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Types of Powerball Slot Machine Games

Updated on February 2, 2011

Introduction for Casino Games

People who gamble are excited with the flashing lights and the vast array of slot machines, especially when it comes to the different casino games. Progressive slots are considered Powerball slots because of the big jackpot they can produce. Casino’s everywhere in the United States continue to provide an ongoing variety of fun games for the Powerball slot machines.

If you ever wanted a quick overview on the various types of slot machines the next time you visit Las Vegas or any casino for that matter, read below. Don't just play for fun, play for fun with a bit of knowledge and insight.


Triple Gold Slots

Triple gold have money and gold symbols displayed. There are three reels with a wild card, which allows for an increased chance of winning. There is a play max button, which allows for the maximum number of bets. This starts the reels to spin. Triple gold can give huge winnings by multiplying a bet, as much as nine times.


Wild Cherry Slots

Wild cherry have three reels and a single pay line. There are a total of ten winning combinations. If three cherry symbols are lined up, some slot machines will allow a person to collect up to 10,000 times the denomination of what was played. Wild cherry slots have betting increments of 25 cents, 1 dollar, and 5 dollars.


Cleopatra Slots

There are impressive graphics involved with the Cleopatra slots. The theme of the slot machine is about Cleopatra’s life in ancient Egypt. These slots have five reels and twenty pay lines. Winning this slot involves matching five Cleopatra symbols. Up to 5 dollars per credit can be betted on this game, with a wager of between 1 and 100 credits.


Right Prize Slots

Right prize slots follow the concept of television game shows like, The Price is Right, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune. These games have five reels with twenty-five pay lines. If the right prize symbol is hit, this allows a player to get a wild symbol that relates to the specific game. There are various bonus features and opportunities to choose from. There are rounds where prizes are hidden behind three curtains. Choosing the right curtain allows a player to increase the amount of credits earned. A player can bet from 1 cent up to 10 dollars.


Aztec Slots

Aztec slots have five reels and twenty or twenty-five pay lines. The theme involves the adventure of exotic pyramids, dragons, wild animals, treasures, and other unique symbols. The game explores interactive bonus levels, which takes a player on various adventures. A combination of five symbols will help win a progressive jackpot up to millions.


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