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Playstation 4 vs xbox one : Best current generation console

Updated on August 6, 2016

Sony and Microsoft are two big console manufacturing companies that are making gaming consoles for nearly two decades.So the question arise which is the most powerful gaming console?As Sony was the first one to launch Playstation before Microsoft xbox.But according to my opinion the exclusive game title the sony offers for Playstation are marvelous.Currently Naughty Dog launched Uncharted 4 only for Playstation which was excellent game and was exclusive for playstation.But when it comes to Microsoft it also offers good game titles such as halo.Another most important feauture of gamung console is online gaming.Playstation has own its psn(Playstation network) which offers great variety of feautures and option.Microsoft has there own online gaming network which offers good services.If you are Playstation plus members then you will few free games every month through Playstation network but also Microsoft offers free games .Another important aspects of gaming consoles is hardware .Playstation 4 controller is very comfortable in hands and it feautures a built in speaker and light.While Microsoft controller is also very comfortable but a little heavy.Graphics quality of both consoles are excellent.But consistency in Playstation 4 graphics is more than xbox one.At last i will like to summarize this all discussion to this conclusion that Xbox one and Microsoft both have their own good and bad points.Most of the gamers has their own preference which is their own choice .But according to sales and reviews the Playstion 4 is leading in top due to its exclusive gaming titles and hardware.


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    • moin-butt619 profile image

      Muhammad Moin 19 months ago from Lahore Pakistan

      Good article

    • profile image

      Nabeel Ahmed 19 months ago

      GOOD article hoping to see some good stuff coming from your side.