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rare american eagle gold coins

Updated on November 4, 2010

 For many years America has dabbled in the buying in selling of gold in order to maintain their gold reserves and one of the ways in which they maintain this gold is to sell coins like the rare american eagle gold coins.

These coins are extremely popular amongst traders of gold commodities as well as those just looking to place some funds in a commodity that is sure fire to maintain its value and profile.

These rare American Eagle gold coins are not as rare as one might think as they are readily and freely available dircetly via the Gold Reserve and are minted as the american gold eagle for a reason. The maintaining of the american gold eagle image is to stay in line with uniformity over the years os that they never depreciate in their value for rarity sake, but more as the cost of gold fluctuates.

The reason their value is easily determined is due to the gold eagle being bought and sold even from the reserve based purely on their weight and the specific value of gold at that moment of sale.

Gold sales take place daily all over the wqorld by this means and this allows the member of the ublic who has decided to invest in these american gold coins to tranverse the globe without worrying that their coins are vlaue will not be recognised.

The American Gold Eagle is available in 4 specific weight categories for 1/10 ounce upwards in increments of an ounce which makes it easier for a new gold merchant to enter the fray and stockpile their gold coins for future use.

American gold eagle coins

american gold eagles
american gold eagles

Even though the American gold eagle is gold and can be traded fairly easily on any market, they are allocated face values which can be seen on the reverse side of each coin whereby the troy ounce weight and value is located.

The 1/10  ounce american gold eagle is shown as $5,the 1/4 shown as $10, the 1/2 is shown as $25 and the 1 ounce is shown as $50. It must be said that because these coins are minted by the US Mint from gold only sourced in the US, they are deemed to be legal tender for their face values and must be accepted as such anywhere in the US.

This fact that they are legal tender could excite some folk as in fact their weight equivalent enable them to be traded in gold markets for approximately 25 to 35 times their face value.

So scratch around, you may have a couple of ounces worth a mint in american gold eagles coins.

Happy hunting


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