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Portal 2

Updated on October 6, 2014

About the Game

Portal 2 is a unique first-person puzzle game from Valve, and a sequel to the original Portal. The first game was innovative, fun, and original, but a bit short. Portal 2 is overall a much more ambitious project: it's longer, bigger, includes a ton of new features and gameplay elements, and offers a multiplayer co-op mode. However, it's still the same Portal we all love, and you get to do science with your favorite insane AI again.

Find out about the new game features, check out the trailer, and see a list of Portal 2 resources below. Don't forget to vote in the poll and tell everyone what you think about the new game.

Game Features

What's new in Portal 2?

  • Enter the future: the game takes place a few hundred years after the original. In the modified Portal ending, Chell is dragged off by an unseen force and blacks out. In the sequel, she wakes up from a stasis sleep to find the Aperture Laboratories decrepit and overgrown with jungle. GLaDOS is still alive, though :)
  • New gameplay elements: the puzzles in Portal 2 are more varied and complex than in the first game. Besides the good old Portal gun, you also have to use Repulsion and Propulsion Gel, Excursion Funnels (aka tractor beams), Aerial Faith Plates, and Thermal Discouragement Beams (laser redirection) to progress through the levels.
  • Multiplayer co-op: take control of one of the two cute and dorky robots (ATLAS and P-body) and work together to solve the most complex tests Aperture Science Enrichment Center has to offer. Click here to watch the official co-op trailer.
  • More Portal goodness: according to Valve, the game is at least twice as long as the first one. That's not including the separate co-op campaign which has its own custom levels and story.

Official Portal 2 Trailer

Game Poll

How would you rate Portal 2?

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Was there ever any doubt that Valve's second Portal title would kick ass? Rated a ridiculously high "95" at MetaCritic and boasting a 8.8 user score, this game deserves every point of it. Whether you're in it for the dark humor and pop culture references or the engaging puzzles, you won't be disappointed.

Portal 2 Links & Resources


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    • Weremuffin profile image

      Weremuffin 4 years ago

      I love Portal 2! I haven't even played the first Portal.

    • profile image

      FashionMommy 5 years ago

      Love games! Portal 2 seems great!

    • goode006 lm profile image

      goode006 lm 6 years ago

      My son just finished the game and I like playing the co-op with him.