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Queen of Sparta: Gorgo's concept dress

Updated on July 25, 2010

The Queen of Sparta

Queen Gorgo is the female lead character in the movie '300'. She is the strong-willed Queen of Sparta, and wife of King Leonidas.

I was inspired to make a Gorgo costume when some friends decided to do a 300 costume group for a local convention. I wanted to make one of Gorgo's movie dresses to wear along, but then discovered the concept outfits in the Art book, and immediately decided that one of those would become my costume!.

This is one of my most favourite costumes, it's very quick and easy to put on, and it's a lot of fun to wear.

Dress construction

I started out spending a couple of hours looking at the picture, and sketching out how the straps on back should look. It was a bit of work, but I'm very happy with the final design - looks just like the front of the concept, and I got a nice criss-cross pattern across the back. Worked out the pattern to have 4 different straps, all different lengths.I

found a nice cream coloured fabric that had a crinkle in it, which would be perfect for the costume. I bought all that was left in the store - 4 metres, because the dress would need to be double-layered (fabric was very thin!).

I bought half a metre of brown vinyl for the straps, and cut it into lengths about 1.5cm wide. There was plenty of vinyl left over in case I made a mistake. I dyed the back of the vinyl so it wasn't white, then started arranging it into the straps on me, pinning them to each other so I could adjust the straps while I was wearing them. After I had the straps and their lengths sorted, I started hand-sewing them together at the points where they intersected.

When that was done, I made patterns for the 'top' pieces, and slotted them in between the straps to help get the pattern pieces to fit. When they fit how I wanted, I hand-stitched them to the vinyl. I then made a pattern for the skirt, which took a while to do. The skirt is handsewn on under the right 'top' piece. The skirt ended up being a bit bigger at the hip than I wanted, but the problem was easily fixed by sewing in a small strip of elastic.

There was then the problem of getting the skirt to stay in place! The buckle held it in place at the waist, but there was still the chance a gust of wind could blow anything below that point open. I fixed this by getting buying some skin-coloured underwear to wear under the costume, and stitched a a snap on so the bottom edge of the skirt could be attached at this second point.

It worked, out in the wind there were no problems with the skirt blowing too much

Lena Headey interview: Making of 300

Interview with Lena, which showcases her in a number of her different outfits.


The buckle was made when I bought a matching set of earrings and necklace. I soldered a brooch-backing onto the back of the necklace pendant, and voilla! Instant buckle! I may look at an alternative to the buckle though - it's not a part of the concept image, was just a quick way to figure out how to hold the straps all together at the side!

I got the shoes from a store called Equip. This was the only place I found that sold flat gold strappy sandals! I really like the sandals, they're comfortable, and it's easy to spend a day trooping in them without getting sore feet *glares at the painful GG boots*

Accessories... well, basically everything came from Equip! The earrings, the necklace I used for the brooch, and the gold bangle were all from there.

Gorgo merchandise on Amazon

Queen Gorgo collectibles, posters, and ready-made costumes!

Costume Gallery

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hmm I want to be king.

    • FancyThatUK profile image


      6 years ago

      That is one impressive costume! Nice one!


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