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PSP Portals

Updated on April 8, 2013

PlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System

Piano Black

Welcome to my Lens about PSP Portals. PSP Portals are a set of web pages specially designed for your psp that can provide loads of fun! So I have decided to gather together the best 10 psp portals and share them with you. I hope you have enjoyed my lens and please feel free to give us a rating.

PSP Portals FAQ

Frequently questions asked about psp portals.

What Are PSP Portals?

PSP Portals are a set of web pages designed for your psp that you put on your psp and you can play games on them, use applications and much more!

Are They Home brew?

Now absolutely not, they are 100% non home brew and legal! They are just a set of web pages

Can They Harm My PSP?

Providing what you install on your psp is a psp portal then no, they cannot harm your psp.

How do I get a psp portal and how do i download them?

You will be able to get psp portals from this squidoo lens and for how to install them use the guide below i have wrote!

PlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System

Piano Black

Step 1) First you will actualy need a psp portal, If you have allready aquired a psp portal from somewhere then skip to step 2, if you dont have a psp portal then visit this site PSP Portals

Step 2) Now you have got your psp portal you will need to connect your psp to your computer, you can do this by inserting a usb cable into the top of your psp and then into your computer. Then on your psp goto setting -> usb connection.

Step 3) Now your psp is connected to your computer. Go to start -> my computer. Now you should see a device named 'psp' in this section right click it and select open. This is where you put your psp portal.

Step 4) So locate your psp portal and now click and drag it into your psp folder or copy paste it. Wait for the portal to copy over to your psp then safely remove it from your comouter.

Step 5) On your psp scroll to your web browser and delete all the cookies and cache. Now reboot your psp and go back onto your psp web browser. Now you will need ot enter the url provided in the READ-ME File that you should have got when you downloaded with your psp portal. The url should be something like:

Where Can I find PSP Portals? - Quick List of the best sites!

Here is a quick list of psp portal sites or forums i have thrown together for you!

The Best PSP Portals - Well the best 10!


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