cookin' DIY candy

They are the latest thing from Japan and really look like lots of fun: do-it-yourself Popin' Cookin' candy sets. But as with most cool stuff from Japan the instructions only come in Japanese. So how on earth do you turn this box full of powders into the yummy looking pieces of candy depicted on the package?

This lens gives you the instructions to all the 12 different Popin' Cookin' sets available at the moment in a very simple way: One picture of the product, a few words of explanation and one video that shows you step by step what you need to do in this set..

Popin' Cookin' Sushi Set

This set by the Japanese company Kracie is probably one of the best known Popin' Cookin' sets. You just have to mix the different powders with water in the molds and let everything dry to make tuna candy, egg candy and rice candy. The seaweed can be formed by pressing a special candy material into a flat and thin shape. Most fun to make is probably the salmon roe by dripping drops of fluid into normal water, where the drop turns into a little balls.

Popin' Cookin' Sushi video instructions

Ramen Popin' Cookin'

This set is really super easy to make. Like with most Popin' Cookin' sets all you need to add to make this candy is water, the rest comes in the package. You can just form the dumplings out of the candy material that is included in the set, fill them with sprinkles and try to form the typical dumpling shape you find in Asian food.

For the Ramen noodles the first step is to mix powder with water in a bowl to create the soup. When you mix another powder with a bit of water you can create a gigantic candy noodle by using the little pastry plastic bag. Voila!

Ramen Popin' Cookin' video instructions

DIY Bento Box Popin' Cookin'

Mmmmh, Broccoli, sausage, spaghetti and fried chicken made of candy, doesn't that sound delicious? In this set you make lots of different foods to fill your very own bento lunch box. Except for the spaghetti which you have to create by using a little pastry plastic bag to get one long string, you just mix the different powders with water in special molds and let them dry. A very crazy part is to 'stamp' the bear face on your rice ball by puttting black powder into the little face mold and to just press your rice ball onto that.

Bento Candy Popin' Cookin' Set video instructions

Soft Cream Popin' Cookin' Kit

With the soft cream Popin' Cookin' you can create cute ice cream-like candies. The waffles are already included in the package in different variations. The highlight is to make the duo-coloured soft ice cream cone. To create the two creams you just mix two powders with water. You then fill them into the special pastry bag with two compartments and just put them on the cone. Of course you can also vary and design the other waffles as you wish. The package shows some pictures of how you can arrange the cream and waffles to make it look like on the package.

Popin' Cookin' Soft Cream Set video instructions

Painting Gummy Candy Popin' Cookin'

With this set you can make your own gummy candy in funny animal shapes and colour them any way you want. You start with preparing three fluids in the elementary colours red, yellow and blue and can mix up to eight different colours from them to paint your candy.

Afterwards you just put the white powder in the big mold, press the animal shape you want deep into it and start painting it by dripping different colours with the pipette onto it.

Once it has dried you just lift the animal mold and carefully remove your gummy candy from it. Then you can start again until the powder is used up.

DIY Painting Gummy Candy Set video instructions

Neri Candy Land Decorating Popin' Cookin' Set

There are no real instructions needed for this set: Just form anything you want out of the different candy materials. Done! You can mix new colours by combining the ones included. Also the package gives you lots of pictures with inspirations what you could make.

Nerikyan Land Candy Popin' Cookin' video instructions

Donut Set Popin' Cookin'

Decorating the donuts will be the most time-consuming part in this set. The donuts can easily be made by mixing water with light brown or dark brown powder. You just form the cookie dough out of this and press it into the donut shapes. To decorate your candy pastries you can create white and pink candy icing, a chocolate sauce that can be applied with a pastry bag and two different types of sprinkles.

Popin' Cookin' Donut Set video instructions

Popin' Cookin' Cookies DIY Set

To make the cute animal cookies in this Happy Kitchen set you first have to create a light and dark cookie dough by mixing powder with water. Then you press some of the dough into the animal molds and put them into the microwave (time and temperature are marked on the package). Carefully remove the cookies and decorate them with the candy pearls or icing sugar that are included in the set.

Popin' Cookin' Happy Kitchen Cookies Set video instructions

DIY Hamburger Happy Kitchen Popin' Cookin'

Scissors, adhesive tape, water and a microwave oven are the things you need in order to complete this funny Happy Kitchen set. Be careful when unpacking, because you will need the foil to cut out the package for the French Fries and stick it together with some adhesive tape. To make the Fries, the hamburger and the buns you mix the according powders with water, press the dough into the molds and put it in the microwave oven (time and temperature are indicated on the package) . You'll have to cut the French Fries and also divide the buns and hamburger. Cheese, ketchup and soft drink are easily made by adding water to the according powders. Then you can build your own hamburger and enjoy the candy fast food.

Happy Kitchen Hamburger Popin' Cookin' video instructions

DIY Gummy Insects Popin' Cookin'

To create those funny black and green stag beetles, grasshoppers and butterflies you just have to fill the according powders in the molds. Make sure to spread everything evenly and fill every corner of the molds, as they contain lots of details. Then you just mix water with another powder, take that fluid with the pipette and spread it carefully in all the powder molds. When everything has dried you're done with the gummy candy. You can use a fork to help getting the candy out of the molds, but be careful and patient. This is probably the trickiest part of the whole set.

Gummy Insect Candy Popin' Cookin' video instructions

Dinosaur Popin' Cookin' Kit

This set works exactly like the gummy candy insect set: Fill the according powders into the molds, spread everything evenly and fill out the whole mold, mix the last powder with water, fill it into the pipette and wet the powder molds thoroughly. After everything has dried you just have to get your gummy candies carefully out of the mold - maybe by help of a fork - to enjoy the dinosaur sweets.

Dinosaur Popin' Cookin' Set by Kracie

Popin' Cookin' Nerunerunerune Candy Paste Set

To create the candy paste, just mix the according powders with water in one mold and stir well until you reach a creamy consistency. Put the sprinkles into the other mold. Now the fun begins. Just grab a spoon full of the creamy paste and roll it into the sprinkles which will stick to the paste. Enjoy!

This set is available with grape or soda taste.

Candy paste Nerunerunerune Popin' Cookin' video instructions

This is an instructional video for another variation of the set, but the instructions work for the set depicted above as well.

How did it work out when you made your Popin' Cookin' sets? Did these videos help you? Did you get along with the Japanese instructions? Share your experiences here.

What's your experience with Popin' Cookin'

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