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Princess Anna Gown for Dress Up or Halloween

Updated on July 15, 2016
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Tawnya is a freelance writer who LOVEs movies and televison series! She enjoys family movies and animated movies the most.

A Gorgeous Princess Anna Halloween Costume

Disney Store Frozen Princess Anna Deluxe Coronation Costume Size Small 5/6 (5T)
Disney Store Frozen Princess Anna Deluxe Coronation Costume Size Small 5/6 (5T)

If you compare the Disney Store Princess Anna dress to others available, you will notice it is significantly more detailed. My daughter appreciates every sparkle and detail put into her dress-up or Halloween costumes, so choosing the better costume is a no brainer for me. For just a few more dollars, you can get a dress that will last longer and shine brighter than all the others.


Princess Anna's Coronation Gown for Halloween or Dress Up

Disney hit it big time when they created Frozen, a tale of two sisters who face steep challenges and eventually overcome any obstacle in their path with sisterly love. Like most sisters that I know, Anna and Elsa are unique and have their own style. Elsa, who will eventually become queen, has long, whitish blonde hair and an authoritative attitude. Her younger sister Anna has dark hair and is more of a "go with the flow" kind of gal. No matter what personality your little princess has, she is sure to love the Frozen-inspired dress up and Halloween clothes. While many girls will probably opt to wear Elsa's glittery, blue gown, truly special little girls will be dreaming of wearing the green coronation gown inspired by the spunky Princess Anna.

Princess Anna's Green Coronation Dress is Perfect for Halloween or Dress Up

With the green Princess Anna coronation gown, your little one will look just like she is going to a gala. Although Anna only wore the coronation gown for a short period during the movie, it is my personal favorite. When paired with a Princess Anna wig and simple ballet slippers, your little one will be ready to represent Princess Anna while playing pretend and will also be ready for serious trick or treating with this stunning gown.

Opt for Dress Up Halloween Costumes Rather than Cheaper Versions

As Halloween nears, you will likely see cheap Halloween costume versions of Anna and Elsa dresses. Personally, I always opt for the dress up outfits rather than a Halloween costume when it comes to these type of clothes. The reason I do this is the dress up costumes are usually made of more durable materials, which means they will last much longer than the Halloween versions. Since my daughter always loved wearing her princess costumes spending the $3 to $5 more for a better dress and longer wear always seemed like a good idea to me and I'm sure you will agree.

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Get an Up-Close and Personal Look at this Coronation Gown's Details


Don't Forget the Accessories!

Complete your Princess Anna Coronation Gown for Dress Up or Halloween Outfit with Accessories!

Accessories needed to create Princess Anna's Coronation Look include:

  • The coronation dress
  • Slip on ballet shoes
  • Reddish wig with braided updo

Get Princess Anna's Dress Up Shoes to Match the Dress

Everyone knows how important it is to have the perfect shoes to go with any outfit, and this doesn't change just because it's dress up time. The adorable shoes below match Princess Anna's coronation gown perfectly and will make your pretend princess feel put together and will surely garner the attention of everyone she meets. However, if you rather not purchase Princess Anna's coronation dress shoes, you could easily substitute any dark colored slip on shoe in its place.

Create a Princess Anna Coronation Look with these Helpful Video Tutorials

Believe it or not, recreating Princess Anna's coronation look is easy. Check out these YouTube videos for great ways to recreate Anna's hair and make-up.

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Thanks for checking out my lens! I'd love to know what you thought about it in the comments below.

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