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Why Is Quidd Intentionally Misleading Their Customers?

Updated on January 23, 2018

What is Quidd?

Quidd is an Android/iOS application that provides a digital marketplace where users are able to purchase and trade digital goods from a variety of "Channels," including Marvel, Game of Thrones, Rick & Morty and many more. Quidd users can sign up for an account and purchase sets of stickers, GIFs, Cards and 3D POPS with Quidd's in-game currency, "coins." Coins are given out to users on a daily basis and can be earned through "TapJoy Offers." Coins may also be purchased with real money. All digital goods have specific odds of being pulls from "virtual packs" with these coins. From there, users are able to trade with each other to complete their sets by communicating with each other within Quidd. This provides a virtual environment and marketplace to exchange digital goods strictly obtained from Quidd.

Quidd Digital Goods... Are They Valuable?

You may be thinking to yourself, "Wait... why would anyone pay Quidd money to collect virtual/intangible goods?" You might ask yourself, "Do these GIFs, Cards, 3D POPS have any actual value outside of this Quidd app?" The simple answer to the latter is "ABSOLUTELY!" Quidd itself even assesses a "value" to each and every individual asset. In an individual set, there may be a spread of rare to common cards that can be pulled from a pack. On top of that, each card is individually serialized. The lower the serial number, the more valuable the card is. Collectors go after the lower cards in order to be displayed on the "Value Rank Leaderboard."

So imagine... you have coins in your account. A "Marvel Set" releases in which there are one or two rare cards that can be pulled. You pull your packs and end up with the rarest card from the set and a low serial number. This card is very valuable because it is in high demand. You may post a trade and earn different cards... however, what exactly is "value?" Is it valuable to you because you can trade it for cards on other sets that you are missing? Or is it valuable to you because you see it as a return on your investment and wish to exchange if for real money? You pay Quidd actual money, or make them money through the use of TapJoy ads, for the coins, which resulted in pulling the valuable card. Of course, you cannot openly exchange the card for money in the app, so that is where the secondary market comes into play.

The Secondary Digital Goods Market (eBay)

When you pull that "valuable" card, what do you want to do with it? Do you want to get a return on your investment of either time or money? If so, you may want to list it on eBay. It's the primary place where users will go to either look for the card for a current set or list one for sale.

It's quite simple and to the point. You create a listing with a picture of the card and explain that it will be traded to the winner within Quidd. When the card sells, you easily trade it to that user when they provide you with their username.

You may sometimes run into the issue of either a non-paying buyer or a seller who has not delivered the card. However, eBay has been very helpful with returning the money to the rightful owner or refunding fees, over time.

The ultimate issue, however, stems with Quidd. Does Quidd approve or disapprove of eBay sales and/or purchases... or both?

Does Quidd Allow eBay sales?

The recent crackdown of suspensions and permanent account bans suggest that they do not approve of eBay sales. However, if unclear, one may first look to Quidd's FAQ in order to find further information. Here is an article published by Quidd that explains their stance on eBay:

In analyzing this information as seen by either visiting the link or viewing the graphic below, one can gather the following facts:

  • Quidd strongly discourages eBay buying and selling (but does not explicitly prohibit them).
  • Quidd will look closely at your account if you are using eBay and if fraud or abuse has taken place, then you will be permanently banned.
  • Quidd does not allow the advertising of "your eBay listings" anywhere in the App.
  • If you choose to sell on eBay, Quidd will not let you participate in special Quidd perks, including VIP Programs, Coin Giveaways/Contests, or Beta Programs.


With that being said, one can ascertain from the facts that eBay buying and selling is allowed as long as no fraud or abuse occurs.

However, it must be pointed out that Quidd is not following this policy - at all.

Quidd is Misleading their Customers

If you've sold a digital good on eBay and Quidd has recognized (or in many cases, assumed) that you have sold that item, you will probably notice that you can't comment or trade in game. Upon contacting support, you will more than likely receive this reply:

Hi there,

Our records indicate that your account was suspended due to a Terms of Service violation witnessed by our moderation team. Due to the severity of the violation, this suspension is permanent and you will no longer be able to use community aspects of Quidd such as trading and commenting.

Note: the validity of this suspension has already been verified by our staff and is not negotiable.

Full details on our Terms of Service can be found here:

Quidd Pro

Whether you reply once, twice or twenty times, you will not receive a response. Your investment in your Quidd digital goods is gone, and you will likely never hear from them again.

However, a customer (not to be named) was able to contact Quidd customer service through Twitter - or better yet, was contacted by Quidd because of the complaints put forward about their account becoming suddenly permanently banned. The following shows the responses regarding Quidd's eBay policy directly from the source.

As you can see from the above conversation, Quidd directly states that "the reason why the account was banned was due to the account selling items on eBay, which is in direct violation of our Terms of Service."

Quidd then goes on to explain that their TOS states that "Virtual Coins and Virtual Goods may never be redeemed or exchanged for real money, goods, services, or any other item of monetary value."

Quidd then confusingly responds that the previous FAQ article does not mean what it explicitly states.

Quidd does however allow cross-trading, which is when a User trades a Quidd card to someone else and that person returns something from another game (Topps Card Trading Apps, Panini, etc). Certainly that cannot be any different from exchanging for "real money, goods, services, or any other item of monetary value." However, yet again, we have another conflicting message, this time directly from a well known spokesperson from Quidd, Quidd-Meghan:

Although Quidd Digital Goods are intangible, remember, we are dealing with real people and real money.
Although Quidd Digital Goods are intangible, remember, we are dealing with real people and real money. | Source

Quidd Meghan's statements parallel with the FAQ statements. They "basically" don't allow in-app advertising for anything outside of the app, which in this case, she is referring to cross-trading. She states that it is not policed, thus promising its legitimacy.

So, the question is, why is everyone getting banned for selling on eBay and/or cross-trading lately? Why are they getting ignored by customer service after the fact? No one will know until Quidd publicly announces their correct stance on eBay/secondary markets and cross-trading. This is something that Quidd MUST do or else they will further mislead their customers while having complete knowledge of what they are in fact doing.

Should Quidd allow eBay Buying and Selling?

It is hard to say whether Quidd should or should not allow buying and selling of their digital goods on eBay. Perhaps at least a stance that they will not ban for buying and selling would amount to something. They should, however, consult with their lawyers with that one, as New York does not particularly appreciate semi-gambling applications being run out of their State in the first place.

However, if they continue to ban account after account that makes an uneven trade, thus looking like a cross-trade or eBay sale, they are going to dig themselves into a hole. If you allow trading in your app, there will ALWAYS be a secondary market. There is no getting around that. A growing secondary market just means that your app is growing in popularity.

Quidd is fun, but you cannot afford to lose customer after customer, especially those that are influential.


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