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League of Legends - Rammus Guide and Build

Updated on January 31, 2015

League of Legends - Rammus Guide and Build

Are you looking for a Rammus guide or a Rammus build? This page covers the basics of playing Rammus effectively including skills, runes, masteries, tips and includes custom skins.

Rammus is a strong anti-physical tank that has incredible map control, a long taunt and a defensive shield that reflects damage to attackers. By combining his skills Rammus becomes a strong initiator and valuable asset to any team line-up. He is also a capable jungler which is covered in this guide.

This Rammus guide and build aims to be a basic and simple introduction on basic strategy that should be adopted when playing Rammus, it is recommended for people just starting to use Rammus.

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Guide current as of: Release Notes v1.0.0.148 (October, 2012).

This Rammus guide is also available in summary format (thanks to

Images on this page are sourced from the official League of Legends website and the game client. They are used for review, commentary and educational purposes.

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Rammus Skills

Rammus Skills
Rammus Skills

Spiked Shell (Passive): This passive helps Rammus deal some powerful damage with his auto-attacks to help his jungle speed and gank potential.

Powerball (Q): Powerball is an amazing map control skill and makes Rammus an extremely strong ganker combined with his taunt. It allows him to setup ganks, roam the map or escape from enemies.

Defensive Ball Curl (W): Rammus's shield gives him a very strong armor and magic resist boost and also reflects damage similar to a Thornmail. This skill works well with his passive and allows Rammus to jungle with good speed.

Puncturing Taunt (E): A single target long duration taunt that synergises perfectly with Rammus's Defensive Ball Curl and Powerball ability. It also reduces the targets armor, allowing physical allies to pick them apart easily.

Tremors (Ultimate): Rammus's built in sunfire cape that also deals damage to towers, making him great at quickly destroying them. This ability works great when activated in the middle of a team fight, damaging every enemy (enemies that stay in the area for the full duration receive lots of damage and it has the potential to hurt them all.)

Rammus Skill Order

Rammus Skill Order
Rammus Skill Order

Tremors(Ult) > Puncturing Taunt > Defensive Ball Curl > Powerball

Grabbing Defensive Ball Curl first allows you to jungle from level 1, while grabbing Powerball at level 2 allows you to fly around the jungle while also dealing more damage.

However you want to max Puncturing Taunt first as it increases the taunt duration, followed up by Defensive Ball Curl for the armor/magic resistance increase, leaving Powerball till last as it is mainly used for the utility.

King Rammus

King Rammus
King Rammus

Rammus Runes

Rammus Runes
Rammus Runes

Red (Marks) - Attack Speed // Armor Penetration

Yellow (Seals) - Armor

Blue (Glyphs) - Magic Resistance Per Level

Purple (Quintessences) - Health // Movement Speed

Attack Speed increases your jungle speed compared with other runes but Armor Penetration is also solid choice if you don't have Attack Speed Marks available. Running Armor Seals is a must to increase your survivability (and damage) in the jungle. Magic Resistance Glyphs give you some extra magic resistance. While Health on Quintessences increase your early game survivability but can be replaced with Movement Speed to make you even more deadly.

To learn more about making effective rune choices, visit the Rune Page Guide.

Rammus Summoner Spells
Rammus Summoner Spells

Rammus Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells:



Standard summoner spell choices for Rammus should be Flash and Smite. Flash is amazing on Rammus as it allows you to pull off numerous tricks with Powerball (like flashing over minion waves for surprise ganks). While Smite is a must for any jungler to secure buffs.

Other Good Summoner Spells:


Rammus has other summoner spell options available to him. Exhaust gives your team an added form of crowd control and is also very effective at shutting down an enemy.

Rammus Masteries

Rammus Masteries
Rammus Masteries

Jungle Rammus works very well as a 0/21/9 champion giving him great durability, good jungle speed (thanks to damage reflection) while the utility tree offers extra buff duration and mana regeneration to maintain his mana costs.

To learn more about masteries and your mastery options, visit the LoL Masteries Guide.

Rammus Build
Rammus Build

Jungle Rammus Build

Final Item Build:

-Mercury's Treads

-Randuin's Omen

-Shurelya's Reverie

-Sunfire Cape

-Banshee's Veil

-Frozen Heart


-As Jungle Rammus you want to start with a Boots & 3 Health Potions.

-First trip back you want to get onto building your boots, which should be Mercury's Treads. While also picking up an early Heart of Gold along with Philosopher's Stone for the stats and gold generation they offer.

-From here a Sunfire Cape is a great way to boost your jungle speed and should be your first item unless your against an AP heavy team comp.

-Your next item should cover your magic resistance needs, which makes Banshee's Veil a strong choice as it also offers health, mana and a free spell block.

-Final game items for Rammus should include Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart and Shurelya's Reverie.


-Force of Nature (If you need some more magic resistance).

-Abyssal Scepter (Another MR item that also gives a damage boost).

League of Legends - Jungle Rammus - By Stonewall008

Rammus Tips

General Rammus Tips

  • Rammus is a very strong initiator, you want to Powerball into the enemy team, taunting one of the carries and then activating your shield and ultimate.
  • Rammus's taunt is extremely powerful due to its long duration use it to shut down the enemies damage dealers and support in team fights.
  • Rammus can quickly help his allies, be aware of the map. You can Powerball in to turn the tides of the battle.
  • Your ultimate can be used to farm large minion waves during mid-game as its cooldown is reasonably low. Use this if you need to push a lane quickly.

Early Game (1-6)

  • Your standard jungle route is Wolves > Blue Golem > Wraith > Mini-Golems > Red Lizard. See the video on this page to see it in action.
  • With good communication you can easily kill people in lanes, target a single champion and use your Powerball and taunt to disable them while the person in lane kills them.
  • Be aware of the status of mid lane at all times, you can quickly Powerball into middle lane for a gank. Ask yourself the following questions: are they low health? do they constantly overextend? Is my ally healthy or powerful enough to grab the kill? Does the enemy in mid have Flash or another escaping tool?
  • You should also begin to analyse the enemy team, what is their team composition and who is doing well. This will help you decide what boots to grab, who is your primary target to taunt (thus taking them out of the fight) and what your final build will contain (this can still change as the game goes on, but begin to think about where it most likely needs to be end-game)

Mid Game (7-12)

  • Pair up with your carry and co-ordinate ganks on lanes, enemies without Flash or other escape skills are best. This should get you a tower or two and also gets your carry some easy gold, making them stronger.
  • You should always be thinking an item ahead, if you do die be sure to check the death recap to see where most of the enemies damage was coming from and build to defend against this.
  • Be sure to be near your team so you can protect them. Also keep a close eye on your carries as they farm lanes, Rammus is a great anti-ganker with Powerball and taunt, you can often save your carries from a gank and escape yourself.

Late Game (13-18)

  • Focus on correctly initiating team fights with Powerball and your taunt.
  • Always be in front of your allies, use your positioning to prevent your carries and support characters from getting poked.
  • Taunting the enemy carry or support champion is your primary goal, taunt has a low enough cooldown that you can often get two or three taunts off per team fight.
  • Always be on the look out for enemies that wonder off by themselves and co-ordinate a gank for your team.
  • Stay in team fights and absorb as much damage as possible, sometimes you will have to die for the greater good of the team.

Molten Rammus

Molten Rammus
Molten Rammus

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