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R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid

Updated on August 16, 2007

Interactive R2-D2 Astromech Droid

If you a Star Wars fan you are going to love this toy!  Hasbro has produced a 15" tall R2-D2 that responds to voice commands.  This lens describes the features of the droid, what R2 is capable of doing and where you can pick one up.  I will also be including some R2-D2 Easter eggs.  If you don't what this means you can learn about them at the very bottom of the lens. 


To really get an understanding of how cool this R2-D2 toy is you need to see it in action.  You will find a few vids in this lens that have some great demonstration material.  This is not your typical toy and won't be one that is opened and quickly put aside. 


This toy has sold very well in our Past Generation Toys store and we have received several comments on how much fun the R2-D2 really is!  It makes a great birthday gift and/or addition to any Star Wars collection!

Another great product from Hasbro

The manufacturer's description...

Own your very own beeping, rolling, game-playing droid! Standing nearly 15-inches tall, R2-D2 is your plastic pal who's fun to be with. This easy-to-control functional droid walks, talks, and responds to your command. Resourceful and adventurous, R2-D2 is ready, willing and able to serve. He navigates, patrols, and finds you on his own. He guards and protects your room with his sentry room alarm, he plays multiple interactive games, and he remembers and reacts to key Star Wars characters.

Tap him on the head too hard and he'll make an annoyed whistle and back away. Ask him if he remembers Darth Vader and he'll cower in fear. He is one of the most decked-out toys ever, with a soda holder, removable sensorscope, illuminating light beam, utility arm, sound processing microphones, sonar navigational system, adaptable droid mood status indicator, and a sleek rotating dome.

If you're a kid or a collector, there has never been a more technologically advanced toy than this one. Responds to over 40 commands and includes a bonus poster with instructions. Some assembly required. Requires 4x "AA" and 4x "D" alkaline batteries, not included. Ages 8 & up. For indoor use only.

R2-D2 Interactive Droid Product Information

What you need to know about this amazing toy

In the hundred-year history of science fiction films, only one robot can truly be called a movie star, and that's R2-D2 of "Star Wars". Celebrate R2's big 30th birthday next year by bringing the droid into your home now. Charming and affable, he will serve as your dedicated helper (an extendable utility arm holds a drink) and loyal friend. He obeys commands, communicates with beeps and whistles, gestures, flashes his lights, swivels his dome, dances to a cantina song, plays games and navigates with sonar and infrared sensors.

Voice activated, R2 functions in three modes: Companion, where he's friendly; Game, where he plays tag, spins and dances; and Command, where he maneuvers in different directions. He recognizes 30 phrases and responds to your voice commands. He'll react differently when you mention Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Chewbacca, Jabba the Hut or his best friend, C-3PO. For example, say Princess Leia's name and R2 emits excited wolf-like whistles, but mention Darth Vader and he shakes with fear!

Interactive R2-D2 Chorus Line - Please enjoy the show!

Interactive R2-D2 in action! - This toy is unbelievable!

This clip is kind of long but is an excellent example of R2's capabilities

Interactive R2-D2 Easter Eggs (Part 1 of 3)

Easter Eggs 1 through 3

An Easter Egg is a secret message or in this case a secret command that has been programmed into R2-D2. To see an

Easter Egg #1 - Follow Me

In Companion Mode, if you say "Follow Me," Interactive R2D2 will turn to find you and then attempt to follow you around. Go slowly though, or Interactive R2D2 will lose you and turn the other direction.

Easter Egg #2 - Come Here

Also in Companion Mode, if you say "Come Here," Interactive R2D2 will attempt to find you and come to you. Since this feature relies on R2's heat sensing technology, kneel down in front of Interactive R2D2. Interactive R2D2 may not come directly to you, but Interactive R2D2 will try to find you.

Easter Egg #3 - Imperial March Song

Interactive R2D2 plays up to 5 songs, but only the Cantina song is expressly mentioned in the Command Guide.

To play the Imperial March, go to Character Mode by asking "Do You Remember." Ask Interactive R2D2 about Darth Vader and Anakin (in any order) and Interactive R2D2 will play the song.

Interactive R2-D2 Easter Eggs (Part 2 of 3)

Easter Eggs 4 through 6

Easter Egg #4 - Sad Cantina Song

Another song that Interactive R2D2 plays is actually a different version of the song he sings if you command him to do the dance program (in game mode). When Interactive R2D2 is in a sad mood, he will play a sad version of the Cantina song. There are many ways to put Interactive R2D2 into a sad mood. The easiest is in 'Do You Remember'. If you ask about Darth Vader, Interactive R2D2 will go into a sad mood. You can tell, because his mood status indicator will be red instead of blue.

Easter Egg #5 - Celebration Song

The Celebration Song is another one of the 5 songs that Interactive R2D2 plays and is not expressly mentioned in the Command Guide.

To play the Celebration song, go to Character Mode by asking "Do You Remember." Ask Interactive R2D2 about Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker (in any order), and Interactive R2D2 will play the celebration song.

Easter Egg #6 - A "Special Surprise"

The final hidden gem for Interactive R2D2 really takes a little work, as well as really knowing your droid.

First, have Interactive R2D2 turn on his light beam by saying "light beam." With his light beam on, tap Interactive R2D2 three times on the head, and then place him into Game Mode by telling Interactive R2D2 "Game Mode" and then "Dance program." Interactive R2D2 will have a special dance, just for you.

Interactive R2-D2 Easter Eggs (Part 3 of 3)

See R2-D2's Reactions!

Say the following names to get R2-D2 to give you a good or scared reaction.

Good reactions:

"Master Windu"

"Master Yoda"

"Qui-Gon Jinn"

Scared reactions:

"the Death Star"

"Tuscan Raiders"

"the Star Destroyer"

"the Landspeeder"

"Darth Plagus"

"Darth Maul"

"Darth Sidious"

"Darth Tyranus"

"the Empire"-he played the Imperial March once, too

"the Cantina"

"the Sandcrawler"

"Jabba's Sandbarge"

"Jango Fett" and, believe it or not, "

Reader Feedback - Please share your thoughts on the toy or this lens.

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      11 years ago

      Cool collectibles! Welcome to the Collector Clubs group!


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