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Presidential Dollar Coins

Updated on September 15, 2014

These coins will be yanked up by collectors, have you started saving them?

Have you started collecting US Presidential Dollar Coins?

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Collecting the Presidential Dollar Coins is fun!

The History of Presidential Dollar Coins

The US Mint is honoring our Nation's Presidents by issuing $1 Gold Coins featuring the United States Presidents in the order that they served.

The US Mint is in the process of issuing four Presidential Dollar Coins per year starting in 2007 and going thru 2016. Each Presidential Dollar Coin has a common reverse design featuring a striking rendition of the Statue of Liberty. Although, the coin's metal content does not include any gold it does include 88.5% copper, 6% zinc, 3.5% manganese, and 2% nickel.

Proof Presidential Dollar coins are similar in size and color to the Sacagawea Golden Dollar Proof condition - collectors' coins; struck at least twice on highly polished coin blanks to bring out the mirrored background and high-relief images. They measure approx. 26.5mm (1.04") in diameter Weigh approx. 8.1g (.285 oz.) Sealed storage tube Certificate of authenticity Produced by the San Francisco Mint

What I like most is the edge-incused inscriptions of the year of minting or issuance, "E Pluribus Unum," "In God We Trust" and the mint mark. The size, weight and metal composition of the new Presidential Dollar Gold Coins are identical to that of the Sacagawea Golden Dollar, but there are several unique features that make this gold coin distinctive.

2007 Presidential Dollar Coins: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison

2008 Presidential Dollar Coins: James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren

2009 Presidential Dollar Coins: William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James Polk, and Zachary Taylor

2010 Presidential Dollar Coins: Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln

2011 Presidential Dollar Coins: Andrew Johnson, Ulysses Grant, Rutherford Hayes, and James Garfield

2012 Presidential Dollar Coins: Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland (term 1), Benjamin Harrison, Grover Cleveland (term 2) (yes, Grover Cleveland gets two coins for his two separate terms as president)

2013 Presidential Dollar Coins: William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, and Woodrow Wilson

2014 Presidential Dollar Coins: Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin D. Roosevelt

2015 Presidential Dollar Coins: Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson

2016 Presidential Dollar Coins: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan

Note: The act specifies that a former President must be deceased for at least two years before being honored in this series. The following former Presidents are still living: Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

Presidential Dollar Coin Album W/P&D Washington BU Coins
Presidential Dollar Coin Album W/P&D Washington BU Coins

This is a high quality coin booklet to store and display your prized collection of The One Dollar Gold Presidents Coins


Presidential Dollar Coins Folders - Coin collecting items from

I love coin collecting folders. These are the best way to save and collect your presidential dollar coin collection. There are typically two types of collecting folders. The first type has one space for each coin. The second type will have multiple spaces for each coin to save each mint mark of each coin.

2007 Presidential Dollar Coins

President George Washington - 1st President of the United States

President John Adams

President Thomas Jefferson - Writer of the Declaration of Independence

President James Madison

2008 Presidential Dollar Coins

5th President James Monroe

President John Quincy Adams was our sixth President. He served from 1825-1829. He was the son of John Adams, who was our second President. During his term John Quincy Adams enacted the following coinage legislation.

Act of May 19, 1828 - This Act:

* directs the location of the United States Mint to remain in Philadelphia indefinitely;

* establishes a standard weight for the Mint's use;

* makes provisions for payment for the testing of silver bullion brought to the Mint for coinage;

* authorizes employment of clerks at the Mint; and

* authorizes the Director of the Mint to assay bullion not intended for coinage and to issue certificates of fineness at the owners' expense.

7th President Andrew Jackson - as a boy he fought in the Revolutionary War

8th President Martin Van Buren

2009 US President Dollar Coins

President William Henry Harrison, 9th President of the United States

John Tyler, 10th President of the United States

James Polk, 11th President of the United States

Zachary Taylor, 12th President of the United States

2010 Presidential Dollar Coins

Coinage Legislation under President Millard Fillmore - 13th President, 1850 - 1853

Act of March 3, 1851, authorized the 3-cent coin, the smallest denomination of silver coin ever produced.

Act of July 3, 1852, established a branch United States Mint facility in San Francisco to process the enormous amount of gold being mined during the California Gold Rush.

Act of Feb. 21, 1853, amended laws concerning the half-dollar, quarter-dollar, dime and half-dime.

Act of March 3, 1853, authorized fees to be charged for "casting silver into disks, bars or ingots.

Act of March 3, 1853 (a separate act), directed Mint profits to be paid into the Treasury

President Franklin Pierce - 14th President, 1853 - 1857

President James Buchanan - 15th President, 1857 - 1861

President Abraham Lincoln - 16th President, 1861-1865

2011 US Presidential Dollar Coins

President Andrew Johnson Dollar Coin - 17th President - 1865-1869

President Ulysses S Grant Dollar Coin, 18th President of the United States - 1869 - 1877

President Rutherford Hayes, 19th President - 1877 - 1881

President James Garfield, 20th President - 1881 -

2012 Presidential Dollar Coins

21st President Chester Arthur

22nd President Grover Cleveland (term 1)

23rd President Benjamin Harrison

24th President Grover Cleveland (term 2)

2013 US Presidential Dollar Coins

25th President William McKinley

26th President Theodore Roosevelt

27th President William Taft

28th President Woodrow Wilson

2014 President Dollar Coins

Warren G. Harding - 29th President of the United States

Calvin Coolidge - 30th President

Herbert Hoover - 31st President

Franklin D. Roosevelt - 32nd President - Nephew of 26th President Theodore Roosevelt

Presidential Coin Proof sets

Proof coins are sold by the US Mint and are highly sought after by coin collectors. The mirror finishes on these coins make them sparkle, however, they are sold at a premium price.

Who was your favorite US President?

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    • Blackspaniel1 profile image

      Blackspaniel1 3 years ago

      The coins have not really gone up in value. This is good or bad, depending if you are collecting or investing.

    • readty7 profile image

      readty7 4 years ago

      Very nice collection of coins I have one too

    • Metabolism Diet profile image

      Metabolism Diet 5 years ago

      I've got a a bunch of graded Presidential dollars including some error ones. If this coin goes out of production as rumored, I think the value will increase significantly for these coins! Hope so at least!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      These are next on my hit list (Found your lense googling them) Will check out some of your links. Hopefully I can find some cheap ones!

    • Gabriel360 profile image

      Gabriel360 5 years ago

      I collect Uncirculated, Mint, Presidential coins. I have almost finished collecting the ones they have released so far, I think. :)

    • profile image

      Sanja94 6 years ago

      Nice lens. In the past I was collecting coins and a few years ago I stopped. Now I'm planning to collect coins again.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Good lens, though I don't have a favourite one.

    • tridensright profile image

      tridensright 6 years ago

      Great lens, well done! We have a lens "/kidscoins360" that my sons and I work on and sell coins through our contact in North Carolina. This is a great lens that we can feature on ours if you don't mind. thanks!

    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 6 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      Beautiful lens and very useful for education too!

    • Michey LM profile image

      Michey LM 6 years ago

      Very educational lens... and I believe in the power of the hobby of making collections. As a kid I learn a lot from a stamp collection.

      Great lens

    • arperinos profile image

      arperinos 6 years ago

      Excellent work ! Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      jimmyworldstar 6 years ago

      My favorite president was Lincoln, the coins for unknown presidents I can't distinguish as much. I wish they'd bring back the $2 bills too!

    • PositiveChristi1 profile image

      PositiveChristi1 6 years ago

      I have very few of these, mainly because I line in England. I would like to collect the complete set.

      Nice lens. Squid-liked and Angel blessed

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago


    • pheonix76 profile image

      pheonix76 7 years ago from WNY

      I really like this lens!! I have many of the presidential dollar coins, they are a nice collectible.

    • raegal75 profile image

      raegal75 7 years ago

      Loved the photos on this lens. Hereâs a virtual string of Mardi Gras beads for you!

    • Blackspaniel1 profile image

      Blackspaniel1 7 years ago

      Always looking for coin info.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Great lens. Very informative.

    • Fox Music profile image

      Fox Music 7 years ago

      Thank you this was a great lens on the Presidential Dollar Coins

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I do like the old vintage coins, I have some of them but I have stop collecting.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 7 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      This would be a fun and educational collection for any American. Lensrolled to my President's Day lens and Blessed.

    • profile image

      RebeccaE 7 years ago

      this is a wnderful lens very informative, keep up the great work, many blessings to you, have lensrolled it on my make money faster wt Google Adsense

    • bechand profile image

      bechand 7 years ago

      I just came across these last week for the first time (at the car wash) - was wacky - can't believe I haven't seen them and they have been out for a while ... Thanks for putting this up - I was wondering about them !

    • profile image

      ohcaroline 7 years ago

      Don't know where I have been that I missed hearing about these dollar coins. They are really neat. Interesting lens.

    • CherylsArt profile image

      Cheryl Paton 7 years ago from West Virginia

      Interesting info. Lensrolling to Origin of Money.

    • LisaDH profile image

      LisaDH 9 years ago

      The presidential coins are ok, but I enjoyed the design on the Sacagawea one better.


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