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Prototype 2 Defeat Hydra in Project Long Shadow Mission

Updated on June 15, 2012

Prototype 2 Defeat the Hydra in Project Long Shadow Mission

In Prototype 2, the hydra is the early boss that is really difficult to defeat. The hydra will appear at the end of the Project Long Shadow Mission. The hydra is a mercer virus infected worm like creature that has burrowed out of a hole in the research post Long Shadow. This will guide the hero Heller in getting to the long shadow research base to confront the hideous hydra and provide some tactics in defeating the hydra in as few tries as possible.

Prototype 2 Defeat the Hydra in Project Long Shadow Mission

Prototype 2 Defeat the Hydra In Project Long Shadow Mission Using Rocket Launchers
Prototype 2 Defeat the Hydra In Project Long Shadow Mission Using Rocket Launchers

Prototype 2 Get Into Long Shadow Research Post

To get to the long shadow research post, use the map and head in the appropriate direction. Outside the research post compound, find a blackwatch guard and consume him to adopt the blackwatch camouflage. Use the hand scanner to enter the long shadow compound, posing as a blackwatch guard. Next, identify two guards within the compound that has a DNA stand symbol next to them. Go behind them and do a stealth consume to get some extra experience points. If stealth consume does not work and Heller is detected, then just run out of the long shadow research post compound and shapeshift into another form to escape or exit the Alert.

To get into the long shadow research post lab proper, find a blackwatch commander and consume him as he patrols into an area where no one can watch him. On the Xbox 360, tap on the left movement button to identify when the blackwatch commander can be stealth consumed. He will flash white rather than red. Stealth consume the blackwatch commander and use his hand scan to open the door and enter the long shadow research lab.

Prototype 2 Tactics to Defeat the Hydra

The hydra is apparently the project in the long shadow research post and lab. Upon entering the chamber, the hydra breaks free of its bounds, and tries to attack Heller ….... exclusively. The way to defeat the hydra is as follows -

  • try to avoid directly attacking the hydra; the hydra has attacks that can draw Heller towards it before damaging Heller, or will slam attack Heller, or will swipe attack Heller if a direct attack is initiated.
  • instead keep jump dodging around the room in a counterclockwise or clockwise direction (the chamber is a circular chamber).
  • try to focus all attacks on the hydra, and do not attack the blackwatch guards and scientists unless it is to consume them to restore health.
  • one should evolve or level up Heller such that his consuming powers, regenerative powers and health are maximized as much as possible so that Heller has enough health to fight off the hydra.
  • one hit from the hydra can take out about one fifth to one quarter of Heller's health, so just keep jump dodging.
  • once the hydra slams its tentacles into the ground, run and grab a rocket launcher (has 4 missiles) from the missile stands.
  • keep jump dodging again until the tentacle slams onto the ground again, then immediately jump up and launch a missile (or two if possible) at the hydra
  • keep doing these series of actions; after a while, practice will make perfect.
  • When low in health, Heller should abandon the rocket launcher and grab a blackwatch guard or scientist to consume health.
  • By repeating these movements as described above, the hydra's health will be systemically reduced with each hit from the rocket launcher until it is finally defeated.

When the hydra is defeated, Heller will consume it and achieve the tendrils power.

Once the tendrils power is obtained, Heller can demonstrate this whilst trying to exit the Alert. Hold Y to release an unbreakable band of tendrils that wrap around all the enemies in the area and then compress them into a pulp. When Heller has had enough fun in this area, run out of this area and shapeshift switch to escape the alert.

Prototype 2 Tactics To Defeat the Hydra


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