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Radio Flyer Spring Horse

Updated on February 11, 2013

Radio Flyer Blaze Interactive Riding Horse Review

The Radio Flyer Blaze Interactive Riding Horse is one of the best and most loved toys on the market today. Made by RadioFlyer, one of USA`s greatest manufacturers, this toy is a perfect reflection of what has made this company so succesful for almost 100 years.

This ridding horse is built to realistically simulate movements and sounds by being fitted with a motion system that will respond to the child`s movement. Combining old looks with modern technology, the Blaze Interactive Horse features some incredible options.

Detecting the intensity of your child`s movement, the horse responds with three different sounds that nicely mimic walking, galloping and trotting.

This will make for an almost real life play period. A growing child`s senses must be stimulated at their fullest in order to properly develop.

This toy will make the perfect present. It will keep your kids safer than if riding a real horse (of course) and will encourage them to maintain an active lifestyle while constantly reacting to sounds, movements and soothing colours.

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Radio Flyer Spring Horse Features

Interactive, Fun and Safe

The details we see on this almost life-like toy are incredible. This play horse delivers an almost magical experience for any kids with ages between 2 and 6.

  • A speaker reacts to the child's movements, producing real life sounds
  • For even more fun times, the horse comes with a hair brush and a carrot that when used will trigger a chewing sound
  • The horse is fitted with safety straps, it will protect your child from getting injured

  • The E-Z Climb step is a nice add-on, making it easier for the little ones to jump on the toy horse and start having fun

  • The horse is fixed on an X shaped base for extra stability

SEE and HEAR Radio Flyer Spring Horse !

RadioFlyer Horse logo
RadioFlyer Horse logo


95 years - a true vintage feel

RadioFlyer starting off as a small business wanting to make children smile. Making products with simplicity and encouraging adventure while providing the latest safety structures, this 95-year-old company has reinvented itself with each decade.

Its sole purpose is innovation but also designing toys that will keep a vintage feeling. A feeling that's becoming more and more scares with modern products. The Radio Flyer is and forever will be one of USA`s favourite toy brand, bringing timeless moments into children`s hearts.

Parents Reviews

the star of the play room !

48 customers (and still counting) were more than happy to share their great experiences reviewed the Radio Flyer Blaze Interactive Riding Horse.

Having the possibility of grading this toy on, costumers gave it a 4.7 out of a maximum 5 star. Not bad at all ! They considered the horse the best role-playing partner for their children and the star of the playroom. Parents also say it is easy to put together and a great value for money.

Read here what a buyer had to say:

  • "I purchased this for my 30 month old daughter to find under the tree Christmas morning. It was a huge hit! She bounced on it all day. She had trouble getting up on the horse the first few times, but now she swings her leg up and over like a pro. I really like the that springs are covered in fabric so her fingers can not get pinched. The noises of trotting and galloping are great as well as the munching noise the horse makes when you put the included plastic carrot in its mouth. You can feed it other plastic food and it will (...)"
  • read more here

It's a hit with grandparents ! This horse is well-build and can last for all grand-children to come

What else do you need ?

This Radio Flyer spring horse comes with accessories : a carrot and a comb for your horse.

But don't forget the cowboy hat !

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    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 5 years ago from Vermont

      One of my favorite childhood toys. Love Radio Flyer products - my granddaughter has a tiny toddler trike that has a trunk instead of the riding platform her mother's trike had on the rear axle.