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Updated on December 23, 2014

We all do Puzzles and Love Them

You don't have to be Einstein to do a good puzzle. In fact, most of them can be done by children and below you will find an assortment of great brain teasers for the whole family.

Why puzzles you may ask? Well first of all they develop the brain, help you retain good memory and are very entertaining, People everywhere do them. Some just to pass the time of day, others to help them with their knowledge of the world and still others to show how smart they are.

We Can All Do Puzzles

One of the ways to enjoy your relaxation time is to do a puzzle. Whether you are into crosswords, codewords, tactile puzzles, games or other then the merchants listed here will have you covered.

Company supplies every type of puzzle you can think of ranging from books, to plastic, metal, wood, and including things like rubic cube, chinese wood puzzles and so on. It also has games and toys. The owner and puzzle developer, alan Stein, often adds his own touch to his range to make them unique. You can also pick up some great discounted special. Visit the web site for more info.

What child do you know that does not enjoy craft and completing projects? This company caters for ages from 0 to over 18 years in all forms of wonderful occupations from art projects to scrapbooking and cooking. It has heaps of gift toys, puzzles, pretend play, games and activities that make perfect gifts. It also lists the country of origin and all shipping is free. Check web site for more information.

Jigsw puzzles are amongst the most popular of all times. Very few can walk past one already started on a table and not get involved. They increase the attention span of children and occupy the minds of adults, especially those who are aging and have little else to do. What better present can you give to someone than a puzzle comprising their own pictures, relatives, favorite pet, child's drawing or a favourite painting. Just send you pics from a digital camera and it will be transformed into a great puzzle.

How Do You Go?

What is your favorite puzzle type

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A simple free puzzle

Puzzles are a Lot of Fun

The first puzzle introduced to me as a young child comprised a little piece of paper stuck to each thumb on someone's hands. They recited the words. " here is peter and here is paul . . ." Well you probably know the rest. Not that I remember how old I was but it was never forgotten.

There were no commercial puzzles for kids in those days in the quanityt and style of today and we often made up many ourselves. We were led to do wire puzzles and to undo and replace things in boxes that completed the task when done correctly. Today there are literally thousands of all types of puzzles and a special market in them for babies that can start off with simple little jig saws made of wood. This helps them discover objects, shapes, colours and soon. So puzzles have always been educational and great cognitive developers

She is just 3 yars old

How About You?

Can you solve the rubic cube puzzle?

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    • VspaBotanicals profile image

      VspaBotanicals 4 years ago

      Great quizzes.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      You have encouraged me once again. I have puzzles I can be working on, and really do enjoy the brain exercise. :)