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Power Rangers Megaforce Costumes

Updated on April 17, 2013

Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black and Robo Knight Megaforce Ranger Costumes

A guide to Power Rangers Megaforce costumes for 2013 and role play accessories too. Megaforce is the latest incarnation of the Power Rangers series and the new show started in January 2013.

My younger son is obsessed with Power Rangers. We've been suffering through old episodes on NetFlix so I'm quite pleased at the prospect of a new series!

And of course when kids love a show they want to dress up as their favorite hero. Costumes and role play accessories are already appearing to tie in with the new uniforms that the Megaforce rangers wear. I'll be updating this page as new products come out.

Power Rangers Megaforce will be a popular choice for Halloween 2013. It works well for groups of friends and sibling groups as they can each choose a color. And of course there are costumes for boys and girls.

Note that the there are two sets of Power Rangers Megaforce Weapons - you get two weapons in one set and three in the other. It can be a bit confusing! They weapons clip together to create a Mega weapon.

Which Mega Ranger do you want to be?

Red | Blue | Pink | Yellow | Black | Robo Knight

Power Rangers Megaforce Trailer - See the new costumes

The new Power Rangers Megaforce costumes remind me of a marching band or military dress uniform. They do look very smart. But as I Mum, I have to say 'white pants!' what are you thinking of! If you've got a small child who has insisted on wearing their dress up clothes outside the house then you'll know what I mean.

Megaforce Red Ranger Costume

Troy Burrows

Troy Burrows is the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Megaforce. He is the leader of the Mega Rangers. Troy wears a costume with a red top and mask and white pants.

Troy's costume has a dragon symbol of the front of the helmet / mask.

There has been some availability of a Red Ranger Costume at Toys R Us stores. I'll be looking out for places to buy the new costume.

You can check to see if it is available at Amazon yet: Check.

And I'll be looking out for it and updating this page when I find it.

eBay is also worth a check, but the costume is hard to find. Let's check the current listings:

Megaforce Red Ranger Mask, Sword and Training Set

You can accessorize a Red Ranger costume with extras either for Halloween or for role-playing at any time.

Power Rangers Megaforce Red Ranger Training Set
Power Rangers Megaforce Red Ranger Training Set

This training set includes a Megaforce blaster with two zords, a mask, and a belt buckle card holder with cards. Just what you need to transform into the Red Ranger.

Power Rangers Megaforce Dragon Sword and Phoenix Shot Battle Set
Power Rangers Megaforce Dragon Sword and Phoenix Shot Battle Set

This set includes Troy's Dragon Sword with battle sound effects.

Note that you also get the Pink Ranger's Phoenix Battle Shot in this set.

Power Rangers Megaforce Power Ranger Blaster
Power Rangers Megaforce Power Ranger Blaster

You can also get the Megaforce Blaster with Dragon zord (further zords are available to extend the toy.)


Deluxe Gosei Morpher

Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Gosei Morpher (Discontinued by manufacturer)
Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Gosei Morpher (Discontinued by manufacturer)

In the show Gosei has given this morpher to a new bunch of teenagers to create the Megaforce power rangers.

This role play toy allows you to put cards inside to unlock sounds and phrases, and it lights up too.

You can also collect extra cards that work with the Gosei Morpher.

Troy uses the Gosei Morpher but fans of the other rangers will enjoy this toy too.


You can see the Gosei Morpher in action in this video:

Megaforce Blue Ranger Costume

Noah Carver

Noah Carver is the Megaforce Blue Ranger. He has a shark motif on his costume and shark-themed weapons.

There has been some availability of a Blue Ranger Costume at ToysRUS.

And I have spotted the costume on eBay, but availability is limited. Current auctions shown below (if any):

Tip: Learn some Power Ranger Moves

If your child is going to be a Power Ranger for Halloween then get them to learn some Power Ranger moves. My 4 year old did this for a family gathering - and taught his grandparents and cousins! Lots of fun.

Megaforce Blue Ranger Shark Bowgun

Power Rangers Megaforce Snake Ax, Tiger Claw, and Shark Bowgun Battle Set
Power Rangers Megaforce Snake Ax, Tiger Claw, and Shark Bowgun Battle Set

The Shark Bowgun is Noah's weapon. This set includes the Shark Bowgun plus other mega weapons that fit together.

The bow has sound effects.

Note that 3 weapons are included in this set.


Flames of the Phoenix! Megaforce Pink!

Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Dragon Sword and Phoenix Shot Battle Set

@ Amazon


You can buy the Pink Ranger's Phoenix Shot as part of a Battle Set which also includes the Red Ranger's Dragon Sword. They clip together and can combine with the other Megaforce Battle Set.

Claw of the Tiger! Megaforce Yellow!

Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Snake Ax, Tiger Claw and Shark Bowgun Battle Set

@ Amazon


The Yellow Ranger's Tiger Claw is one of three weapons included in this Battle Pack.

Venom of the Snake! Megaforce Black!

Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Snake Ax, Tiger Claw and Shark Bowgun Battle Set

@ Amazon


The Black Ranger's Snake Ax is included in this Megaforce Battle Set - the weapons clip together to form a bigger weapon.

Robo Knight Mask

Power Rangers Megaforce Robo Knight Power Ranger Mask
Power Rangers Megaforce Robo Knight Power Ranger Mask

Robo Knight robotic guardian from ancient times who helps the Megaforce Rangers.

Robo Knight makes a good dress up alternative to being one of the Power Rangers. But you still get to be a good guy!


More Soon

Note that I'll be updating this page as more Megaforce Uniforms and accessories become available. Megaforce is a new show, but Power Rangers costumes are always popular so I'm sure we'll be seeing more dress up options in future.

Power Rangers Samurai Costumes

Note that you can still get Power Rangers Samurai costumes if your kids are still into the previous series.

Power Rangers Samurai Costumes for Kids
The latest Power Rangers Samurai costumes for kids. For the boys there's Gold Ranger, Red Ranger and Blue Ranger, and for the girls there's Pink Ran...

Thanks for Visiting

Power Rangers Megaforce Costumes

Do you know someone who wants a Megaforce Costume? - Comments

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      My daughter is desperate for the yellow mega force power ranger costume and I can't seem to find it anywhere HELP thanks


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