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Nintendo Punch Out - From Video Arcade to Wii

Updated on October 31, 2013

Punch out has been around for a long time

Knock 'em out, Knock 'em out, Knock 'em out. Body blow, Body blow, Body blow. If you know these words, you probably use to play the original Nintendo Punch Out in bowling alleys and video arcades in the early 80's. Nintendo Wii has brought Punch Out back to life with a version similar to the original. This time your using your Wii remotes as boxing gloves to actually box with video game. Now how fun is that!

What was your favorite Nintendo Punch Out Game?

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Wii Punch-Out Video Game

Wii Punch-out makes it feel like your really boxing with the boys. Great activity, not like the original when you were just pushing buttons.

Wii Punch Out Gloves

Of course, Nintendo has gloves for the Wii Punch Out game.

Wii Punch Out Walkthroughs

And if you get stuck while playing punchout, don't forget to check out YouTube or the many sites with walkthroughs.

Punch Out Boxers over the years

what great boxing names

Original Punch Out Arcade Game Boxers

1. Glass Joe

2. Piston Hurricane

3. Bald Bull

4. Kid Quick

5. Pizza Pasta

6. Mr. Sandman

Super Punch Out Arcade Game Boxers

1. Bear Hugger

2. Dragon Chan

3. Vodka Drunkenski

4. Great Tiger

5. Super Macho Man

Mike Tyson's Punch Out Video Game Boxers and NES Punch Out Boxers

1. Glass Joe

2. Von Kaiser

3. Piston Honda

4. Don Flamenco

5. King Hippo

6. Great Tiger

7. Bald Bull

8. Soda Popinski

9. Mr. Sandman

10. Super Macho Man

11. Mike Tyson

12. Mr. Dream

13. Little Mac

14. Doc Louis

15. Referee Mario

Super Punch Out Video Game Boxers for Super Nintendo

1. Gabby Jay

2. Bear Hugger

3. Piston Hurricane

4. Bald Bull

5. Bob Charlie

6. Dragon Chan

7. Masked Muscle

8. Mr. Sandman

9. Aran Ryan

10. Heike Kagero

11. Mad Clown

12. Super Macho Man

13. Narcis Prince

14. Hoy Quarlow

15. Rick Bruiser

16. Nick Bruiser

Wii Punch Out Boxers

1. Glass Joe

2. Von Kaiser

3. Disco Kid

4. King Hippo

5. Piston Hondo

6. Bear Hugger

7. Great Tiger

8. Don Flamenco

9. Aran Ryan

10. Soda Popinski

11. Bald Bull

12. Super Macho Man

13. Mr. Sandman

14. Donkey Kong

15. Little Mac

16. Giga Mac

17. Doc Louis

18. Referee

Original Punch Out Video Game

Remember your original punch out video game? How can your forget characters like Glass Joe, Bald Bull, or Mr. Sandman. Hot on the success of the Punch Out game was Super Punch Out.

The Original Punch Out Arcade Game

Don't have a Wii and want to play the original Punch Out Arcade Game. Check out Ebay for their latest auctions.

What was your favorite memory or character in Punch Out

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    • karen-stephens profile image

      karen-stephens 5 years ago

      Not sure...they are in my mind...

    • shincyriades profile image

      shincyriades 6 years ago

      This lens owns simply because of the Mega64 video! I remember back when the original arcade game was new, and watching my older brother play it :) I also have my own lenses on classic games ^_^

    • hunksparrow profile image

      hunksparrow 7 years ago

      Mike Tyson's Punch-out is easily in my top 5 fav games. The Wii Punch-Out game was awesome too.