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Download Linux for Ps3

Updated on February 16, 2014


PlayStation3 - The Most Powerful Gaming Console in the Planet

Generally Gaming consoles are designed so that foreign systems can't run on them, but PS3 goes in the total opposite direction, allowing an experienced Linux user to personalize their system. Most gaming systems are "locked"

so that other systems can't be run, so PS3 is unconventional in allowing this.

What's really cool about the Playstation 3 is that - it's the same processor used in some of the high end IBM systems. That means you can use the PS3 as a Fun, Game Playing console as well as the front end of super computing systems for larger performance like ,Game development, Internet programs, Open Office, Movies and other type of functionality we have in our Desktops.The only thing you can't do on the PS3 is run accelerated graphics.(meaning u can't run ps3 playing menu and run a ps3 game u need to log the one off to play the other)

magic linux iso download
magic linux iso download

Introducing Linux install pack dvd release!!!

all-in one

"Run PC applications like Office Suites, Web Browsers, Instant Messengers, Email Clients, Accessories, Internet Programs and Development Tools Effortlessly on Your PS3!" With this new effort all the normal standart things u can do with a Personal Computer can be done on a Sony Playstaion 3 Download it Here --->>>

Which Linux is Best for PS3? - linux software Download Press photo !!

linux ps3 iso
linux ps3 iso

There are six Linux operating systems that are compatible with the PS3, but YellowDog Linux was specially built for the PS3 and it's the most compatible Linux Operating system for the PS3. The other Linux OS like Ubuntu, Fodera, Kubuntu can also be installed but my personal recommendation is YellowDog and Ubuntu.

Yellow Dog Linux is specially customized for the PS3 and was released for only PS3 users. YDL has over 2200 programs and accessories that will give you the ultimate experience of a Desktop PC.

Ubuntu is an operating system built by a worldwide team of expert developers. It contains all the applications you need: a web browser, office suite, media apps, instant messaging and much more.

Fedora is not a good option for the PS3 right now as it doesn't have the required optimization and runs slower than Ubuntu and YDl.

Edubuntu - is packaged for education so that is the concentration I guess ( I haven't tried it so I can't offer any useful comments on that)

Kubuntu - uses KDE which looks closer to windows in terms of default color and menu apps. It also offers more options to configure your programs and Desktop.

Xubuntu uses XFCE which is good for older computers, computers with limited resources in terms of ram or storage but is also good on new computer if you want a lean system.

The best Linux would be YellowDog and Ubuntu.

Latest Yellow Dog Linux(YDL) - With the latest Yellow dog which is 100% bug free and compatible with the PS3, this is the best choice of Linux. YellowDog looks slightly geeky though but it gives you complete experience of operating a Home PC. You can use your mouse, Keyword, external Hard drive and do a whole lot more with YDL.

YellowDog offers over 2000 applications to make life easier - the most any Linux offers at the moment.Yellowdog Linux was developed specially for the PS3 Operating system to carry out most PC tasks.

PS3 can be a movie player, MP3 player, watch Home videos. Yellow dog over 2000 applications - everything from Web browsers, Open office, DVD players, Chat, Microsoft Office compatible suite, Email clients, Games practically everything you need on a Desktop PC... Games, Graphics, Office suites, Accessories, Internet Programs, Programming tools.

Latest Ubuntu Linux - Ubuntu on the other hand is easier to use with a much better feel and look but it is not as optimized for the PS3 as YellowDog. Though major applications like Movie players, MP3, browsers are available in Ubuntu but it lacks the Development and programming tools which of course many of us don't need. If you are more keen on having a graphically appealing Operating System then Ubuntu is the way to go. PS3Magic will help you install Yellowdog and Ubuntu both at the same time - you can switch operating system while powering on your PS3 and experience both if needed. Press The foto Link!! to Install it Know Good Luck..


What PS3Magic Does?

man made easy

"Run PC applications like Office Suites, Web Browsers, Instant Messengers,

Email Clients, Accessories, Internet Programs and Development

Tools Effortlessly on Your PS3!"

If you are still struggling to install Linux your PS3 and feel deceived by all the How-To guides and Softwares available on the net - well all I can say is this It's Not Your Fault. I know how confusing they all are. On this page you are going to discover how to choose the right Linux for your PS3 and how to install it without all the technical hassles.

PS3Magic will do just that.

PS3Magic is an easy to use software guide that takes away all the guesswork and helps you to install Linux in your PS3 effortlessly.

With PS3Magic you can install Yellowdog Linux(up to latest Version!) and also Ubuntu Linux.

Doing so allows you to Play Movies, Music and most other type of multimedia file formats which your PS3 usually doesn't support.

Never have an unplayable file again!

Run Windows with Yellow Dog Linux or Ubuntu Linux - according to your preference.

PS3Magic has also been updated to install Windows. If you are not familiar with Linux Operating system, then our product will also help you install and Run Windows in your PS3 seamlessly.

Receive free lifetime updates and support with the latest features available for your PS3.

ps3 linux install
ps3 linux install
ps3magic iso
ps3magic iso

See what some customers are saying..

PS3Magic is Quick, Easy and Simply Superb!!! Two thumbs up" Jim F, NZ

"Revolutionary software - takes away all the fuss of going through the troublesome installation process. Highly recommended to people like me - who is not so tech savvy! Great Job" - John Andrews, CA

"Off the edge impressive tool, solves a lot of problem at one go. 10 on 10" Jim F, UK

"Hi Guys, just wanted to let you that I found PS3Magic really useful. It's worth the purchase as it saved us a lot of time in sending away our console for Linux modification. Thanks - David Frew

"Simply Brilliant!! Would let my readers on my blog know about your software soon"

- Ronnie Bussey

"Beat PS3 at their own game - super easy way to install Linux in your PS3

- I would recommend PS3Magic to anyone trying to install Linux in their console"

- Marry Evans

"Well I have installed windows successfully with PS3Magic

have been surfing the net on my television these days lol

- PS3Magic is recommended to anyone trying to use their PS3 to it's full potential"

- Adam Stone

"Thanks Lee, PS3Magic is worth it. Initially I was reluctant to purchase PS3Magic and

thought that I could do it myself with free tools available on he net. repeatedly failing to do so

- I decided to try PS3Magic! To my surprise PS3magic was brilliant in installing

Linux and unlocking all the other features of my PS3! "

Thanks and regards

- Ben Nanev

"I must say PS3Magic is an amazing little product

which makes Linux Installation a breeze. I have successfully installed

Linux in less than an hour after downloading PS3Magic"

- John Silburn

1. How Does PS3Magic Work?

A : Our reference is a complete solution, it comes with a guide plus Softwares in order to make the process a cake walk. All you have to do is download PS3Magic and follow the simple step by step instructions.

All secured download links are provided in a pdf document so that you can just read through the guide and have your PS3 ready in no time just by clicking on the links provided within. The full process takes about 45 minutes to 2 Hours depending on your internet download speed.

2. Why do I need PS3 Magic?

A : PS3Magic is a revolutionary software guide which helps you install Linux and Windows easily without the usual lengthy complicated installation procedures.

3. Payment and Delivery?

A : PS3Magic is a downloadable product you will get access to the software, guide and the bonus pack instantly after successful payment. You can pay by Credit card or by your PayPal account. We use PayPal as our payment processor as they have a reputable buyer protection policy and secure SSL server.

4. Will PS3Magic void my original warranty?

A : This is the main purpose of using PS3Magic as your Linux Installer as this is the only method by which your warranty remains intact.

5. Can I use PS3Magic to play downloaded games, videos and music from the internet?

A : Yes, of course! This is the whole purpose of installing the Linux Operating System on your PS3.

6. Can Linux be removed later?

A : Yes, Linux can easily and safely be removed from your console. You can uninstall everything that you would be installing from our guides to restore your PS3 back to its original state.

7. Will PS3Magic hamper my usual PS3 gaming experience?

A : No, you will still be able to use your PS3 as usual along with the added advantages of having an OS to use various other features.

8. Is PS3Magic easy to use?

A : PS3Magic is definitely the easiest solution available to you. It makes the entire process an One-Click process and gets your desired OS installed in a breeze.

The guide is written in easy to follow English, if for any reason you can't understand our support is always there to help you.

9. Can I update my PS3 with PS3Magic installed?

A : Yes you can, Sony updates will not affect PS3Magic.

10. How many PS3s can I use PS3Magic on?

A : Unlimited. There is no restriction, you can use Ps3Magic on unlimited consoles, in fact once you have all the minimum requirements in handy it will be much faster on other consoles.

11. Do you guarantee that PS3Magic will work on my PS3?

A : Yes absolutely. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with PS3Magic that we are offering a 60 Day No Questions asked 100% Moneyback Guarantee. That means, if by any chance you are not completely happy with your purchase simply email us and we would happily reverse your payment.

12. What Firmware Do I need?

A : PS3MAGIC currently works only for consoles (regular and slim) with firmware 3.55 and below! When an update will be available (click to be notified) we will let our paying customers know as they are eligible to get free updates for life

13. What if my PS3 is located in Europe or Japan?

A : PS3Magic will work for any PS3 throughout the world. There are no Limitations to geographic production.

14. What if my PS3 is imported or relocated from another country?

A : PS3Magic can be installed in any relocated or Imported PS3 console irrespective of the country manufactured or being played in.

Questions?? free to ask Share - already asked Questions!!

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    • justglano profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      hmm paying me not a singel cent but the book provide alotte information so im just sharing some secrets plus its really handy and safe some money on bullshit

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      6 years ago

      how much are they paying you to do this stuff?


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